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Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Home Study

The total Niscience System is to give birth to God-Realization, Soul-Realization, and Self-Realization.

— Ann Ree Colton

The White Paper lessons furnish sequential day-by-day spiritual practices and study materials that comprise the system of Niscience.

Among the themes and practices in the White Paper lessons:

A deep understanding of philosophical and spiritual principles and realities; techniques of meditation; selfless prayer; dream symbology and interpretation; the science of spiritual ethics; chakra knowledge and exercises; research into the actual and symbolic essence of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible; the use of mantras and mantrams; soul-awareness; mediative spiritual-healing techniques; knowledge of angels and saints, opening of one’s innate spiritual gifts and talents.

Included with each White Paper lesson is the latest issue of Agape magazine (pronounced AH-gah-pe).  Agape magazine contains articles by the Niscience Founders and members as well as photos and synopsis of current ministry events.

Also included in the monthly White Paper lessons is the Initiate's Calendar, which serves as a valuable self-evaluation tool.

To order White Paper Lessons, click here.

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