Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.


ABSTRACT WORLDS – The higher abstract world consists of the alignment of thought through light and tone. The lower abstract world consists of lesser degrees of light and sound.


ADI-BUDDHA – The Buddha-being overdwelling all Buddhas. Adi-Buddha is also called Amitabha-Buddha. He is an overdwelling presence stemming from the first source of God, inspiring Buddhahood. The title Buddha means awareness. Such awareness is of the transcendent state which is beyond mental phenomenal, beyond the ego mind and also the lower myth-concepts.


AHIMSA – Harmlessness. Ahimsa is mastered in the four chakras below the throat. This is gained by transenergizing lust to purity, hate to love, greed to giving, separateness to oneness.


AJNA CHAKRA – The Ajna chakra between the eyebrows has two petals, Ida and Pingala. Shakti and Shiva conjoin here, making union. This chakra is beyond sense. The Ajna chakra is the command door or entry into the Christ Mind, that one may open the Third or Divine Eye, and thus step beyond karma into illumination.


AKASH – A substance less vaporous than ether. It is a substance continually and eternally obedient to the Intelligible Will of God and His Infinite Imaging resources within Creation. Akash is the imaging stuff through which God appears or manifests in all states and existences. The Higher Self as the creator uses the akash side of the spiritual atomic system to energize the ego and spiritualize the intellect.


      Akasia is the pure, vitalized, supernal spiritual life-substance used by consciousness. The akasic light is soul light. The color of akasia is indigo blue and is seen often in visions during meditation. Ether is the coagulating life substance. Prana is the energizing life substance in ether. Akasia is a light consciousness animating substance. Akasia substance is used in the highest form of spiritual telepathy. The more highly evolved one is, the more akasia he has in his mental- and soul-light. One breathes in pranic energy to renew life force. One meditates to increase akasic light in his mind.


AKASIC RECORDS – Records of former lives.


ANAHATA CHAKRA – The Anahata chakra (heart center) has twelve petals.  This lotus is spoken of as the lotus of the unstruck sound – or where one can know the transcendental Esse or tanmatra etheric essence of all existence and knowledge, all bliss. Its element is air; its sense is touching; its pranic vital function is love, detachment, demanifestation, releasing, and death.


ANCIENT OF DAYS – (See Sanat Kumara)


ANDROGYNOUS – Not to be interpreted as the physical hermaphrodite. Androgynous is of a state of life consciousness which will blend the body, the soul-light, and the World of God into man’s physiology by transforming the positives and negatives within the physical expression into the whole man of Christ. Androgynity in this age is improbable. In the coming age men will approach a divine rapport between the lower self and Higher Self, and become androgynous.


ANGELS – Angels come in companies, legions, and armies to succor the needs of man. The angels are at home in earth, in the astral world, in the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of God. They minister to Nature and to man. They are angelic ambassadors for Jesus, the Christ, our Father, and Hierarchy. Knowledge of the angels and initiation into their world of action may only be received by the disciple through perfect alignment with the Jesus One.


      The personal angels watching over man’s personal life include the Guardian Angel, Recording Angel, Luminosity Angel, Angel of Pure Desiring, and Niscience Angel. These angels work with suggestible angelic induction, not as man works with suggestible mind. The angels of the body, emotions, mind, and destiny cease not in their suggesting reminders to man, reminding man that he is a cognitive creature learning and earning within a phenomenal world.


      The Celestial Angels work through initiates and adepts to reveal the inner wisdom-truths of God.


      The Cherubim Angels initiate man into the mathematical processes in the use of mind plasmas or akasia. Union with the Cherubim makes one a protégé of the cosmic order system within the universals.


      The Seraphim Angels initiate man into techniques of light whereby he comes in contact with the archetypal ideas as given by the Christ Mind. The Seraphim Angels lead the mind of man into the six dimensions or the door to the Third Heaven where he is then initiated by the Archangels into the archetypal light and the archetones under command of the Holy Ghost.


ANTAKARANA – The bridge between the lower and the higher mind, taking one upward to the other shore, or the bliss-state in consciousness. The undersoul is connected with the Most High Soul by the Upa-Soul or Antakarana. The Antakarana or Upa-Soul is a bridge which one must cross over through meditation and in dreams to unite with the Most High Soul.


APANA – The atavistic side of the Shakti prana affecting the three lower chakras. The initiate works to draw the primal prana called apana upward to the cavity of gold in the upper portion of the solar plexus, where a psychic energy-knot between the lower and higher prana exists. By attention upon this cavity of gold through breath, one unties or loosens the apana and prana psychic energy-knot, thus freeing the upward flow of prana within the Mouth-of-God Center at the base of the skull, that the upper chakras may be free in illuminative transcendency.


ARCHANGELS – Work to establish continents in the earth and to lead the masses into certain polarities in the world. They work with the seasons, solstices, and equinoxes. Four of the great Archangels – Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Raphael – are the protective guardian angels of the prototypal symbols as sent forth from Hierarchy. The Archangels make it possible for souls to flow into other eternity systems.


      Gabriel is the Archangel to the southern gate, the gate of enlightenment. The sound of the horn of Gabriel in this age, or his archetypal tone in his angelic logos, is emerging as the telescope to unite man with the galaxy gate through which God reveals Himself as Spirit Omnipresence in all eternities, galaxies. He who comes under Gabriel as an initiate moves with the archetone of Gabriel through which his soul-gifts will magnify and purify the human condition in the human race. The immaculate conception in Mary, officiated and manifested by Gabriel and the Holy Spirit, signifies the birth of the higher self-genesis in the human race. The human race is reaching toward the birth of the omniscient cell in the gleaming brain. When this occurs in the earth, scientific and spiritual creators will be cognizant of galaxy functioning as affecting life in this solar system.


      Michael is the Archangel to the western gate, the gate of the law. He is the Lord of the Archangels. During the solemn autumnal equinox, the Archangel Michael works with the great Judgment Angels, that the conscience of men in the earth may be reached; the souls of men come under judgment. In the autumnal equinox, men must meet their errors and acknowledge them.


      Raphael is the Archangel to the eastern gate, the gate of spiritual birth. On the last Saturday before the vernal equinox, Raphael begins his holy work for the birth of the Christ Mind through the powers of the resurrected Jesus.


      Uriel, the Archangel to the northern gate, works to give death to the ego. In the summer solstice, Uriel begins his work with the human race. The will, when it is in the Will of God, is as a scintillating snowflake highly energized with God-energies. These energies are impressionable through consciousness. This will is directed through the northern gate through which Uriel comes. Uriel is the initiator of the higher mind used through the will in God.


ARCHETONE – The Word under command of the Holy Spirit used in conjunction with all Great Archetypes. When the archetone sounds, the archetype comes alive with whatever compulsion is ripe or ready to be manifested. Thus an archetype remains dormant until the archetone sounds. The Holy Ghost working with the Will of God sounds the archetone, that the great ideas or new impulse for man may enter the world or fall into the mind of man in timing to the Will of God.


ARCHETYPAL CORD – The four life cords are the umbilical cord, the silver cord, the kundalini Sushumna cord, and the highest, the Archetypal Cord. The Archetypal Cord is an actual vibrational cord through which the Holy Spirit recharges the soul of man. The Sound Current or Audible Hum vibrates within the Archetypal Cord. This Holy-Spirit sound containing the Holy Name of God, when free, sustains illumination and revelation. Also, when the Archetypal Cord is functioning in conjunction with the Sushumna, the inner kingly cord of kundalini and the silver cord are as one; one is in command of the transcendent processes within Buddhi or the Informing Principle, whereby he receives increasing guidance and spiritual vitalities on all consciousness planes functioning as soul, mind, emotions, and body.


ARCHETYPE – Original or divine blueprint for the mind and life processes in the earth. The virginal archetypes are the unmanifested blueprints or ideas of God awaiting the right timing to come forth into the consciousness of man. The Greater Archetypes work first as the unmanifest or as the Word yet to be made flesh. These spiritual, creative, divine archetypal compulsions move in tides into the world through the minds of men.  In each great archetype is an archetone. The Holy Spirit sounds within the archetone when the divine Word is ready to enter into the mind and life of man. All true ideas have their source or origin in the greater blueprints or archetypes of God.


      The Destroying or Sealed-in Archetypes reside in the core of the earth. These archetypes are absorbed by men into their emotions when men become decadent, agnostic, corrupt. The Destroying Archetypes tear down old systems and formulas so that the Greater Archetypes may touch the minds and souls of men in the world.


      The Greater Archetypes concern the greater life waves directing and changing reincarnation tidal flow; also, determine the timing of the appearance of new ideas in the receptive minds of the Elect or adepts in preparation for new eras in time and evolvement. The Greater Archetypes in the Third Heaven are throbbing, humming vortices of intelligence. These archetypes are the connecting link between the outer universe and the universe of man. The Greater Archetypes are opened to holy seers only when men on earth are prepared to receive eternal and spiritual ideas. The Archangels working with the Christ preside over the Greater Archetypes. The Christ Spirit is the Archetypal Presence permeating the Greater Archetypes.


      The Moving Archetypes dwelling within the Second Heaven are three-dimensional reflections of the Greater Archetypes. These archetypes work with the Laws of God. The Moving Archetypes move upon men every ten thousand years, and stir them to form new religions; to transform racial impulses; to build societies; to support the moral ethic protecting families, communities, and religions; and to produce ingenious inventions suitable to the era or the age.


ASTRAL – Star or planetary reflections. The astral is a unique, unceasing, fermenting, mirroring, and moving action producing in man a state of emotion, mood, and inductive feeling and thinking.


ASTRAL BODY – (see Emotional Body)


ASTRAL CORE – An ovoid-shaped envelope of astral fire kept in balance by nadi points or sound vortices located along the spinal system. The nadis act as absorption points receiving the sound and vibratory currents from the planets. The astral core represents the emotional body. The planetary fire playing upon the spinal system is distributed and generated by the assistance of the glands and the nadi points. Thus, the nervous system is protected in the etheric and physical bodies from being the recipient of direct vibrational force playing upon the spinal canal. When the astral core is unprotected, the glandular system goes out of balance, and the emphasis is an overcharge of psychic energy in the etheric body and in the lesser mind. One protects himself from the unruly charge of the astral-core fire through mantrams, contemplation, meditation, prayer, and selfless service.


ASTRAL WORLD – The astral world has two parts, seven planes and forty-nine regions.  The lower astral world relates to man’s subconscious mind in death and in life. The higher astral world is the First Heaven, where dwell the Buddha, the Bodhisattvas and the higher Devas or Shining Ones.


      The astral world is an envelope of semi-gravity ether encasing the physical earth. Its substance is of gross ether plus gravity, electricity, and magnetism, which form the echo-function for the developing emotions of man. Acting as a multiplicity mirror and working in a ricochet fashion, the emotions of man are shaped by the lower-energy processes of the planets playing upon the lower astral regions and planes. The lower-subconscious state of man is the receptacle for the influence of the lower-planetary energies, receiving them subjectively. Due to this astral planetary light, the emotions of man are in a constant state of flux.


      The astral world is supported by the magnetic belt around the earth. The grotesque level of the astral world reflects the sin-body of the earth. The four lower planes of the astral world are the recipients of the lower vibrations and energies of the planetary light. This sub-planetary energy produces a chimera mirage-like effect upon the emotions of man in life and in death, producing glamour and mesmeric effects upon the lower mind and senses. In the Bible, the astral world is called “the serpent.” Man commands the astral world by the use of his higher will and higher mind. Before one can enter into spiritual illumination, he must undergo the trials of the subjective astral states within his subconscious mind. Saint Paul refers to the chimera action of this astralized emotional play when he speaks of seeing “through a glass, darkly.” (1 Corinthians 13:12) The astral world is also spoken of in the book of Revelation, Chapters 4 and 6, as a “sea of glass.” When one masters the astral consciousness, the sea of glass is “no more,” as it is dissolved, that one may reach the Second Heaven.


ATMA – A divine particle or a portion of God; the Eternal Sustaining Atom containing the Higher Self. It is also called Atman, meaning the Real or True Self; the source of all wisdom and beauty in life.


ATOM ASSOCIATION – Atom association is the means by which karma is hastened and resolved, as the ego is placed in an environment where through karma-sentience he intuits and selects the associations to which his atoms either correlate or are antagonistic.


AURA – The energy field around the body; the magnetic and electric field encompassing and encircling the body of any living thing. In the average man the aura is ovoid-like and extends approximately six feet. Herein reside the portrayed feelings and thought pictures sent from man’s experiencing as of feeling and thinking. The auric egg is a capsule of vital akasic energy.


      The aura surrounding the physical body is a sounding board, radar system protecting man from the outer penetration and intrusion of overconcentrated cosmic energy. It also protects man from the heavier sound vibrations coming from the clamors and sounds in the world, giving insulation against the deadlier vibrational aspects of the planets and from the sun and the moon.  This enables each person to hear the echo of his thoughts and his emotions, giving him the opportunity to have an afterlook into his conduct and thinking.


      The auric energy field has a miniature universal and cosmic system of its own.


BARDO – The three lower astral planes experienced after death.


BHAKTI – Devotion; heart initiate.


BIJA – Each chakra has a central atom (seed), called in Sanskrit bija.


BINDU - In a mandala, a dot or starting point in the exact center.


BINDU CENTER – A master secondary chakra. The Mouth-of-God chakra situated at the base of the skull, centered in the medulla oblongata.


BIOFORM – One of the three grand or master life-forming energies relating to procreative energy.


BIOTRON – Biological pranic-energy. Dualistic energy flow affecting the polarities. Biotron consciousness is the gross consciousness – slavery to sense and sensuality. Biotron works with time. In the biotron consciousness one is ambivalent; he desires that his son or his daughter be an image of himself, but he also desires that his child become a hero in the light of other men.


BODHISATTVA – A saint with transcendental powers supported by selfless serving. The destiny of the Bodhisattvas is to elevate men from misery to happiness. Their vow is to continue to reincarnate until all men of the earth make union with God. Bodhisattvas have lived in the physical world as holy and sacred men. They now work in the Nirvana planes, or 6th and 7th planes of the astral world. Their labor is to still the astral tumults shading the soul-powers of man. Among these are the future saviours who will enter the earth every 2,500 years so that man may refresh the spiritual impulse in the world. Such saviours are not to be compared with Jesus, the Messiah and Saviour of the world.


BRAHMAN – Unconditioned God; Absolute God.


BROTHERS IN WHITE  – (See White Brothers)


BUDDHA – Awareness. The one known as Buddha, who lived approximately 500 years before Jesus, now dwells in the First Heaven, called Nirvana in the Eastern teachings. Buddha is in command of the First Heaven. He acts as the emotional body of the earth. The mastery of the kinetic, biological, astral, psychical, and psychological emotional forces is under the crown of Buddha. Buddha gave to mankind the Eightfold Path by which one could unite consciously with the Cosmic mind. Jesus gave to all men of the earth the opening of the twelve chakra-gates of the soul whereby man could consciously unite with God as Cosmos Being. Buddha gave to man Mind-Realization and Self-Realization. Jesus gave to man God-Realization. Through God-Realization, man achieves being rather than ego. The Path of Buddha and the Path of Jesus are both essential Path-ways to the Esse Dharma, or the Real. Both may be simultaneously realizable when one begins to move beyond the secular religious vestments representing Buddha and Jesus. Jesus is the Door; Buddha, the Path to the Door.


BUDDHI – The Informing Principle. The vehicle for the causal or higher mind. The Buddhi is the central core or central point in the higher mind. It has its homeplace center in the Indestructible Atom in the middle of the forehead. Buddhi is an ignited and illuminative understanding which produces mentation or interpretation of dreams and visions. Buddhi also pertains to the Informing Principle, igniting the mind with prophecy. Beyond ego, the higher mind, called Buddhi, is the chaste mental nature of the True Self united to universal Mind.


CAUSAL BODY – Higher etheric body. The everlasting body.


CENTER Q or QUELLE – The subconscious mind seated at the base of the skull is the lower quelle, meaning psychic womb or source. The higher quelle relates to the higher unconscious, which is the matrix for the higher mind, the soul, and the Higher Self.


CHAKRAS – The chakras are energized, whirling vortices of consciousness. Each chakra is a revolving, vibrating portion of the soul. In all persons, there are twelve chakras strung upon an eternal thread. This thread is called the kundalini. Seven of the twelve chakras may be described as supersensible vehicles for relativity and the phenomenal aspects of the life of the body and the life of the soul. Beyond the seven supersensible chakras, the five superconscious chakras are diamond soul-centers or spheres of eternality.


CHRIST – The Son of God, the Christ, is in command of the great archetypal blueprints in the Kingdom of God, and works to give man the great blueprints, ideas, or archetypes. The Spirit of Truth or Logos works with the Christ; thus, the Christ is known as the Word. Since the coming of Jesus, the Christ has centered His Light into the core of our earth and has command of the axis of the earth. The Christ Consciousness is opened through the Third-Eye canal. Christ Consciousness is experienced between the eyebrows.


CO-ATOM – To be co-atom to any person, one must be on the same wavelength of energy emanating from a sacred atom, as to be co-atom to Jesus one must have an open circuit in his own heart’s sacred atom to the heart of Jesus. To be co-atom to a teacher or a Master, one must have a wavelength open circuit or a degree of light in his mental atoms to the mental atoms of his teacher or Master. In this way he is telepathically communicable to the mind and thoughts of his Master and teacher, and thus receives a continued flow of instruction. One can develop his own capacity in co-atom association through meditation and through thoughts of oneness with all life as given of God. When two persons have instant recognition of one another and absolute congeniality, they are co-atom to one another. This can only occur when one has been with the other person in many lives where relationships have proved to be harmonious. When God prepares to use a person for a greater work, He first sends to the one chosen a teacher or Master; secondly, He sends to him a co-atom person in the world, that the work may be consummated and fulfilled.


CO-DISCIPLES – Co-disciples have shared a spiritual life in former lives and now work in both the physical world and invisible world in pure alignment as catalysts to one another.  Such co-disciples are in telepathic accord to one another and have one aim: that they may become like the disciples of Jesus so that they may serve in the world.


COINCIDING PRINCIPLE – The Coinciding Principle is the existing Intelligible communing itself through the function of synchronicity. One unites with and assures himself of the proof of the Holy Spirit through the Coinciding Principle. Coinciding begins when one recognizes there is a mathematical law of order caring for him. The Coinciding Principle uses the unmanifest in space to prove God as Law, God as Just, God as Love.  In the Coinciding within the Esse, God removes space from Himself and proves Himself in one trillionth second of time. Holy synchronization of the Coinciding assures one that he is and that God verily is. To be in the Coinciding is to confirm in a flash, whether one is doing right things, whether healing has come, whether it is a true thing or a wrong thing, or whether it is a waste of time. The first coinciding experience – or two synchronized occurrences – begins with the yantra or the Mouth-of-God Center opening.


COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS – The collective unconscious is made up of the entitized humanistic-will experience; it is a memory-body recording experimental creativity in the earth. Subconscious mind draws upon the past which is present as active soul-memory in the collective unconscious.


CONSTANT – The Constant is located in the Divine Thalamus above the medulla oblongata in the back of the head, slightly below the crown of the head. This is the dwelling place of our Father and the dwelling place of one’s Constant. God as Will, God as Life, God as Light, God as Love in the Constant reveals the perfect hierarchy son-of-God to be. All healing is the return to one’s Constant or the primordial matrix where the imaged or archetypal design of the one sick knows not sickness or death. God is the Constant. He is unvarying in man’s variabilities. The image matrix in the Higher Self contains the Constant of God. All must seek to remain united with their Constant: through the Constant, God is realized. Man is in a state of changing changelessness within the Constant of God. He is therefore God-like in his true essential nature, where the Holy Spirit or Esse has its free play. All who unite with their Constants are destined to return to God and to manifest in fulness of grace perfection, joy, happiness. The image of the Grand Man is in the Constant. The Grand Man is the Cosmos Man.


CONTINUUM SACRAMENT – A Continuum Sacrament may be on the home altar or on the chapel altar. It is to be eaten after remaining on the altar for a 24-hour period from one sunrise to another – as a symbolic worship-vehicle through which the body of the Christ is present. Sunrise for each person is when he awakens. To awake to the Continuum Sacrament is to enlarge the circumference or sphere of eternality.  To be aware of the Jesus-atoms in the bread (body) and the wine (blood) within the Sacrament is to remain in Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


COSMIC – The eternity system collective consciousness.


COSMOS – The universal consciousness.


COSMOS DISCIPLES – The Cosmos Disciples are the most highly evolved persons on earth and at all times are in direct alignment with the Archetypal World or Kingdom of God. Upon the shoulders of these 33 sacred persons rests the responsibility of telepathic coordination and mediation among the 13 Telepathic Disciples, the 3,000 Advanced Disciples, and the 300 Good Brothers living in the physical world. The 33 Cosmos Disciples and the 13 Telepathic Disciples in the physical world are mediators for the Masters. Sometimes one, two, five, or seven are centered within the religions of men, their faiths, and their governments. The telepathic instruction of the Masters is channeled through the inspiring works of the Cosmos Disciples and Telepathic Disciples, and men of the earth are freed from the decaying debris obscuring the light.


COSMOS-GENESIS – After man has reached the perfect self-genesis stage of evolvement, he will become a cosmos-genesis man. His emotional body will be fully developed and he will be at one with the love-atoms of Jesus, the Lord of Love. All great Bodhisattvas of the East had reached full development of their emotional bodies, and thus gave to man the bhakti love instruction. John the Beloved, the disciple of Jesus, had a perfected emotional body, and therefore was the closest disciple to the heart of Jesus.



DANDA – Universal Law.


DARSHAN – The radiance light exuding from a pure sage, prophet, teacher, or avatar.


DEVACHAN – The fourth plane of the astral world. The dwelling place of the Shining Ones, or the Greater Devas. The Devachan Kingdom exists in the First Heaven as well as in the lower astral world. In the lower astral devachan planes, the Dual-Devas work with the Cherubim Angels upon the lower chakras to develop man’s psychological nature, and thereby produce his birthright of individual creativity.


DEVAS – Co-workers with the angels in the mathematics of holy and lawful intricacies. The lower devas work with the psychological nature of man. They thrust their symbolic images onto the minds of men through the tunneling action of the subconscious. The lower devas are guru-like but are not gurus. They are an automatic arm of Divine Mother imposing the Correcting Principle upon man’s sense and sensual receptivity. Always with the Archangels are the shining spirits or the greater devas. The Great Devas are equal to the Archangels. They know God and work as His ambassadors. The devas are the royalty of the devachan world. They overshadow large, virginal lands and forests.


DHARMA – Law, religion, truth, virtue. The word dharma means “that which upholds.” To be a guardian of the dharma is to be a lesser saviour bringing salvation or “the Way.”


DISCIPLE – The disciple is one who has reached the stage of selfless dedication. He is teachable, having relinquished his egotistical shell. He dedicates, that he may be instructed.


DIVINE MOTHER – The Mother of the World; a Divine Being representing the Feminine Principle. All women come under Her protection and guidance. The Divine Mother works closer to the Lords of Karma than any other Being in the spiritual worlds. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Kuan Yen of ancient China worked directly with the Mother of the World. The women saints of heaven and also the women adepts, called fountains in the higher worlds, work with the Mother of the World. Those who have the grace to behold or see the Mother of the World describe Her as being veiled. It is said She places Her veil over the unknowing and awkward errors of Her earth children. Forgiveness and mercy are the tender theme of the Mother of the World. If one removes himself from the beautiful, firm Laws of God, the Divine Mother initiates him through humility-lessons. Divine Mother comes in with a vengeance when one soils Her chastity.


DIVINE THALAMUS – The etheric counterpart of the physical thalamus or its portion of the nervous system related to the Father in Heaven.


DWELLER – Accumulated karmic entity, reflecting the karmic states of an individual, a family, a nation, or a religion. The dweller must be mastered before one can extend into superconsciousness.


EFFLUVIA – An intelligible, animating, reflecting side of ether through which one is informed. Seership would be impossible without the effluvia chemical action in ether. Effluvia reflects what is, and is an instrument for all pictorial life, living and dead. Clairsentient psychics are familiar with effluvia’s chameleon-like and versatile action. Everything a man touches leaves a revealing effluvia through which a psychic may extend his senses to gain knowledge of persons or objects. Effluvia is not a permanent substance, lasting only from sundown to sundown. Ether remains in environments; however, with time the effluvia is withdrawn. One therefore can be aware of ether imprints long after a person has ceased to inhabit an environment; however, if effluvia is absent, he cannot penetrate the most intimate details concerning a person or an environment.


EGO – The higher individuality supported by the higher thoughts of past lives and of the present life. The ego is the lesser “I” or the experiencing vehicle for the earth survival mind. The ego is deluded as to its adequacy. The ego is limited and hypnotized by Maya grossity as to the extent of its power. The ego is a projected gravity-vehicle extended by the greater “I” or the True Self. The ego is an externalized vehicle mentally feeding upon the intellectual exploring aspect of the senses. In the ego there are many lesser selves created by earth experience. The True Self projects the ego as an ambassador. The ego’s main goal is to ultimately fulfill the true image of the True Self.


EGOTISTICAL SHELL – Condensed electrified ether covering the ego, causing one to be bound into the lower mind supporting self-aggression and assertiveness. The egotistical shell has been built by acts of egotism over a period of many lives. This shell must be dissolved through meditation and spiritual works, that the higher ego may come into its own, and the soul be given its fullest expression. One cannot be free from his heavier karma until he has dissolved his egotistical shell.


EIGHTH SPHERE – The great abyss where Satan and his dark angels hold reign. One must cross over the third abyss or eighth sphere when he is being initiated into the higher mind.


EMBLIENCE – The womb-like state of lesser ether overdirected by the World-Soul Atom, Race-Lords, Archangels, angels, and Tribal Species in the period of nomadic-genesis. Emblience is recapitulated in the beginning of each Moving Archetype, that lesser progressive egos may rise to a higher spiral.


EMOTIONAL BODY – The emotional body and the astral body are one and the same. In the less evolved, the emotions work primitively.  The emotional body is an ovoid sphere of feeling. The shape of the emotional body determines that every positive or negative feeling shall return to the one who feels it, also that the desires of a person shall inevitably be manifested. The emotional body and the astral core work as hand in glove. The astral fiery core keeps alive and supports the feelings within the emotions and desires. The emotional body is the body through which one enters the door in his seeking God.


ENTITY – An earthbound-dead person lingering in the lower astral planes.


ESSE – Works as a Holy Wind or Gas. The Spirit Essence in all; the Intelligible Divinity-Energy assuring perfection to all created of and through God. Esse, meaning Holy Spirit Essence, is existing in everything as Life-Intelligible within Almighty God. The Esse acts as a Holy Gas or Intelligibility-Energy filling, animating, and quickening every form of life. The Esse is the Holy Spirit transcendent substance of the Infinite – existing in the infinite and the finite. The Esse is the movement of the Holy Spirit in the soul of man, which makes him divine in the midst of his own unknowing. When used as a mantra, Esse produces a state of consciousness called the omniscient-wisdom. To be free in Esse is to experience purity as light, and freedom in soul movement and body. Esse is joy liberated into consciousness. Esse produces God-awareness in the physical and in the transcendental states of consciousness. Esse is the mantra name for Holy Spirit. It is the Life-Spirit or Holy Spirit mantra name for holy powers providing vision, revelation, guidance, cleansing, purification, healing. All life-sustaining energies are under the Holy-Spirit power passed on by the soul to man as the Holy Esse, or essence of life eternal, life immortal, life functional.


ETERNAL SUSTAINING ATOM – The supreme atom of the eternal atoms of man. The Eternal Sustaining Atom is the means through which one moves from one eternity to another. All that the soul has experienced in former eternities, all that has been earned, is encapsuled and retained in the Eternal Sustaining Atom.


ETERNITY SYSTEM – Any system having a sun, earth, and planets. There are countless eternity systems in the universe. All are born and die as man is born and dies.


ETHER – Not to be confused with physical ether as termed by physics.  Ether consists of a life-substance yet unknown to man in his physical state. It is a means by which man transforms all energies. In the physical body and action, ether consists of fire extracted from the sun.  In the spiritual, it consists of the supporting essence of the universe known as prana and akasia. Ether, the life-substance supporting all life, is called prana in the East, and called by some bioplasma in the West. Ether is a coagulating semi-gelatile and semi-fluid substance. Ether is quasi-tangible. It can be photographed. Ether supports electric and magnetic action and other forms of energy yet to be discovered by man.


ETHERIC BODY – The double of the physical body. It is made of ether and prana. Its life substance is supported by the sun. The lower aspect of the etheric body supports the life in the physical body and the life of the lower mind. The higher aspect of the etheric body supports the spiritual and higher mental life. The higher etheric body survives death. The lower etheric body dissolves with the physical body. (See also Lesser Etheric Body and Higher Etheric Body.)


FAMILY-ATOM – An etheric encasement psychically charged. Father, mother, and children in a family-atom are held together by the psychical charge or lines of force which have attracted them to one another. The low charge of psychic energy in a family-atom keeps alive the soul-debts memory between persons born in the family. The combined soul-grace of the persons born in the family-atom is watched over by a Family-Atom Guardian Angel. If grace is abundant, all souls in a family-atom progress. If the family-atom is heavily laden with karma, the result is suffering and sacrifice, that all may eventually evolve in a cluster of human souls.


FAMILY-ATOM DWELLER – The condensed negative shadow-body of family karma challenging the souls encased in a family-atom. The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children through the family-dweller action.


FAMILY-GENESIS – Persons dependent upon ancestral myth inheritance as expressed through a mother and father in a family-atom. Family-genesis impulses seek to build a society patterned after ancestral heritage. From the family-atom compulsion comes the building of churches, the building of societies and education.


FATHER – Our Father dwells in the Third Heaven. He centers His action onto the earth through the World Soul Atom, known in the Bible as “the bosom of the Father.” (St. John 1:18) The Father works with the Will in God that man may (1) perfect a physical vehicle or form, (2) expand the image-power of his soul, and (3) command the powers of substance in this eternity. Direct Hierarchy knowledge comes to man through our Father, who shapes and forms all life in this eternity system through His Constant which has imaged man. God as our Conditioned Father is a Being. God Absolute is Spirit. Our Father in this eternity system, to whom men turn as His children, seeks to bring them to Absolute God and make them sons of God.


FIERY TRIAL – When the undersoul energies reach the time to explode into dissolution on all levels of ego existence, one enters into an initiation called the fiery trial. All who are entering the Path undergo this to some degree. The greater the soul-work, the greater the fiery trial.


GALAXY GATE – When man became aware of Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846), and Pluto (1930), the Galaxy Gate opened; the minds of men, inventions, individuality, all received directly the downpouring of galaxy-wisdoms and revelation. During the present period, there are great changes in the earth itself regarding man and his soul- and mind-freedoms. In this, he comes closer to God and God-Realization. He becomes a universal being rather than an earthling dependent upon one solar system. He becomes a child of the universe, a companion to communicable planetary systems in affinity to his own sun or solar system.

      The energy-processes of the flow of galaxy moved men beyond the enclosures of primal developments. Thus, in the years 1781, 1846, and 1930, men of the earth began to express self-genesis rather than family-genesis and tribal-genesis.

      The crown of the head coincides with the apex point of the Galaxy Gate from which one is united with Cosmos. When the yin and yang hemispheres of the brain interlace, Buddhi, the Informing Principle in the higher mind, becomes active; one is no longer fixed to eternity-system or time-relativities. He is galaxy-related. Buddhi will then interpret to him what exists in his own galaxy nature.

      The Galaxy Gate concerns the encounter with the Intelligible Omnipresence centered in the total universe, in command of all creation. From the world of the atom to the world of man as consciousness, Omnipresence is in command and is present in all functions and actions.


GANESHA – The elephant deity. In Sanskrit, means supreme essence. Presently, advanced initiates of the earth are encountering the deva myth-god subtle knowledge through the elephant Deva-god Ganesha, who represents the will-power of man in his various steps of initiation. Ganesha, a great deva, the son of Shiva, was also Ptah of Egypt and Hermes of Greece. He is the deva over industry and literature. Through the Deva-god Ganesha’s willing-power mastery, one masters the intelligible kinetic vibrations and energy-ranges of the mind.


GARUDA – Powerful myth-bird Deva-god or man-and-eagle combination representing freedom in earth and in space. Through the Deva-god Garuda, in-the-body and out-of-the-body mastery is obtained within the third chakra, whereby one becomes aware that he is not gravity imprisoned, but merely a visitor or sojourner in the physical planes.


GENERGY – Energy as density through flesh manifesting as consciousness. Genergy, or gene-consciousness, functions first as biotron energy; second, as unitron; third, as omnitron. All of these are developing phases of genergy-consciousness.


GOD – The Eternal, the One, the Creator. God is Being within Being. All galaxies, nebulae, worlds, eternities, systems are embodied in Him. From the smallest cell to the greatest star, all creation is God. God as Spirit is Intelligible Energy. God is the Absolute God; the Father is the conditioned God.


GOOD BROTHER – There are 300 Good Brothers working at all times in the earth. Their mission is to appear as a means of help and succor when all else seems impossible. In their physical memories, the Good Brothers rarely know they are Good Brothers; in their etheric memories they know, and are compelled to act during crisis periods. In time of trouble, they smooth the way and move on, asking nothing by way of reward.


GRACE NAME – A name one has used in a former life when he accomplished great works of grace; this name enables him to revive the grace-power of his soul’s medallion.


GRAND-PSYCHE – The conscience.


GREAT IMMORTALS – (see Masters)


GREATER UNCONSCIOUS – The Greater Unconscious is the Purusha or the field upon which God radiates His Spirit as knowing. The Greater Unconscious is the Spirit energy-field of the unmanifest where reside the archetypes. Christ, as Overlord of the Greater Archetypes, as Presence, is the Archetypal Omnipresence within the greater archetypal system of the Purusha higher unconscious. All revelation, all prophecy on the level of the Greater Unconscious contain the future blueprint signals and portent for things to come in earth and in heaven.


GUNAS – The three energy or force vehicles through which man develops; denotes a quality as well as a force. These vehicles are called tamas (inertia), rajas (electrified action), and sattva or sattvic (peace). The sensory life in the consciousness of man is kept in balance by the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. The three gunas are equilibrium aspects of Supreme Nature or Prakriti, under control of the Feminine Principle or Divine Mother.


GURU – Spiritual teacher.


HALL OF LEARNING – Located in the seventh plane of the First Heaven. All initiation in the Hall of Learning is preparation to serve as a night healer and a daytime initiate. Dream research of the night is under the supervision of the great Masters and pure gurus in the Hall of Learning. All spiritual aspirants are initiated in this precinct of heaven, that they may render a knowing service in the world.


HALL OF WISDOM – (see Heaven, Second)


HANUMAN – The monkey Deva-god psychological aspect of the mind. Through Hanuman mastery, one masters the biological, humanity, primal instinctual-powers of the mind.


HEAVEN, FIRST – The First Heaven is the higher astral world. Each of the planes of the astral world contains seven regions. The lowest, or plane 1, is the grotesque plane. Plane 2 is fantasy. Plane 3 is wish. On the fourth plane of the astral world, the action of the First Heaven begins. Here one reads his akasic records and hears the Audible Sound or Music of the Cosmos. On the fifth plane of the astral world, one unites with the Masters, the saints, and begins his night instruction and night ministry work. On the sixth plane of the astral world, one enters into the prophetic side of dreams. On the seventh plane of the astral world, one contacts the great Bodhisattvas, who prepare him for initiation into the Second Heaven.


HEAVEN, SECOND – The greater cloisters of heaven where one meets the Most High Saints, Mary, and the Great Masters and receives instruction in the Hall of Wisdom or Shamballa. Adepts are initiated in dreams through the seven Planetary Logoi or the Archangels over seven planets. These prepare the adept to make union with the Third Heaven.


HEAVEN, THIRD – The Third Heaven is the homeplace of Jesus and His apostles. Here, the initiate and adept receive the power of archetypal Light directly through the assistance of the Christ Spirit overdwelling Jesus.


HIERARCHS – The Elohim, the Host, or the Zodiacal Overlords assisting this earth or eternity system in its development. Hierarchy uses the power of imaging or making. Sending their rays into the sun and the earth, they assist the Father and the Christ in the creation of mankind. Each Hierarch Overlord is a zodiacal prototype or blueprint for man, such as Aries, Taurus, etc.  The Hierarchs are the mediators between the galaxies, the starry bodies, and the planets. Man’s creative genius is inspired in regular intervals through the uplifting tide of creation translated to him by the Hierarchs. Hierarchy, using time and space through the power of the constellation rays, works with the Will in God that each man may perfect his own prototypal likeness of Hierarchy. “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26)


HIERARCHY NATURE – The hierarchy nature is experienced as consciousness in Buddhi, which is the center of the Informing Principle in the center of the forehead. The archetypal nature in man seeks to perfect the hierarchy nature in man, that he may move into his heritage as a willing and mind hierarchy nature. All healers are enthusiastic and joyful transcribers of their archetypal imaging power. The hierarchy nature uses the technique of the word made flesh through Christ Jesus to see the ultimate manifestation that all men be lifted up – and that all men become like Jesus or see Him as He is.


HIGHER ETHERIC BODY – The higher etheric body pertains to the spiritual worlds and works through tone and light. The higher etheric body is a perfected body; all other bodies (physical, emotional, mental) are in a state of evolving. The higher etheric body, having twelve perfected atoms, is able to function in the highest degree of ether and is not subjected to negation or death. It is the body for higher perception in night-flight or dreams. As the higher etheric body is closer to the spiritual worlds than any of man’s bodies, it is the body reflecting the spiritual action of the higher worlds.


HIGHER SELF – The Higher Self has its dwelling place in the soul energy-field above the head as far as the hands can reach and touch. The Higher Self is centered within the Eternal Sustaining Atom, which is the vehicle for the crossing over from one eternity system to another. The Higher Self is the likeness of God. God made it possible for man to come into this earth or eternity with the image of what the soul had been in other eternities. This eternal-image is the Higher Self. The Higher Self is animated by a consciousness gathered in other eternities and also by its unceasing alignment with the archetypal and spiritual worlds. The Higher Self awaits to instruct and to channel the greater wisdom of the real and true to man. It is timeless in its patience, in that it works with the Eternals. Even though man may resist, deep in his heart he is always aware that he should blend with his Higher Self.


HIGHER UNCONSCIOUS – The higher unconscious is primordial purity, containing flawless intelligible truth. There is no contradictory or controversial functioning or phenomenal functioning of this primordial purity. It is the Esse, or the Essence of eternal mind functioning as Buddhi in the higher mind. The higher unconscious or Buddhi – working with the involuntary systems of the body – restores the health of the physical body, keeps alive the higher energy states of the etheric body, and maintains the love attitudes moving as energy in the emotional or astral body. The higher unconscious contains the Purusha state of God-Realized consciousness. The Greater Archetypes dwell in the higher collective unconscious or the Purusha of Eternal Spirit.


HOLY GHOST – The Holy Ghost works with the Will of God, the tones of the earth, the movement of the earth, the vibratory velocities of the earth, the pulsation of man’s soul, the speech of man, the music of heaven, and all of the sounds sounding and resounding in the earth. The Holy Ghost commands the tone and sound in all living forms. The Holy Ghost is a Being. Holy Spirit works through the Holy Ghost, as Christ works through Jesus. The Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Ghost are one. (St. John 14:16,17,26)


HOLY SPIRIT – Holy Spirit works through the Holy Ghost, as Christ works through Jesus. The energized vibratory God-Essence overflowing into man in the life of form and life as consciousness is transmitted to man by the aspect of God called Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, or Spirit of Truth. This movement Essence feeding the soul and all soul-life functions of and in the earth is called Esse. Holy Spirit or Esse is an intelligible attribute of Eternal Spirit or God acting as sound, movement, ecstasy, revelation, bliss, peace, power.


HUMAN-GENESIS – Same as family-genesis.


IDA – Ida is the accompanying receptive nadis or subjective vehicle for the vibrating current of the Shakti (feminine) electric fire in kundalini; the Ida nadis is active on the left side of the spinal nervous system.


ILLUMINATI – One of the higher orders of the risen dead in the First Heaven. The Illuminati and the White Brothers work in unison. The Illuminati maintain an inner school of immortal ethics. All Illuminati reincarnate. As geniuses in the earth, the Illuminati are selflessly devoted to create, that mankind might rise and become God-men through creation. The Illuminati incarnate in timing to the need of the souls of men, that they may inspire men to create and to serve God.


INDESTRUCTIBLE ATOM – A bija point in the center of the forehead called linga-sarira. This is directly connected with the akasic-record recovery. The Indestructible Atom in the middle of the forehead was opened for man by Jesus when He ascended. Due to the quickening and emergence of the Indestructible Atom, the mentality of man has undergone a tremendous transition within the last 2,000 years. The Indestructible Atom enables man to receive the power of the Holy Ghost; it will eventually enable him to image with manifestation powers.


INDRA – In India, the god of war. Indra is also known as the Lord Jehovah of the Hebrews. Jehovah or Indra is the ruler of the 33 astral heavens within the second astral plane. Indra has the power through the Dual Devas to set up the initiatory trials for those who desire siddhi powers or supernatural powers. All true initiates do not cling to the psychic glamors of the lower siddhi powers.




INITIATE – An ego who has followed a spiritual path in previous lives and is in a state of being initiated into greater illumination and spiritual power in this life, that he might better serve the world.


INTENTIONAL SUFFERING – The yoke of Jesus; assuming one’s share of the burdens of the world. This very eternity system is a system of Intentional Suffering. We came into it with a covenant for Intentional Suffering. Everything gained in this earth is gained through suffering. Jesus came to remind us that our covenant is to learn through pain, denial, want, and frustration. His life example of Intentional Suffering provides us with the Way. When Intentional Suffering is accepted as a way of life, joy and creation begin.


ISHVARA – One of the names of our Father which art in heaven.


JAPA – Repetition of a sacred mantra or name through the use of a mala or of certain mudra postures.


JEHOVAH – The Race Lord working with the moon. He is the Overlord of the second chakra. All persons encased in tribal development are under the direct influence of Jehovah, that the race may become a purified vessel for the human race. In India, he is known as Indra, the God of War. Jehovah has control of the reincarnation cultures. In one lifetime, one experiences many phases of genesis culture. Jehovah works through war to produce race, to preserve races, but he also uses, with a ruthless hand, the destroying of races. His work is a necessity-positive through the use of the negatives and positives in race. Jehovah is in command of 33 devachan heavenly precincts. He will influence the left side of the brain in man until man masters the instinctual laws experienced in tribal- genesis. One has to move beyond the 33 precincts of Jehovah in the lower astral regions, that he may reach the Second Heaven where dwell the true archetypal formats for all religions in the earth.


JESUS – The Sovereign Mediator between the world of man and the World of God. The Regent of this eternity system. The World Saviour and Messiah. The Son of Man, Jesus, dwells in the Realm of Light with His twelve disciples. He is at one with the Father and is the most direct Mediator between man and God. Through His many saviour trials in various bodies, He made it possible for the Christ Spirit to penetrate the core of our earth and to command the axis of the earth, that the Christ Light and Christ Mind might come into the world or that man might receive the Greater Archetypes as conceived in the Will of God. Jesus is in command of the higher etheric body of this eternity. He makes it possible for men to become mediators unto one another, “love one another.” (St. John 13:34) He also makes it possible for man to enter into mediative relationships with His Cosmos Family of the spiritual worlds. Jesus works now with the heavy karmas or burdens of men and with all angelic kingdoms. He works with Jehovah that men overcome the crystallized tribal retributive laws; He also works with Jehovah and the Propagation Angels to overcome the racial compulsions set up by the World-Soul Atom so that men in the world may eventually become free of race.

      While in earth, Jesus’ alignment with the Christ enabled Him to use the archetypal powers, and He thus saw in all dimensions; He was aware of the destiny of the world and of man. Through His relating and alignment with God, He had knowledge of the eternals. “Glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.” (St. John 17:5) Through His alignment with greater Hierarchy, He understood that men are yet to reach prototypal perfection. Therefore, He could say on the cross, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (St. Luke 23:34) Jesus worked through the triad action of the Father, Melchizedek, and the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara; thus He had the power to change one substance into another (water to wine), to multiply substance (fishes and loaves), to change one energy into another (healing miracles), to disappear and appear, to command the elements, and to raise the dead. The Lord Jesus is yet in alignment with God, the Christ, Hierarchy, and the triad action of the Father. He now works that man may make this alignment and eventually do these and “greater works” (St. John 14:12), for the etheric condition of the earth will change, thereby enabling man, in his future atom evolvement, to do “greater works.” Man will also reach the time when death will be overcome and “there shall be no more death.” (Revelation 21:4)

      Christ Jesus is the promise of the Constant in God. Christ Jesus is the mediator between and for all teachers, all gurus, all sages, all Bodhisattvas, all saints, all mediators, all adepts, all Masters. “This is my body,” said Jesus. Men are embodied in their soul-natures within the embodiment of Christ Jesus, where there is no separateness or division or the need for the casting out of the perishables.


JNANA –  Mind-wisdom consciousness.



KALI – The dark aspect of the feminine Shakti instinctual power, spoken of by Carl Jung as “the terrible mother.” A kali woman may also be unmarried; her sense of amorality makes her a threat to both sexes, male and female.


KALI-YUGA – The ending of an age in which the heaviest karma is present.


KARMA – To the Western world, karma is inclusive of the law of sowing and reaping, the law of retribution, the law of consequence affecting all actions, good or bad; the law of cause and effect.


KARMA-YOGA – Work-service as an offering to God.


KLOSHA – Veil, mist, psychic web, demoting mental spirituality. The klosha veils prevent man from having direct union with God. Through mediation and work-service for God, man must dissolve the klosha veils. The kloshas or veils spoken of in the Sanskrit teachings relate to the energy-field stuff or garment of the ego-undersoul. Undersoul energy veils shut away the superconscious energy-field which is the natural habitat of the soul.


KRISHNA-POINT – The Krishna-point is the Mouth-of-God Center; it also relates to the 11th house in one’s zodiacal chart. In the 11th house may be seen how one relates to the Masters and their instruction.


KUNDALINI – In all persons there are twelve chakras strung upon an eternal thread. This thread is called the kundalini. Through knowledge of the kundalini and chakra-power, one gains the unitive knowledge between the mind and the soul. The projected unitive vehicles of the soul – kundalini and the chakras – are the means through which the soul-powers function within the physical, the astral, the etheric, the mental, and the spiritual worlds. All spiritual practices, when motivated purely in service to God, raise the kundalini fire. The chakras thus move in conjunction with the soul’s medallion centered around the crown of the head. The superconsciousness state is the result.


LESSER ETHERIC BODY – A transparent-like body of fine ether. It is shaped identical to the physical body, and interpenetrates and saturates every cell of man’s physical body. When the lesser etheric body is in a healthy state, it extends three inches outside every part of the physical body. Its structure is of twelve vortice-flames which move clockwise when in harmony and contraclockwise when depleted or devitalized. Thus, when a person is negative, he is constantly throwing off from this body his own agitation and discord – and the contraclockwise action in the lesser etheric body invites and attracts outer discord by this same circular, weaving, rhythmic motion. When healthy, the lesser etheric body is the body of life-giving, life-sustaining, and living vitality. In this, the lesser etheric body may be said to be the living body.


LIGHT-STREAMS – The seven Light-Streams are the stepped-down rays from Hierarchy. The Hierarchs centered in the constellation-points send their rays into the solar system. On penetrating the zodiacal system, the rays of Hierarchy, through the mediation of Jesus, become the Light-Streams which shape and form man. Presently, man can incorporate only seven Light-Streams. He will incorporate the other five Light-Streams when he becomes like Jesus.


LOGOS – The audible sound of the Holy Ghost speaking through inspiration, illumination, and revelation. Also divine speech or descriptive verbalism experienced and inspired in spiritual illumination. The center of Logos is between the eyebrows. It is also sometimes referred to as a center in the throat. These two centers are the illuminative points through which one expresses the Holy Ghost, and thus contacts the Greater Archetypes. All great teachers have these great centers or doors open continually.


LUNAR BRAIN – The abdominal automatic primitive brain supporting the instinctual life. The center of clairsentience situated in the solar plexus.


LUNAR PSYCHIC – One who is engrossed psychically with his emotions and sees all through emotions and feelings. He is dependent upon the astral lunar reflective light for his psychic powers. The lower lunar psychic is unable to interpret what he sees. The higher lunar psychic sees in part.


MAHA CHOHAN – The Lord of the Continents and the Lord of World Governings. The Being overdwelling the third Light-Stream, representing the Father Principle, is the Maha Chohan. He comes close to mankind during a Kali-Yuga time for the duration of 3,000 years so that man may produce the grace of his recorded works and thus carry over this record into the next Moving Archetype. The Maha Chohan now works in the Kali-Yuga time or the latter days to move men forward into the Christ Dharma Knowing on earth. His work for the earth is activated every 3,000 years and is sustained for 300 years. His etheric proximity to the earth creates major tumults and upheavals among the humanities of the world. Decadent rules and corrupt policies in governments come to an end; fixed traditions in societies and families change; and limited philosophies in religions undergo metamorphosis and transition.


MAHA GURU – He is a familiar presence inwardly known by the disciple. In the advanced instruction, one is under the tutelage of the living teacher who is in the White-Line affinity to the Maha Guru residing behind the eyebrow-center of the spiritual student.


MAHA-MATRA – 1. Instantaneous healing or God-Realization. All who have the increase of the open versatility of mind-unit energy, by grace use Maha-matra powers. They live in the Ultra-Matter Darshan light, blessing all. Maha-matra power is mastered in the third chakra. This mastery comes from transposing the instinctual psychic nature within the senses into extrasensory power. Also, when the duality alternates within the second chakra are triggered into discernment, discrimination, and intuition, the Maha-matra power, or mastery of the senses, becomes the twinkling-of-the-eye transformation. In this, misery is transformed into happiness, suffering into health, ignorance into knowledge, darkness into light. 2. Master-woman under the Divine Mother.


MANAS – Mind.


MANDALA – In Sanskrit, mandala means to be in possession of one’s essence: Manda (essence) + la (to be in possession of). Sacred circle. One begins the making of a mandala knowing it to be a form of meditation. He draws a circle, and within the center he places a dot, which represents the bindu-point or seed outpicturing the soul’s pulsation. One should not intellectually or artfully portray what he thinks the colors should be in the mandala. He should draw upon the bindu center as the directing intelligence in selecting and inspiring the colors used in a mandala. In time, the continued practice in the use of the mandala as a meditation expansion will produce flawless patterns, beautiful balances, intelligible insight as to what is being said in the mandala. The colors in one’s soul-prism are seeking to come out of him. The freeing process in a mandala produces steadiness of mind, calmness of emotions. In time, a perfected mandala becomes a soul-disc or seed mantra for the use of contemplation and meditation. It is one’s own soul-design containing the vibration of his Higher Self. Through the creating of a mandala, one extends his senses and opens the yantra myth-flows and archetypal symbols. In mandala design and coloring, one draws upon the higher unconscious for creation, for peace.


MANIPURA – In Sanskrit means the fulness of jewels. The third chakra or solar-plexus center. Manipura as the third chakra is the center of the emotions and desires; the element of Manipura is fire.


MANTRA – Speaking a Name of God or one of His aspects. Spoken repetitiously, produces purification of the mind, giving mind-steadiness, making the mind a pure vessel for truth. Repetitive speaking of one’s own mantra is called japa and produces Self-Realization. Man (thinking) + tra (protection). Mantra yoga; the sound-vibration in the use of the mantra provides protection. The OM, which is the sacred sound of the Word, is the mighty mantra inviting God-Realization. Due to the submerged spirituality of many souls in the West, there are many mantra-sounds which Western or Anglo-Saxon logos is yet to experience. It is the work of the initiate to attract to himself his own Naming-of-God mantra.  His living teacher assists in this, as it is a gift from the teacher to his student to give the Holy-Name Sound of God, and thus free the Archetypal Hum in the soul of his disciple.


MANTRAM – In Sanskrit manas means “mind,” tri means “to cross over.”  That which enables one to cross the tempestuous sea of the mind. The speaking prayer in which the vowels and combining of words build the power to align one with the spiritual helps within the Spheres and Realms of Light.  The sounding of word-combinings to dissolve karma, tension, and fear. A mantram contains molecular energy particles of light. A mantram spoken with love and absolute belief is a freeing way. A mantram is a formula of words containing Bija or seed-sounds of superconsciousness. In every mantram is hidden a mantra as a master idea and sound providing physical mastery and spiritual experience.


MANU – Law. The great Manu, or legislators of the law, gave the great allegoric-creative techniques of the universe. They came before the Rishis. The Manu or Lords of the law work with the Seraphim, or the Lords of Mind, called Manas. In Egypt, Ptah was the being who represented the Manu. Ptah and Ganesha of the Hindus are one and the same. All great scriptures are over-directed by the Lords of Manu and Manas.


MARKING AND TRACING – Through Marking and Tracing, the initiate begins to observe himself and his way of thinking, and thus opens other dimensions of understanding. Marking and Tracing as to the lunar cycles and the planetary energies affecting growth in consciousness are an infallible way to come into timing and the full use of the units of measure.

      The first stages of initiation are tracings. These are one’s chief negatives he must work with when he starts on the Path. Markings are divine signs and grace-reassurances experienced during illumination. When one receives a marking, he has attained a station in light through which he will serve as a pure and whole channel, that God may use him. One moves from marking to marking as he evolves in God-Realization. An open or uninhibited character expression is manifested by Marking and Tracing. Marking and tracing techniques enable one to experience his frame of consciousness within the Greater Archetypes.


MARY – The most chaste of women in the earth, chosen of the Father to give birth to our Lord, is present with men as Her Son, Jesus, is present. The Mother of Jesus works with the mothers of the world. She does not re-embody or return to the physical world. Mary works to give one chastity so that he can receive the immaculate conception in the heart. Mary works with the Most High Saints and the Mother of the World. Joseph and Mary work together as co-atom cosmos souls in the Second Heaven that their Son, Jesus, may enter the heart of the one who prays and makes supplication to God. Joseph and Mary are conjoined in one work together in command of the religious impulses – regardless of what a religion is called – as long as Jesus is presented therein as Christ Jesus.


MASTERS – Advanced Beings of high degree dwelling in the Second Heaven or Spheres of Light. The Masters, also known as the Great Immortals, have retained cognizant and clarified memory of other eternities. Having lived in other eternities similar to our earth system, they have mastered the opposition forces yet to be mastered by man in this earth. The Masters are not to be compared to personal gurus or teachers called “masters” in certain parts of the world. Until the year 1946, the Masters or Great Immortals inhabited physical bodies only on rare occasions. These immortal men will no longer re-embody in the physical world, for they have been replaced in the physical world by 33 persons called Cosmos Disciples. The Masters have been men; they are living vessels to inspire immortal and deathless thoughts. They are greater than initiates and greater than adepts. While Jesus is the mediator of the heart, the Great Immortals are the mediators of thought through telepathy. The archetypal Masters are presently overdwelling the light, life, and the souls of those who are called to teach, to heal, and to reveal telepathically what the Greater Archetypes are saying to men of the earth. The Masters are the divine collaborators with men. Their works are to intensify the skills within the soul-cultures of men, that men might identify or align themselves with the Light of the Christ, the Love of the Father, and the Will of God.


MASTER G.Q. – The Little Brother. The one called G.Q. is spiritually close to the Eastern yogi initiate, and also to initiates in the Western world. G.Q. equalized the flow of ancient archetypal ideas. He is the last of the true Masters, even though considered as the least of these. The Western initiate, being unable to assimilate the yoga practices and formulas, is enabled through the Master G.Q. to retain the basic truths within the ancient archetypes of the Vedas, the Sutras, the Upanishads –  for example, the law of birth and rebirth or re-embodiment. The laws of eternity justice, or karma, are made clear to the Western initiate through the work of the Master G.Q. He works with the disciple of the new age to retain the old, and thereby to gain the whole in Christ.


MASTER HILARION – The Master Hilarion or Saint Paul is in command of the fifth Light Stream (science). To unite with the value of the full measure of the fifth Light-Stream is to come under Saint Paul. Saint Paul of Tarsus was a scribe-apostle. He knew the Christ as no one else knew Him. His epistles in the New Testament of this era’s Moving Archetypal Bible were composed directly through his archetonal grace of hearing the Word and of speaking it so that it lives now in a soul-vernacular so close and intimate that in reading or speaking his words, Soul-Realization is made possible; communication becomes healing of spiritual ignorance.


      Saint Paul was a scientist-adept. He speaks now in and through the fifth Light-Stream as healer for the rebel of the lower mind, for the agnostic, for the resister to the Holy Spirit.


MASTER K.H. – The Great Immortal called “K.H.” in the higher worlds was Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. This great Being will no longer re-embody in the physical world. He is now in command of the fourth Light-Stream (law). Through him, men overcome oppositions, agitations, quarrelsomeness, irritation. It is also through him that men become peacemakers, servers, and healers of the nervous, muscular, circulatory, cellular, and blood systems of the body. Master K.H. works with Sanat Kumara to enable man to attain a perfected and symmetrical physical form. As the Master K.H., the body used last in earth, he assisted the changing of the mystical currents in India, that the Eastern teachings might be moved through the Light of Buddha onto the Christ into the Western world.


MASTER M – Also known as Master Morya. Master M is in command of the first Light-Stream (will). Those who come under his telepathic instruction are called will initiates. Master M was Plato in a former life.


MASTER R – Master R channels telepathy through the seventh Light-Stream (ritual). He holds the key to the survival of religions in the world. He also enables the dedicated disciple to make synthesis, or to blend with all seven telepathic Light-Streams of the Masters. In one of his previous lives, Master R was Hiram Abiff, who assisted Solomon in his initiation. In the higher worlds, Master R is called the Great Phoenician. In China, he was Lao-Tzu. In Jerusalem, he was Joseph, the father of Jesus. The mediative telepathic power of Master R in the present time relates to the dissolving of crystallized ritual and forms in worship, and overcoming of bigotry in religions. Under the telepathic tutelage of Master R, initiates are enabled to undergo the molten sea initiation within the core of the earth, and to arise above the so-called 8th sphere or the ring of outer darkness around the earth. Through the work of Master R in this age, new musics will come into the earth; the ability to read the records of past lives will become more prevalent; and a new ritual for worship will be established in religion which will come closer to the true ethic in worship as established by the Lord Jesus.


MASTER SERAPIS – Hierophant of the inner pyramid. The one called Solomon in the Bible. Master Serapis overdwells the third Light-Stream (order).


MATRIXES – There are three energy-matrixes through which man maintains life in the physical body, life in the lesser etheric body, life in the emotional body, life in the mental body. These matrixes survive death in some degree and are everlasting, actual, energy skeletal-like frameworks for life in earth and in spirit. The lower or duality matrix extends from the feet to the horizontal line just above the pelvic center. The psychic-matter nature controlling the biological forces ends at the pelvic line. The middle or center matrix functions horizontally from the pelvis to above the diaphragm, just below the heart. The center matrix is the field for the desire and emotional nature; the psychological and metaphysical level of consciousness; the lesser mind. The highest or supreme matrix energy-frame exists from the heart to the Higher-Self point of light above the head. The supreme matrix supports the soul, higher mind, and spirit. The three matrixes presently work to add another matrix.


MAYA – The changing world of gravity energy producing change, creating the illusion in man that earth life is all. The Sanskrit meaning is to measure; illusion. Maya is karma; it is a mathematics system in density. The total Maya is a dense molecular system, which men call matter. Maya is a system of time and space controlled by karma. The Maya system of action and reaction determines that past-life action acts as a reaction vehicle for the present life. The play of Maya, or action and reaction, exists in varying degrees in the total universal.  There are eternity systems with relaxed systems of Maya due to their planetary and solar flexibility in the play of energy forces. The eternity system in which man dwells is a tight play of energy and forces intense in its frugality of planets and moons, concentrated upon developing a certain type of consciousness which would otherwise be impossible.


MEDIATION – Mediation is the most unselfish and unclaiming means of spiritual serving through which one remains impersonally involved with the karma of those whom he would heal or help.


MEDIATOR – One who makes himself a divine artery or channel for the Light. A mediator asks for no rewards for his mediative prayers and suggestible helps. He only asks to remain a perfect instrument, that the Power and Will of God may flow through him, supporting, healing, and lifting. When the mediator is sincere and wholly dedicated, he is free from the karma of those whom he would heal and help. He avoids boastfulness of his healing works. He asks no personal or physical rewards for his healing helps, knowing himself to be but a channel through whom God sends and heals. The highest technique used by a mediator is his use of angel-to-angel mantrams, as he knows on his releasing the one whom he would help to the angels’ suggestible helps, that the angel taking charge of the one to be healed knows with an exact and precise wisdom what can be done and what will be done. Thus, in the angelic mediative helps, miracles occur, as it is left to God to reveal to the angels what is the right and just way for the healing to come.


MEDITATION – Rightful meditation draws one into higher and finer rates of vibration where one’s thought and emotions are changed to superconsciousness. The spiritual art of meditation is attentive listening, attentive observing, plus receptive absorption of increased light. Meditation is a light experience supported by the exercise of love’s extending. In receptive meditation, one having made union with his heart, his soul, and his higher mind has stilled the processes of his lower mind and he has polarized, taken command of, and stilled the rampant psychic energies in the etheric body and in the astral core; from this, intense quiet enters into his being. His Higher Self becomes the Watcher overlooking the processes of his meditation. In receptive meditation one moves into wavelengths of consciousness beyond the phenomena of psychic excitation. One makes no effort to see anything special or to interpret anything seen or heard during receptive meditation. To do so is to activate the intellect and set in motion the analytical aspects of the lower mind.


MELCHIZEDEK (MELCHISEDEC) – Mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments, Melchizedek works with the Great Immortals within the Spheres of Light to teach the initiate how to overcome the four elements of the earth – fire, earth, air, and water – that the initiate may obtain the power of manifestation and de-manifestation.


MENTAL BODY – A composite field of light. The higher mind expresses itself in the mental body through three mental atoms. The lower aspect of the mental body, called the lesser mind, is dependent upon the psychic energy coils of force inherited from past lives, from ancestral mental habits. The lower mind serves the physical senses, using instincts from tribal-genesis memory and ancestral memory. It is the work of all spiritual aspirants to still the more atavistic aspects of the lower mind or lesser mind and make of it a complementing additive partner to the Higher Self and the higher mind. The higher mind seeks to clear the field, that it may come forth as a supernal instrument in creation. In all selfless works of creation, the higher mind is in command.


MENTATION – A knowing dimensional-consciousness. Mentation is a divine gift earned through the soul’s action in past lives. All souls having attained realization of God make union with one another through the power of divine mentation.

      Mentation is cognitive union with the first principles centered in the Will of God, the Life of God, the Light of God, the Love of God. Mentation is the gift of understanding accompanied by a pictured fourth- and fifth-dimensional vision. Through mentation, one absorbs the wisdom of God, and manifests it into human and personal clarity. Mentation through dreams quickens spiritual power in the soul, producing spiritual action on the physical planes. Having mentation, dreams are realized in a pure or supreme-consciousness state. Retention of pure and true dreams with soul-inferences is a mentation action producing bliss feelings, peace, acceptance of all happenings in the physical world. The spiritual art of concentration, contemplation, and meditation leads one to mentation, whereby he is at home in all worlds. Apprehension is absent from mentation, for in mentation one functions through the mind of God. In mentation there is neither fear nor frustration.


MOUTH OF GOD CENTER – The medulla oblongata at the base of the skull, in proximity to the brain stem, is the Mouth-of-God Center or the Logos Vibration of the Holy Sound. The bindu Mouth-of-God chakra is a powerful bundle of pranic energy controlling respiration or the exhaling and inhaling functions of breath. The universal Sound Current sent by the great Atma or God sounds through the breath in this Bindu or Mouth-of-God chakra, making the unceasing mantra-sound in the outgoing and incoming breath.  The Bindu chakra is the sound energy-current vehicle, transimitting the electric and magnetic breath of cosmic life into the soul, mind, and heart. In the Mouth-of-God chakra, one unites with the lighted archetypal blueprint within his soul, drawing upon the Image of God, the Mind of God, and the Will of God. Through this eternal soul-power action within the Will of God, man became a willing, imaging being.


MUDRA – A posture of hand or fingers used to open the 72,000 nadis in the etheric body and reach the higher stages of meditation. Behind the system of the gesture of the hands are the great laws.


MULADHARA CHAKRA – The first chakra seated at the base of the spine. Muladhara means “root support.” This spine-root chakra, sometimes called a lotus, contains four petals; its pranic and life element is earth; its sense function is smell; its pranic energy function is breath.


MUSIC, THIRD – The First Music is experienced as sound through the hearing. The Second Music is the atomic, the vibrational, electrifying and magnifying. This is the Sound Current received on and from the existent waves of birth, life, and death. The Third Music is Spirit of God as Holy Spirit acting upon the primordial involuntary systems indented into the etheric nature. From these man expresses himself through rhythmic and cyclic compulsions, through realization and healing. The Third Music incorporates the Archetonal Sound Current or the Word, the Vibrational Sound through which God is present as Omnipresence. When the Third Music sounds in the mind, one is in the Eternal Omnipotent, the Eternal Omniscient, and he becomes Omnipresence for God. The Third Music, resounding without ceasing in the soul, seeks to make itself at home in the higher minds of all persons where God is realized. When this occurs, the Esse or Holy Spirit takes command of the atomic energies, the life renewal and creative forces, the visualization and manifestation powers of the soul. The right side of the brain functions as a Third Music. Music in the right side of the brain contains the rhythmic flow of the higher unconscious whereby man receives the vibrational wellsprings of the soul and Spirit. The Third Music is the music of the Great Hum within the mighty consciousness of God.


NADAM – Sounding the Name of God.


NADIS POINTS or CANALS – Seventy-two thousand energy stations in the lesser etheric body.


NAGAS – Fire initiates with siddhi powers are called nagas or serpents. The Bible speaks of them in the passage: “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (St. Matthew 10:16)


NESCIENCE – Ignorance, unknowing.


NEUTRAL FIELD – A non-decisive mental atmosphere inviting entity possession. A neutral field is the product of many lives. One builds a neutral field by refusing to participate in the responsible issues of life. A neutral-field mind is described in the Bible as being “lukewarm.” It is said that persons having such minds are “spewed out” and of little use to God. Mediumistic powers in the hands of a neutral-field person are sometimes pure, sometimes impure, as both the dark and the light can be housed at one time in a neutral-field mind.


NIBLIENCE – Niblience is the working of the World-Soul Atom, the Hierarchs, Race-Lords, Archangels, and angels who in their archetypal combinings work as an overshadowing, sending forth and determining the species within the period of human-genesis. These combinings move through the lesser planetary rays to build that of family on a spiral higher than tribe. In human-genesis or niblience, men in families are overshadowed by the Archangels and angelic helps who work through the World-Soul Atom for the differentiation of prototypes.


NISCIENCE – Knowing. Superconscious knowing; the memory of the eternals. Niscience is the hidden side of science or that as yet withheld from science. Niscience is knowing beyond knowledge or a knowledge gathered out of the eternals to be recovered in self-genesis. Niscience is God-Realization within all planes, spheres, and kingdoms. Niscience, when born through victory over nescience, is the Light of the world, or Christ in consciousness. Niscience initiation through the downpouring of Esse Holy Spirit brings freedom to act spiritually and live spiritually. The system of Niscience was received from the higher unconscious within the archetypal Light. This system is given in this ending of the Kali-Yuga Day to prepare mankind for his leap into God-Realization as ordained in the Archetypal Kingdom by the Will of God. The archetypal Path, as given in the system of Niscience, provides the initiate with insight and a choice leaning toward Will-of-God attainment through his hierarchy nature.


NOMADIC-GENESIS – Same as tribal-genesis.


NOMENCLATURE, SACRED – A grace name is given or passed by one having the gift of holy nomenclature. One receives and hears his grace name as a blessing through which he is called to serve God.


OJAS – Creative sexual energy as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit. During the sexual act, to lift the sexual force beyond the lower chakras through dedication to God is the aim of all who would attain the polarized or androgynous mind. Ojas is a form of ecstatic willing during the moment or second of ejaculation or orgasm. The sexual energy as ojas flows upward to the heart and the inner etheric brain of man, whereby he is given a deathless vitality of will and mind.


OM – The OM is the Name-Sound of God. The OM, which is the sacred sound of the Word, is the mighty mantra inviting God-Realization. The OM sound is both prayer and mantra. OM is the power mantra name for the Omnipotent Power of God. OM erases the negative past, explodes the present negatives, creates the future as perfect, as joy.


OMNIFORM – The fixed or constant structure in the law of energy-exchange is divided into three grand states or positives of interplay: (1) omniform as forming energy; (2) uniform or uniting through duality polarity energy; and (3) bioform as procreative energy. In omniform energy, soul works with the transcendental. The function in omniform is sattvic, truth, perfection.


OMNISCIENT CELL – In the etheric brain is developing an Omniscient Cell. The Omniscient Cell in the brain is the Jesus Cell.  Men will be ultimately like Jesus. In this era and time, all Cosmos Disciples use, to some degree, the Omniscient Cell, which sustains their physical body until their work is fulfilled. The Omniscient Cell also keeps them in alignment with the Greater Archetypes through which the Word of God shines as a golden splendor awaiting to fall into the minds of the prepared.


OMNITRON – It is the work of all spiritual persons through the use of the Esse to change the biotron energies in consciousness into the master omnitrons of light. Through meditation, contemplation, mantramic speaking, and the Esse movement, one moves out of the biotron gross consciousness into the superconscious or omnitron state of light.


OPEN(ING) – From the Passing comes the Opening. One must be alert to make himself aware of more of the Opening. With the Opening, one finds himself in the vibrational energies of the Coinciding Principle whereby he enters into his own prophetic soul-powers. He becomes a builder and the cleanser of his own nature. He verifies himself as a steward and a channel for God, that he may also become a worthy channel to heal through the Passing power within the Passion of Jesus. When one is Opened, he begins to live through the hierarchy powers within Jesus; he opens the Coinciding Principle.


PASS(ING) – One who passes lives in a constant state of union with his own Buddhi, which makes him a revelator and a discoverer within the hierarchy state of spiritual powers. In the first phases of the Esse, one receives the Passing through an individual having the Passing. When entered into with surrender to God to receive His almighty grace with total releasing, one receives individually with each sequence of Esse more and more of the Passing. The power of the Passing makes one aware of God and of the Esse through the Higher Self.


PINGALA – The master nadis are called Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. Pingala is the positive Shiva (masculine) vehicle or nadis for kundalini’s action; Pingala is active on the right side of the spinal nervous system.


PLASMA – The stuff of life, ether, or plasma, is Omnisciently permeated with the eternal Spirit of God.


PRAKRITI – Supreme Nature. The Divine Mother functions as Prakriti. The three gunas are equilibrium aspects of Supreme Nature or Prakriti, under control of the Feminine Principle or Divine Mother. The Prakriti or Divine-Mother power of Nature – which works without ceasing to stimulate all aspects of creation in Nature and in mind – circulates and stimulates ego as a servant for the Self.


PRANA – Life-force energy. Prana includes the sum total of all the manifested and the unmanifested energy in the universe.  All of the forces of Nature, heat, light, gravitation, electricity, magnetism, the atom, and atomic energy are aspects of prana. This energy springs from Absolute God. Long before the modern period of atomic discovery, the Rishis of the East wrote and spoke of the motor-power behind all mind-stuff as prana.  According to their revelations, prana is the primordial force in the universe or the first stuff of life. Prana is the energizing life substance in ether. One breathes in pranic energy to renew life force. One having command over the life chakras (the three lower chakras) through the heart chakra has command of prana and pranic life.  The pranic life-force is a healing force. To be well, to be whole, to be spiritually prosperous and happy, one must have command of the life-force prana action.


      Prana is the higher energy level of ether working simultaneously with the molding and shaping action of the effluvia in the ether. The energy in high prana has yet to be analyzed by science. One contacts prana through breathing. Prana life-force may be unlocked and freed into the etheric body through cosmic exercises, yoga, breathing, speaking of mantrams.


PRO-GENESIS – When men have become like Jesus, as promised in 1 John 3:1-3, they will be pro-genesis men with cosmic powers of manifestation. They will do all things, as did Jesus. Following pro-genesis will be all-genesis, in which all mankind will be at one with our Father which art in heaven. And finally, in the period called one-genesis, men will become the sons of light with hierarchy powers.


PSYCHE, GRAND – The conscience.


PURUSHA – Soul-wisdom. Union. The Father Principle as soul consciousness. The Purusha, which is the eternal consciousness, works to pour down to the ego awareness of the True Self.  The Greater Unconscious is the Purusha or the field upon which God radiates His Spirit as knowing for man.


      In Spirit, Primordial is the pure Purusha. The Coinciding uses the Purusha, the divine stuff of the Most High Unconscious, enabling man to have inward soul-experience while in the body.  The Higher Unconscious contains the Purusha state of God-Realized consciousness. The Greater Archetypes dwell in the Higher Collective Unconscious or the Purusha of Eternal Spirit.


      Presently, the downpouring of the Greater Archetypes from the Great Unconscious, or the Purusha, is falling into earth-mind consciousness. The soul, the Higher Self, and the Most High Soul live constantly in a state of transcendental, Purusha, God-awareness and Divine-suggestibility. It is the Will of God working through the down-pouring of the Purusha, or the Supreme Soul-Consciousness through the Higher Self, that sends the ego upon the stage of physical life, and compels it ultimately to become a chaste vehicle.


      The True Self remains firm in Purusha or Supreme Consciousness, which is superconscient and transcendent. In the Purusha, hierarchy nature is free to will in the Will of God.



QUELLE – (See Center Q)


RAJAS, RAJASIC – One of the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. Rajas means extreme or fiery energy; over-accelerated tensions in emotions and mind; heated desire; greed; selfishness; egocentric action. One may be fiery rajasic: overzealous, ambitious, and harmful to others through pressure. Or one may be tempered rajasic: balanced in action, productive in talent or genius. The tempered rajasic cannot occur, however, unless one has earned from past lives a preponderance of infiltering sattvic soul-power, which is the balancer for both the tamasic and rajasic natures.


RISHIS – Ancient sages, wise men, and teachers of the East. The Rishis are Elect beings with powers correlating to Hierarchy. They originally came as source souls from the eternity-system cluster of the Great Bear. The Rishis bring the laws for interpretation of karma. Their present station is the Second Heaven with the Logoi or Planetary Archangels who overdirect the reflected spheres of the planets.


      There are seven great Rishis who gave the Vedas and the Upanishads; the Abraham thread also includes the Islam reflection of the Rishi. All teachings originate with Rishi teaching. The Egyptians were heirs to the Rishis. The Christ, as the only begotten Son of God, is beyond the Rishi. In the Christ, one coordinates all teachings and laws with love.


RECIPROCAL MAINTENANCE – There is no freedom of mind until one realizes that Reciprocal Maintenance supports all worlds and universes. Man creates through taking on the weight of Creation as willing creators with God. The whole universe is controlled by Reciprocal Maintenance, and it is natural for the strong to have a greater responsibility than the weak. However, each must carry his own weight in the Universal Morality. Reciprocal Maintenance, when applied through cosmic interrelationships, produces a new canvas for the master artist, which is the Soul. Reciprocal Maintenance and Intentional Suffering are self-realized as two conjoined and inevitable processes whereby man becomes more than man; he becomes a son of God, or as Jesus said, “I said, Ye are gods.” (St. John 10:34)


RUDRA – The John-the-Baptist power sealed at the base of the skull. In Sanskrit, Rudra means evangelistical or Holy Ghost power. There are four levels or degrees of the Holy Ghost or Rudra power. These are: blood, water, fire, and the Holy Spirit.  The Rudra center or placement is located at the base of the skull.  This is called the Mouth of God; in scientific terms, the medulla oblongata. Jesus came to free the blood-side of Rudra working through Jehovah. Blood is the envelope for the races and for the ego. Since Jesus, there has been no blood sacrifice demanded of man. The ego entered into water or baptism through John the Baptist. Through Jesus, the ego became self-genesis through the Rudra spirit of fire. In discipleship, one moves beyond blood, race, ego, water, and fire into the Holy Spirit.


RUDRA INITIATION – The brain stem of man or the Mouth-of-God Center is exerting great pressure upon those who are leaning toward spiritual knowledge. This is activating a Rudra initiation or evangelistic power. One understands the inner Omnipresence work of John the Baptist when he undergoes the Rudra initiations and opens the myth symbolic worlds of the Holy Spirit. This is a yantra expression deitized as the Spirit of God made flesh by those who are emotionally seeking God. Such persons are devotees at heart and are yet to become devotees of the mind. This crossing over through Jehovah to gain the Rudra powers is experienced by all, and is one of the revelatory initiations that all who are to teach must undergo. Rudra is fervor for God. In Sanskrit, Rudra means evangelistical or Holy Ghost power.



SACRED ATOM OF THE HEART – A deathless atom. Contains the restoring-life sealed into all men by the Father since the beginning of this eternity. Works in a triad action with the Eternal Sustaining Atom and the Indestructible Atom so that man will remain an eternal being while experiencing the prototypal works in the earth.


SACRED NAME – A sacred name is the tone-name one was given upon entering this eternity system and by which he is known and called in the heaven or higher worlds.


SADHANA  – Initiatory disciplines.


SAHASRARA CHAKRA – The seventh or crown-of-the-head chakra. It is active as the pulsation point of the soul’s medallion. In meditation, the pulsating movement in the Sahasrara chakra keeps the Divine Eye open.


SAINTS – The saints are holy persons who have suffered many martyrdoms in the physical world. The true saints remain within the First Heaven and rarely re-embody. The saints are mediative beings. One makes petition to the saints for personal helps. The entreating soul implores the saints because they are the first mediators to the human condition. Having suffered every human circumstance of trial and error, the saints place all petitions of human suffering before the Lord Jesus. He, as the mediator between the Father and man, pours down His bountiful resources into the woes and griefs of man. The most heavy sinner condemned by his own sense of guilt, when contrite, calling upon the saints for redemption, has begun his own pilgrimage toward becoming a saint. Released from the wheel of karma, the saints now dwell on the sixth plane of the astral world. Their labor is to extend the prayer faculty of man, that the tone in prayer may be sustained longer, and therefore prayers may be answered as to timing devoid of karma.


SAINTS, MOST-HIGH – In the Second Heaven, Mary and Joseph overdwell the Most-High Saints. These Saints are the inhabitants of the seventh or apex cloister, the Cloister of the Holy Precipitation. The Most-High Saints are celestial anointed saints. To come under a Most-High Celestial Saint is to free the power of stilling the tumults in the human sensory trials.


SAMADHI – A state of meditation beyond relativity. In Sanskrit, sam means “union”; adhi means “Lord.” In the accomplishment of Samadhi through meditation, the Archetypal Cord is drawn down into the Divine Eye within the skull. Through this one experiences the true and lasting state of illumination or the Christ Samadhi. The Western disciple and initiate now works toward this ultimate state. The Samadhi meditation of the New Era will no longer be inarticulate or indescribable, but will be accompanied by a descriptive universal Logos in alignment with the true voice of Cosmos. The ultimate in meditation is Christ Samadhi. The Christ Samadhi is different from the Rishi Samadhi. Christ Samadhi is articulation of superconscious Light and identification of the dimensional planes within the range of superconscious experience. There are two stages of Samadhi. Most gurus experience a secondary Samadhi; more advanced gurus reach the deeper Samadhi. Samadhi is a seeing and observing without the participation of intellect. A disciple of the Christ works to articulate Samadhi and to describe higher planes of consciousness. Only through union with the Christ can this be done.


SAMSARA – The Sanskrit word for the phenomenal world; that which is moving intensely.


SAMSKARA SEEDS – Karmic tendencies brought over from former lives. The samskara seeds are imprints of former karmic debts unexpiated in other lives. The samskara seeds also contain grace-impressions as well as negative samskara impressions. As man progressed in earth and became more egotistical and self-willed, the primal instinct in his purer sense was submerged subconsciously as samskara fire. This fire then became the substance for the undersoul.


SAMYA – One who desires total union with Absolute God.


SANAT KUMARA – Sanat Kumara is one of the lesser Fathers of this eternity system. He works with “our Father in Heaven” to time to man the inner meaning of days. He is spoken of in the Bible as “the Ancient of Days” (Daniel 7:9). When a disciple comes under the telepathy of Sanat Kumara, he is in timing to his destined purpose. The great Sanat Kumara or Ancient of Days initiates the disciple into timing and timelessness in conjunction with one’s Guardian Angel and Recording Angel. He is the initiator for time-freeing, whereby one is freed from the Maya fixity or limited units of measure. The Ancient of Days, as the preserver of time and the units of measure, is in command of all etheric encasements in this earth system. He is in control of timing as to the length of the functioning of a race, the length of the years in one’s life, the length of an archetype’s sounding and sending, and the length of mankind’s mortal days. Sanat Kumara works to aid man to command the powers of Saturn, enabling man through heavy discipline to overcome the turbulent forces of the astral world. He is the Father of the devachan light of life in the astral world. This kingdom works more closely with gravity laws in the Maya system affecting the physical world.


SANKALPA – To make a resolution.


SATTVA, SATTVIC – One of the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. Sattva means law and virtue, giving the bliss joy or peace. Purity; goodness; harmony; rhythm.


SELF-GENESIS – Self-responsible as to conscience. There are two stages: lesser self-genesis and higher self-genesis. In lesser self-genesis, the individualistic person is engrossed with his own self-interest. In higher self-genesis, one recognizes the right of every man to become an identity and to relate himself to the cause of his being, or God.


SHAKTI – The feminine or subjective polarity; the powerful feminine aspect of kundalini pranic fire. Shakti represents life-force. When Shakti life-force is fully released into the heart chakra by kundalini power, she becomes less aggressive and forceful within the lower chakras. Shakti’s innate inclination is to move upward; when aroused by Shiva, her consort, she longs to move toward her Shiva linking-station – the chakra of the heart.


SHIVA – The masculine or positive polarity; the upward creative, universal-energy drawing-power and masculine aspect of God. Shiva represents consciousness-being. Shiva is spoken of as the destroying principle; his work is to destroy evil.


SIDDHIS – Power attributes of extrasensory perception. The lower siddhis are psychic. The higher siddhis are spiritual. All great Masters warn against the use of the lower siddhi action.


SILVER CORD – The etheric cord enabling one to travel out of the body while awake or asleep. The silver cord, consisting of a veil-like magnetic and etheric substance, has five antenna points. These points are correlated to the spleen, the liver, the heart, the throat, and the crown of the head. The mood for approaching death begins in man by the relaxing of the silver cord. During the first three days after death, the silver cord is loosened and withdrawn from its five antenna points.


SOLAR INITIATE – One who is united to the Informing Principle. In his psi powers, he is a scientist working with the Spirit of Truth.


SOLAR PSYCHIC – Same as solar initiate.


SOUL – The soul is centered in its pulsation point within the crown of the head. The soul is a supernatural energy overdirected by the Presence and Image of God. The soul is a vehicle for spiritual experience. It has an eternal mission. To trust in the soul’s eternal mission is to produce ideas of the infinite. Jesus laid down the ethic for the life of the soul in the world of man in His Sermon on the Mount and in His reminders of the necessity to live within the commandments. The Most High Soul contains the original seed or pure Image of God. The Most High Soul of man – the eternal, deathless vitalizer for the True Self – is a Holy-Spirit manifestor automating the Esse or the Holy-Spirit Gas. The Most High Soul is a vehicle of superconscious energy in a state of unceasing movement. The Most High Soul is at all times giving birth to pure creation. The Most High Soul is the experiencing vehicle through which God animates Himself.


SOUL-MEDALLION – The medallion of the soul is a scintillating sphere of supernatural light penetrating and surrounding the area of the head; a pulsating vortex of supernal light in constant movement, keeping alive the soul impulses and mental creative compulsions. The inner portion of this holy light contains the grace one has earned through good works. The soul’s medallion works in conjunction with the heartbeat expansion and contraction. In the uttermost upper point of the soul’s medallion directly above the skull is a pulsating vibratory action. This pulsating action becomes the heartbeat for the spiritual body after death. The soul’s medallion records on its outer rim man’s negative actions. This is called the vibratory hum. The vibratory hum of the soul’s medallion is reflected into the lesser mind. Each time a person meditates, he must clear the field of the vibratory hum and slow it down.


SOUL-SHEATH – A rim of incandescent light around the physical body. This light flows from the light of the soul’s medallion and is built from grace and purity.


SOUND CURRENT – The four variations of the Audible Current are: Para, works with the will aspect of the Sound Current; Pasyanti, works with the light aspect of the Sound Current; Madhyama, works with the love aspect of the Sound Current; Vaikhari, works with the life aspect of the Sound Current. The Vaikhari Current is called by some the Audible Life-Stream. The energies of the earth, the forces of the earth, the sentient life in the earth – all are held together as one life within the great Sound Current or the Word of God. Through meditative union with the Word or Sound Current; by listening to the soundless current within – one unites with the divine harmonies of life and comes to order to his own life on all planes.


STELE – The starry point between the eyebrows, or the center of command through which the higher consciousness moves forth into the world. The stele is an unceasing, vibrating identity-tone which keeps intact the grace record of the centered self or the higher individuality.


SUBCONSCIOUS – The subconscious is the dual gravity twin of the higher unconscious. Men who work with their lower chakras are presently receiving the archetypal flow through the subconscious. The subconscious contains the memory of ego experience in the earth. The present spilling out of exaggerated violence, terrorism, and subhumanism is caused by the higher unconscious stirring the sedimented memories in the subconscious. The subconscious records and collects the sense of sin, the guilts, and all conscienceless acts. The undersoul seeks to assimilate and project into ego or objective consciousness that which conscience is trying to say in the subconscious. The subconscious mind uses all involuntary systems to circulate and keep alive the action in the undersoul and the ego.


SVADISHTHANA CHAKRA – The Svadhishthana chakra, located at the pelvic center, has six petals; its element is water; its sense is taste; its pranic function is biological selectivity through procreation or reproduction.


SUSHUMNA – Sushumna, the supreme nadis over all nadis, is a fine, red, hair-thin thread inside the spinal cord.


TAMAS, TAMASIC – One of the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. Tamas relates to inertia, slow, ignorance, resisting, dark. To have too much tamas determines that one is laggard, heedless, inert, non-responding.


TANMATRA – Manifestation powers, producing miracles beyond sense. The energy essence within each element, whereby one unites with the meaning of the elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether, light, tone.


TELEPATHIC DISCIPLE – Every Telepathic Disciple works directly with one or more Cosmos Disciples. The union of minds between these souls is necessary to produce manifestation of the Dharma. All Telepathic Disciples are centered within the telepathic matrix on the functional, physical, and spiritual levels. They have access to the mind-banks gathered from soul-cultures built by the interflow between the greater minds of the Elect, who mentally and spiritually direct and influence the human spirit. The greater telepathies are open to the Telepathic Disciple, especially when he is close to becoming a Cosmos Disciple and therefore a direct revealer of archetypal Light. The greater telepathies are those that keep alight the Light-chain of ideas, passing them onto enlightened souls with hierarchy-nature minds. A Telepathic Disciple has mastered the sensitivities of the senses on the gravity level and is ready to be a vehicle for the Cosmos-Universal Power of Passing. One enters Telepathic Disciple apprenticeship as he approaches his mid-forties. One enters Cosmos Discipleship when he has entered into his latter wisdom-years.


THIRD EYE – The outpouring center for the pulsation point or heartbeat of the soul. The Third Eye dwells directly beneath the soul’s pulsation. The Third Eye flows its light of vision outward between the eyebrow center, which is called the Jade Gate or the Cave. The Christ Consciousness is opened through the Third Eye canal.


TRANSENERGIZATION – In the undersoul, every dark mass of negativity has one penetrable point of energy. When the Esse Light penetrates this point, the complete mass is transenergized. The great Masters, seers, healers, and the angels use this technique of Holy-Spirit light-energized power with freedom and with knowing. Every situation of undersoul ego-darkness contains a penetrable point. Healing is made possible when one has acquired the power of transenergization. Through the soul-therapy or spiritual art of transenergization, one reverses the obsessive currents in the undersoul, that these currents may be transformed from the primal state to their original primordial state of innocence and purity. The transenergization of the lower-mind currents into the higher mind opens the remembrance of God and of the Omnipresent functioning within the Most-High-Soul state of mind as superconsciousness.


TRIBAL-GENESIS – Nomadic segments or clusters of people who have interlocking blood ties sealed into tribal encasements. Dependent upon primitive etheric laws, tribal-genesis persons live close to the tribal consciousness and taboos of their forefathers.


TRUE SELF – The True Self is the imaged Self as envisioned by our Father in Heaven assisted by the Elohim gods or Hierarchy. The True Self is the real, deathless, eternal, everlasting Self imaged of God.


UNCONSCIOUS – (See Higher Unconscious)


UNCONSCIOUS, COLLECTIVE – (See Collective Unconscious)


UNCONSCIOUS, GREAT – (See Great Unconscious)


UNDERSOUL – The shadowed self. Consists of the lower subconscious and the egotistical shell. The home of all ego reflections which contain all of the mechanical reactionary systems of former lives, ancestry, and various personalities used by the ego. The undersoul collects the debris of wrongdoing, non-doing, and fantasy astralocity. The undersoul presently seeks to build another brain-vehicle that will become the center for the higher mind once it is perfected. The undersoul is a Maya enclosure vehicle necessary for earth-plane expression. It enables one to keep within the law-enforcement system of Maya, that he may develop a certain type of consciousness within and through the defense patterns functioning within the instinctual world. The undersoul has a psychic and psychological nature. It is automated through the lower-self or ego preservation for earth-survival. The undersoul is a mechanized corresponding vehicle for the soul, preserving varied projections of the ego throughout the ages. The undersoul functions as an entity.  This entity consists of countless earth birth-experiences of trial and error. The undersoul is projected from the Most High Soul as a supporting system for the ego.


UNITRON – Genergy or gene-consciousness, functions first as biotron energy; second, as unitron; third, as omnitron. Unitron manifests as psychology through the nervous system and as mentality in relationships of karma and grace.


UNMANIFEST – The Archetypal Kingdom is the Great Unconscious of the unmanifest, or things to come.


UPA-SOUL – The undersoul is connected with the Most High Soul by the Upa-Soul or Antakarana.  The Antakarana or Upa-Soul is a bridge which one must cross over through meditation and in dreams to unite with the Most High Soul. If there be grace, the downpouring of the Holy Spirit as the Esse Gas is free to move one over the bridge of the Antakarana or Upa-Soul, that it may begin its purifying work. Upa-Soul is the spiritual name for the mediating aspects of the soul. The Upa-Soul term is used to identify the soul’s relationship to the undersoul.


VAJRA – An act of the will used by the guru to erase karma in a chela. Everyone has a word which will resurrect his virtue or bring it forth – and the teacher’s work is to give him that word. In Sanskrit, this word is called a vajra or lightning bolt. A true teacher gives the word in timing, that one may be blasted into illumination.


VENERABLE ONE – The Venerable One or Brhaspati is a Rishi, a Bodhisattva Master-Saint, a Maha-Deva. He is centered within the hub or center of the Great-Soul Medallion of the White Line of Masters. The Venerable One correlates to Bartholomew, the disciple of Jesus. The Venerable One was Diogenes. When a disciple is aware of his need to unite with the mediation of the higher worlds, his evolvement permits him to come under the discipline and instantaneous reproving of the Venerable One.

      Brhaspati, one of the Great Immortals, works directly with Jesus through the gunas. He works directly with our Father through prayer. Brhaspati works directly with Melchizedek through the tithe. Brhaspati works directly with Maha Chohan to restore and quicken new human era cycles in religion. He is assisted by Joseph, the father of Jesus. The Venerable One correlates to the second Light-Stream (devotion). With Joseph, the father of Jesus, he is in charge of all twelve Light-Streams. Presently, the Venerable One opens seven of the Light-Streams to one another.


VISHNU—The Father; the conditioned or personalized God.


VISHUDDHA – The Vishuddha chakra, or the throat chakra, has sixteen petals.  Its sense is hearing; its element is ether and the heavier, forming ether called akash. Its pranic function is to lengthen life through the mantra sound-currents or logos; also, to enable one to move into other planes or wavelengths of mind, time, and space, or to have out-of-the-body experience.


WHITE BROTHERS – The White Brothers work with the Luminosity Angels of the dead so that man may in death make transition in an acceptable and natural process. This part of the Cosmos Family dwells in the total range of the astral world. It is their work to aid certain of the dead who are confined in the subterranean corridors of the astral world to rise into higher degrees of Light. Jesus spoke of the White Brothers when He said, “Let the dead bury their dead.” (St. Luke 9:60) In the book of Acts, they are referred to as the “ white apparel.” (Acts 1:10)


WOMB NAME – At the moment of conception, the name-tone of one to be born is resounded into the world. The child-to-be in the womb knows its grace-connections and its own tone-sound or name sounding in the soul’s pulsation point. If there is grace for the parents, they will be led by Omnipresence to a person who will Pass to them a womb name for their child-to-be.


WORLD SOUL – The combined lower and higher subconscious impulses of all sentient and consciousness life of the earth united with the Love of God, under command of Him who is the regent of all souls of the earth, Jesus.


WORLD SOUL ATOM – The central atom of the earth is the World-Soul Atom. Until the coming of Jesus, the Father and Hierarchy worked through the World-Soul Atom; since the Resurrection of Jesus, the Christ Spirit has taken command of the World-Soul Atom. The World-Soul Atom, working for the Father, externalizes the moving deep onto man. In this, as a diamond, it shapes, forms, and extends, and is the means of leveling space into expansion and expansion into time. As the Indestructible Atom between the brow is the axis of man’s soul-light, the World-Soul Atom is the axis of the eternals for man.



YANG – Positive or masculine polarity correlating to Shiva.


YANTRA – A yantra is a pattern or design to lead one to a spiritual idea, and thus produces a breakthrough in consciousness. It is usually experienced as a geometrical design. The yantra power signifies that one has opened the Bindu, or Mouth-of-God Center.


YANTRA INITIATION – The first coinciding experience – or two synchronized occurrences – begins with the yantra or the Mouth-of-God Center opening. The first phase of this is understanding the symbols through the yantra initiation. Accompanying yantra-initiation is Self-Realization and ultimately God-Realization. The first sheath-covering for the yantra technique is the Buddhi light, which includes in its action mantra and yantra. There are four yantra phases or initiations. All pertain to a form of mergence of the Holy Spirit: (1) blood; (2) water; (3) fire; (4) Holy Spirit. When one receives his grace name, he is initiated first in smaller degrees and, later, in greater degrees into the yantra system of the Archetypal Logos.  This is called the yantra initiation, which provides the evangelistical Esse or Holy Spirit gift of articulating what is experienced in the five higher transcendental stations.


YIN – The feminine side of polarity; Shakti energy power.