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God-Realization Journal


Author: Jonathan Murro

Pages: 337

Pub Date: 1975




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With an essential purity and simplicity, Jonathan Murro describes his initiatory transition from devotee to becoming a teacher of the higher life. He enumerates with clarity and logic the progressive steps toward union with God, including such subjects as spiritual ecstasy, preserving the Word of God, the joy of study, sacramental meditation, fiery trials, and the process of illumination, inspiring the reader to ardently desire a deeper communion with God.


Book Cover:


God-Realization Journal is the creative result of a prayer spoken during a time of personal crisis. Immediately following the prayer, Jonathan Murro was introduced to a new world of understanding related to the Presence of God. The nature of his experiences with divine bliss, ecstasy, joy, and empathy makes of God-Realization Journal a definitive formula for spiritual illumination.


Numerous revelations in this timely book pertain to ethics, laws, principles, virtues, and devotional practices. These inspired insights reveal the requirements for receiving the priceless rewards of sacramental meditation and prayer.


Many persons in the world today desire to make a personal identification with the Creator. God-Realization Journal enumerates with clarity and logic the progressive steps and stages of union with the attributes of God: Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence.


Since 1952, Jonathan Murro has served and observed thousands of spiritually inclined individuals of diverse backgrounds. As administrator of a nonprofit religious and educational foundation for over twenty years - and as a long-time student of Ann Ree Colton - he has been in a unique position to study and evaluate the responses and rewards of those who practice daily meditation and other devotional procedures. His close association with an enlightened teacher, his direct work with students and devotees of the spiritual life, and his firsthand illuminative experiences enable him to present to the reader the wisdom-fruits of his persistent search for Truth.


Ann Ree Colton writes, "Each statement in this journal by Jonathan Murro is a testimony of birth to the superconscious mind through God-Realization. During the years of 1972 and 1973, Jonathan Murro opened the parabolic chain of illumination, and experienced hundreds of realizations relating to the Omnipresence of God. The composite material in this book is a direct result of his encounter with Omnipresence. Thus, this book is a major contribution for those who would turn the key in the door to the superconscious state."

Table of Contents:


Love Is Calling

"Quicken Me, O Lord"

Clairvoyance Through the Christ

Treasures New and Old

The Anointed Teacher

The World of Inspiration

The Saintly Science of Meditation

The Potency of Prayer and Fasting

Tithing: A Law of Harmony

The Pain Factor

Bliss and the Higher Life

The Cry of the Ages


Introduction by Ann Ree Colton:


This book is a God-Realization journal containing a sequence of experiences with Omnipresence. Each statement in this journal by Jonathan Murro - my beloved student, co-worker, and husband for over twenty years - is a testimony of birth to the superconscious mind through God-Realization.


God-Realization initiation can be a terrifying yet glorifying experience, for it requires that one undergo a shattering of egotism based upon pride in self and in one's physical origins. To undergo a full encounter with God, the lesser self and its inherent beliefs must die.


Jonathan Murro entered the first phases of God-Realization initiation in the year of 1967 when he was ordained a minister. From this time, his concepts of purity and his ideals related to the spiritual life came under the scrutiny of the Searching Angels. For five years he experienced the fiery trial of body, mind, and soul. This trial is spoken of in the great scriptures, and is undergone by all who would truly become vessels for the Light. The history of all great souls bears the record of such trials.


As a teacher for over 50 years, I see in the contents of this book the essential purity and simplicity so needed in the world - calming the fevers of misconceptions as to the spiritual life. Its directness, warmth, reverence, and love inspire the reader to deeply desire within himself that which the author has experienced. The parabolic statements in this journal keep one's attention fixed upon the necessity to unite with Omnipresence.


There is no doubt in my mind that Jonathan Murro has entered into the sacred precincts of direct instruction resulting from the fiery-trial initiations. The congestions standing between him and full spiritual experience have been surmounted. As a God-Realization initiate, he has moved out of the fiery furnace into the pure and clear light of illumination.



"Man is a discoverer on an eternal journey. He is a beautiful truth of God seeking to discover itself; a priceless diamond trying to uncover its many facets; a majestic symphony trying to blend with the harmonies of the universe."


"The human spirit has access to a broad range of attitudes. These attitudes are as steps leading to the apex of the pyramid of consciousness. Each lesson in life is a building block in the pyramid of consciousness. In its beginning phases, an attitude is as an unpolished stone, a dolorous sound, a newly-forming sun. In its perfected stages, an attitude is as a scintillating jewel, a beautiful tone, a radiant star."

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