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Watch Your Dreams


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 339

Pub Date: 1973




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Ann Ree Colton was noted for her spiritual understanding of dreams, her gift for interpreting dream symbols and the prophetic aspect within dreams, and her ability to recover akasic or past-life records through dreams. In her research, she discovered that there are seven dream levels, and that there is a progressive process and sequence in one’s dreams that reveals the initiatory action in one’s life. Watch Your Dreams describes the spiritual significance of dreams and discusses the Night Ministry, during which one may aid others, research the higher worlds, learn of past lives, and gain prophetic insight into coming events. An invaluable tool, Watch Your Dreams is a comprehensive reference book providing the essential keys to dream interpretation and revealment.


Book Cover:


Endowed with the gift of dream interpretation, Ann Ree Colton has made it possible for thousands of perceptive individuals to better understand their dreams, visions, inspirational creativity, and spiritual experiences.


In Watch Your Dreams, she discusses the spiritual significance of dreams and includes a comprehensive compilation of dream symbols, including animals, flowers, trees, foods, jewels, colors, human anatomy, and physical ailments, among others. Her thorough explanation of the various types of dreams and their accompanying symbols makes this book an invaluable source of instruction for those who desire to learn what their dreams are trying to teach them.

Table of Contents:



    The Soul and Dreams

    Night Instruction

    Sound and Symbols in Dreams

    Myth Association and Prehistoric Symbology in Dreams

    The Color Vocabulary in Dreams


    Emotional Initiation Through Animal Symbols in Dreams

    Tree Symbols

    Flower Symbols

    Intercessory Symbols

    Etheric-Anatomy Symbols - Part I

    Etheric-Anatomy Symbols - Part II

    Etheric-Anatomy Symbols - Part III

    Food Symbols

    Geometrical, Alphabetical, and Numerical Symbols

    Miscellaneous Symbols

    The Initiate





Excerpt #1. "It is rare that color alone is seen in a dream. Colors, in the majority of dreams, invariably are accompanied by symbols. Color is one of the greater keys to the vocabulary of the dream world. To see a colorless form or object as a symbol in a dream demotes its full meaning, as color is the life within the symbol. Hence, to understand symbology of any nature one should first know the meaning of color. For instance, if a book is seen in a dream, it could mean an embodiment record, or a former-life record. However, if a gold book is seen, it would mean that one is being prepared to receive his soul-record of grace from some former life."


Excerpt #2. "To hunt an animal in a dream indicates that one is tracking down and conquering his own traits corresponding to the animal. Thus, if one dreams of hunting a lion - a lion being the symbol of the initiate's will - this reveals to him that he is tracking down and seeking to overcome his untrained sentient nature. If he is hunting a tiger, he is being alerted that something in his nature is ruthless and tiger-like. Should he be hunted by a tiger, this indicates that he is associated with a person who has a ruthless and cruel, tiger-like nature. In the dream he is being warned to fortify himself against cruel persons."


Excerpt #3. "To experience dancing in the night, as one often does after he enters the Path, is to set up extended wavelengths of receptivity in the time clock of the etheric body. Such persons while awake on earth, can identify the audible sound in a tree, in a piece of sculpture, in a waterfall, in a butterfly, in a rainbow, or in any living thing produced by God. Music can be heard and lifted into sounds, harmonies, and melodies, and passed on into the living action of civilizations, nations, and persons."


Excerpt #4. "A dream protected the marriage of the patriarch Abraham and his wife Sarah. A dream saved Jacob from Laban. A dream guided Jacob. A dream caused Joseph, the son of Jacob, to be taken as a slave into the land of Egypt and, eventually, to save his own people and the Egyptian people from starvation. A dream gave Gideon the courage to deliver his people from their oppressors. A dream proved Solomon worthy to receive understanding and great power. A dream told Joseph to take Mary for his wife, and to give his son the name Jesus. A dream told Joseph to leave Bethlehem, thereby saving the life of his infant son. A dream protected the Wise Men from King Herod. A dream told Joseph when he should leave Egypt and return to Israel with his wife and young son.


The Holy Bible records these and other significant dreams which contributed directly toward the survival and developmental rise of a people, from the time of Abraham until the time of Jesus.


What is the strange and mighty power of dreams? One may find his first clues to the mystery of dreams by turning to the Holy Bible. If one researches the dreams recorded in the Bible, he discovers that the majority of Biblical dreams relates either to prophetic dreams or to guidance dreams. However, the Bible also contains dreams of warning, instruction, and evaluation.


While the Bible is filled with dreams, visions, and revelations, societies which have built their cultures upon the truths and wisdom in the Bible do not provide the individual with the answers to questions about inner or spiritual experiences. Even religious bodies provide little or no instruction regarding such experiences - yet dreams sometimes have deep religious meaning and significance."

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