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Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

About our Church

Niscience, which means knowing, is an archetypal system of spiritual instruction received by Ann Ree Colton for students of the Higher Life.  
The Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, located in Glendale, California, was co-founded in 1953 by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro, for the purpose of preserving and distributing the Niscience Teachings, as well as establishing devotional chapels and research units.  A non-profit religious and educational foundation, Niscience is supported by offerings, tithes, and gifts from Niscience members and friends.
The Niscience instruction is available through the Niscience Home Study service in monthly White Paper lessons, and is also presented in the Niscience books, CDs, DVDs, and in weekly meetings and worship services.

Niscience is an initiatory school, as well as a deeply spiritual system of study, worship, creativity, research, healing, and teaching based on the teachings of Jesus, the Bible, and other sacred scriptures of the East and the West.

Niscience blends religion, philosophy, science, and the creative arts - thereby furthering man's creation through his innate love, reverence, and devotion to God.

Niscience adheres to the basic root and principles supporting all pure teachings founded upon truth, and it also presents many new facets of truth. The principle supporting the Niscience Ministry is the Ethic of Jesus. It is the conviction of all Niscience members that men in the present time and in all times must look to the one Perfect Being who lived in this earth as the perfect example and way of life.

The vitality of the Niscience Ministry is sustained by the theme of participation; each member is given the opportunity to qualify to become a Lay Minister. At present the majority of members are active participants in the Lay Ministry.

Niscience is a creative and healing ministry. A mediative healing ministry in which all members take part is a concerted blessing, producing miracles through prayer and healing helps.

The credo of Niscience is "to inspire others, to create, and to serve God." All members are encouraged to express their creative potential. Many come to Niscience unaware of their hidden aptitudes and talents. Their lives are literally transformed through self-discovery.

Membership in Niscience is open to all who would devote themselves to a spiritual life established upon the pillars of practicality and ethic.
The Niscience life is an affirmative life producing peace, based upon pure conscience; joy, based upon the love of life; satisfaction, based upon living and selfless works.

The monthly "White Paper" (Home Study) material received by the members furnishes day-by-day reading and study. An organized rhythm in meditation and prayer during different periods of the day provides a modulated, disciplined life.

Weekly Unit meetings and Chapel services conducted by members are held at Niscience headquarters and throughout the United States. Annual conclaves are held at various locations throughout the year. See schedule of events or contact the Foundation Headquarters to find out if there is a Niscience Unit in your area.

Niscience provides the opportunity for one to receive a complete and rounded-out instruction; it contains a system of logic, ethics, and spirituality, in which effort and dedication are asked of the initiate.

Love energy and ethic are the supports of the Niscience Foundation.

— Ann Ree Colton

For schedules and locations of Niscience Worship Services, classes, and events, see schedule and contact information



Ann Ree Colton

I am in this world to serve God.  Everything I do in the spirit of God serves God and this world.

— Ann Ree Colton

Ann Ree Colton came into the world with the gift of second sight. Over the years she has become an enlightened prophet, a versatile revelator, an inspired initiate, and a talented teacher.

— Jonathan Murro

Ann Ree was born in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., on August 17, 1898.  Beginning in early childhood, her life bore testimony to her extraordinary spiritual gifts.  She began her calling as a teacher of the higher life in her twenties, and served in this capacity for over sixty years.   In 1953, she founded the Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc., where she continued to teach and publish until the time of her passing on June 28th, 1984.  The author of 23 books on spiritual subjects, her gifts also included prophetic insight, extraordinary clairvoyance, mediative healing, and creative artistry as exhibited in her beautiful paintings, mandalas, mosaics, and songs.  She is also known for her masterful capacity to interpret visions, symbols, and dreams.  Ann Ree’s knowledge of the soul, as well as her illumined spiritual aptitudes have drawn the attention of many who search for a clarified understanding of the unseen worlds and the overarching purpose in life.

It is rare that an individual accomplishes an in depth wealth of understanding related to even one theme of understanding.  Ann Ree Colton is unique in her mastery and articulation of such a vast spectrum of spiritual understanding.  Her exhaustive knowledge of dreams and dream symbols, as defined in her book, Watch Your Dreams, has attracted the appreciation of many individuals seeking meaningful spiritual insight into their dreams.  Likewise her articulation of reincarnation, and the overflow of past life grace and karma into the present life as written of in Draughts of Remembrance has opened for many a deeper interconnectedness with the ever-present continuity of life past with life present.  Her articulation of death and the afterlife, as described in Men in White Apparel, has revealed the profound soul processes experienced in the afterlife. 


Her personal inner research into the kundalini and chakras, as well as the practices accompanying kundalini awareness and development, as detailed in Kundalini West is a classic in its rich presentation of such knowledge.  In The Jesus Story Ann Ree Colton presents her revelatory insight into the akasic records pertaining to the life and time of Jesus as well as His ongoing meditative work with the human spirit.  Other works include The Soul and the Ethic (a most beloved book concerning the soul), The Human Spirit (delineates the genesis progression of the human spirit), and Ethical ESP (a comprehensive delineation of the progressions in psychic development). 


All of these represent but a portion of the vast diversity of her spiritual understanding which she knew and shared as matters natural and integral to who she was and to what we are all to become.

Ann Ree Colton was a God-Realized woman – a forerunner soul with a new kind of mind (a mind in Christ) and a scientific (literally multi-dimensional) awareness of the Divine Inner Kingdoms of Enlightenment.   


Not only did Ann Ree Colton write her many books and offer countless lectures – she prepared a sequential body of lessons for spiritual aspirants.  These lessons with their instructions and daily practices comprise the “System of Niscience” through which adherents may advance in their understanding and evolvement on the Path.  “Niscience” means knowing – a knowing beyond knowledge.  Today, students of Ann Ree Colton and the Niscience system carry on the work of the Foundation to distribute the books and lessons and to maintain the worship services and classes established by the Founders of Niscience.  Thus for over 60 years Ann Ree Colton’s teachings and Foundation have provided comprehensive spiritual instruction to students from across the United States and abroad.  In this has sprung up a meaningful group dynamic and out-picturing of the inner life – a life and language of heart, soul, and God-awareness.

Ann Ree Colton once said, “The Teacher’s task is to unlock the greatness in your soul.” Ann Ree saw the potential, she brought forth her own shining soul, and as a spiritual mother she gave herself completely to the spiritual birth and advancement of the human spirit.  Her love of Truth, of life, of God, and of humanity was undeterred.  Her wave of divine love and creation continues to gain momentum, sweeping up souls, and carrying them God-ward.

The Dance of the Cosmos is within the soul of each person of the earth.

— Ann Ree Colton

Jonathan Murro

Jonathan Murro, Co-Founder of the Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on October 31, 1927.  Following a prayer to serve God, Jonathan met his future teacher and wife, Ann Ree Colton, in 1951.  Recognizing the profound value and rarity of her knowledge and communion with God, he committed himself to the preservation and transcription of her lectures, inspirations, and spiritual receivings. Author and co-author of nine books and countless lectures on spiritual subjects, Jonathan became a qualified spiritual teacher in his own right. After Ann Ree's passing in 1984, Jonathan served as the Administrator of the Ann Ree Colton Foundation for seven years, until his death on November 9, 1991.

Jonathan Murro has bequeathed to coming generations the legacy of his own initiatory path to God-Realization; his enlightened appreciation of God’s Principles, Ethics, Commandments, and Virtues; as well as his understanding of the classic challenges encountered on the path to spiritual enlightenment.  Jonathan Murro brings to the student of the higher life the powerful testimony of his own witnessing and experience as a modern-day Apostle of the Lord Jesus.


Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.
Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro, founders


"Dedicated to inspire others, to create,
and to serve God."

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