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Wesak and Buddha Festival

"Wesak" By Ann Ree Colton


here to see the Dharma talk by Jairus Hihn and the Pleasance presented at the Niscience Buddha Festival on

Saturday, April 27, 2024


Wesak, occurring in the first Full Moon in the sign of Taurus, is a sacred time of Initiation for those who offer themselves to the Lord.  The powerful Rays of the Christ and of Buddha are conjoined each year in the Inner Planes the first Full Moon in the sign of Taurus.  In this time, the preachers of the Initiates are chosen to become guardians of the Dharma.  Wesak is the gathering of the brethren and the calling of the preachers.

In the Inner-Plane life, the union of Buddha with the Christ during Wesak activates a downpouring of power; much holy phenomena are experienced in the inner consciousness of those who would walk the Path.

The seven riches of the Bodhisattvas are: (1) faith, (2) discipline, (3) generosity, (4) learning, (5) decorum, (6) modesty, and (7) knowledge.  The Buddha and the Bodhisattvas work with the lunar rays, and the Christ works with the Sun.  Jesus is the uniter between the two; He works with the Sun, the Moon and the planets.

The downpouring benediction of Wesak activates all souls of men toward higher initiation.  It is the combining of the Buddha power, the Bodhisattva power and the Christ.  From Wesak, through Pentecost unto the June 21st Solstice, the great powers of Buddha and Jesus come together in an androgynous fashion.

Man has absorbed in certain levels of his intuition and his emotions the Buddhistic teaching and method, and intuitively knows it to be truth through feeling.  When one experiences the Christ through Jesus, it is more than feeling, it is something of mind and feeling, it is something of soul illumined, and something of spiritual power.  There is no history of Buddha explaining heaven.  Jesus understood Cosmic substances; Jesus understood soul substances, and out of this, in the time in which Wesak enters man in the exact Full Moon timing, we have the Buddhistic love, the harmony, the peace, the artery of gold in Buddha - of humanity's soul and emotions combining with the Christ through Jesus' Light in a marvelous diamond fashion of rays combining.

Wesak is the opportunity for these two unions to blend in us; and if one is a special protege of the light, and has a specific work to do, at the Full Moon is the special touch of the Diamond Rod Initiation, and it will open in him the mind of light which is neither of Asia nor of the West - the mind which is blended in coordination.



The Cyclic Harmonics affecting the Greater Initiations relate to Wesak, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Christmas and Epiphany. Wesak* is the gathering of the brethren and the calling of the preachers. Pentecost means the showering of gifts.

The outpouring of light at Wesak culminates in a baptism of fire, of spirit. Karmic squares are resolved at this time. 

The word Wesak has a meaning which can be felt.  It is the uniting of the Kingdom of Heaven with the 1st heaven. Buddha and Jesus unite at this time.  It is an emotional initiation.

Haiku by Members:

Follow the Buddha,

live a desireless life,

stand in the Dharmic light.


Heart and mind unite

The Dharma resurrects

Truth incarnates


Lanterns in the breeze

Words carry the Tathagata’s


Drink in all your heart

      can hear                       




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