Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

Niscience: The Next Step


When the mind and heart are opened and activated by the longing to know more, to be more, to become more, God provides the way.  Many persons have found Niscience (pronounced NISH-ence) to be the next step in this growth process.



Niscience provides the opportunity for one to receive a complete and rounded-out instruction; it contains a system of logic, ethics, and spirituality, in which effort and dedication are asked of the initiate.


The Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, located in Glendale, California, was co-founded in 1953 by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro, for the purpose of preserving and distributing the Niscience Teachings, as well as establishing devotional chapels and research units.  A non-profit religious and educational foundation, Niscience is supported by offerings, tithes, and gifts from Niscience members and friends.


Niscience is currently being administrated from the Foundation headquarters by the ordained Ministers and Board of Directors of the Niscience Foundation.  For schedules and locations of Niscience events, see schedule and contact information.

The Niscience Ministry Niscience is an initiatory school, as well as a deeply spiritual system of study, worship, creativity, research, healing, and teaching based on the teachings of Jesus, the Bible, and other sacred scriptures of the East and the West. Niscience blends religion, philosophy, science, and the creative arts - thereby furthering man's creation through his innate love, reverence, and devotion to God. Niscience adheres to the basic root and principles supporting all pure teachings founded upon truth, and it also presents many new facets of truth. The principle supporting the Niscience Ministry is the Ethic of Jesus. It is the conviction of all Niscience members that men in the present time and in all times must look to the one Perfect Being who lived in this earth as the perfect example and way of life. The Niscience Ministry expounds and distributes religious, philosophic, scientific and spiritual truths, that its members may be inspired to study and create through the divine ideals given by the Christ. The vitality of the Niscience Ministry is sustained by the theme of participation; each member is given the opportunity to qualify to become a Lay Minister. At present the majority of members are active participants in the Lay Ministry. Niscience is a creative and healing ministry. A mediative healing ministry in which all members take part is a concerted blessing, producing miracles through prayer and healing helps. The credo of Niscience is "to inspire others, to create, and to serve God." All members are encouraged to express their creative potential. Many come to Niscience unaware of their hidden aptitudes and talents. Their lives are literally transformed through self-discovery. Membership in Niscience is open to all who would devote themselves to a spiritual life established upon the pillars of practicality and ethic. The Niscience life is an affirmative life producing peace, based upon pure conscience; joy, based upon the love of life; satisfaction, based upon living and selfless works. Love energy and ethic are the supports of the Niscience Foundation. -Ann Ree Colton

The monthly "White Paper" (Home Study) material received by the members furnishes day-by-day reading and study. An organized rhythm in meditation and prayer during different periods of the day provides a modulated, disciplined life.

Weekly Unit meetings and Chapel services conducted by members are held at Niscience headquarters and throughout the United States. Annual conclaves are held at various locations throughout the year. See schedule of events or contact the Foundation Headquarters to find out if there is a Niscience Unit in your area.


Many persons have found Niscience to be the next step. Their searching has led them to this modern-day system of spiritual and scientific instruction that is unique in its clarity, simplicity, and logic.


Today, everywhere in the world, there is a theme of disaster, disorder, chaos, dissent, and destruction. The Niscience Home Study service will help you to cope with these conditions by placing your roots into the spiritual verities of life; by enabling you to realize that you can be working with the creative themes of life, rather than with the defeating tides of destruction; by revealing to you each day something accomplished beyond the confusion so rampant in the world.


Deep within you is a level of insight and serenity. The White Paper lessons of the Niscience Home Study service will inspire you to unite with the great ideas waiting to free your insight and soul expression. This Home Study program will help you to set into rhythmic order your thoughts, your beliefs, your life. It will open the door into your own knowing concerning the deeper meaning of your self and your true desires.


The instruction in Niscience will serve you in many and varied ways, especially at unusual times when there is a crisis or need. This instruction will produce constructive changes in your attitudes toward life, and in your course of action in the world.


You are important to your Creator. You have a reason for being where you are and what you are. The compass of your soul is seeking to point the way to more gratifying paths of fulfillment. The fundamental aim of Niscience is to present a structural teaching that qualifies itself through pure ethics, thereby enabling you to become a spiritual catalyst wherever you are placed in the world.


The practical, ethical system of Niscience Home Study takes only a few minutes of application each day. Through the Niscience method of self-reorientation, you will become more resourceful; you will contribute more to your environment - and you will penetrate the meaning of the astounding events occurring in the world today.


Every person is born with latent talents in his soul's capacity. It remains for him to discover and to activate these priceless God-given aptitudes and soul-talents so that he may live a creative and joyful life. Niscience is dedicated to the purpose of helping reverent individuals awaken their spiritual gifts. This is accomplished through an organized system of study, meditation, and prayer.


If you believe life has meaning; if you know in your heart that you desire to make your life useful, creative, and purposeful - Niscience Home Study will open for you a new world.


The monthly White Paper material of the Home Study service will quicken the processes of your life, no matter what your life may be. In the study and application of Niscience, you will re-evaluate yourself as a person, and see others near you in another dimension. You can free your inner powers through seeing the spiritual identity in others. Niscience will open your eyes to this inner mind and soul power in those whom you would help.


The mediative healing techniques of Niscience place you on the scene of need, giving you spiritual rewards for rendering a timely service.


I pray that all students will bring forth from themselves their souls' treasures accompanied by the true selfless humanitarian Agape for the total and whole earth – a holy concern. I desire for them healing hearts and work-service hands. I pray for them to become first servants for God.

-Ann Ree Colton





Home Study The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and he delighteth in his way. -Psalm 37:23 The monthly Niscience Home Study materials are called White Paper Lessons. Prepared by the Founders of Niscience, the White Paper lessons furnish day-by-day reading and study materials that sequentially introduce the spiritual exercises and healing techniques of Niscience. Included with each White Paper lesson is the latest issue of Agape magazine (pronounced AH-gah-pe). Prepared monthly, Agape magazine contains articles of current interest from the archives of material written or spoken by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro. Agape also features recent articles, letters, poems, and artwork by Niscience members. The following are a few of the subjects included in the Niscience White Paper lessons: Prayer formulas to change your world. The ethical use of prayer. Techniques of meditation to help you expand your soul's horizon and spiritual perception. Extending your mental faculties through dimensional contemplation. The knowledge of your centered self and its power to take command of your emotions. The science of spiritual ethics. Interpretation of your visions and dreams through master symbolic keys. The spiritual significance of your dreams and the importance of your soul's action in the dream world. How to understand the soul's language of guidance and instruction. A new technique of research into the Old and New Testaments; how to utilize the dramatic and symbolic essence within the parables and allegories in the Bible. How to interpret the "hard sayings" of Jesus. A philosophical perspective into cultures, ancient and current. The study of creation and the soul's eternal attributes. The importance of timing in the physical and spiritual life. Mediative spiritual-healing techniques; how to work with the angels to heal your friends and loved ones. Knowledge of your personal angels and how to work with them. How the saints affect your life. The different levels of grace; how to use grace ethically. The recognition and ethical use of your initiatory powers. The study of the seven genesis levels and the family-atom. The study of your spiritual anatomy and eternal atoms. Spiritual exercises and understanding related to the kundalini and the chakras. The total Niscience System is to give birth to God-Realization, Soul-Realization, and Self-Realization. -Ann Ree Colton