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White Paper Lessons

Phone Orders: 




Orders will be completed upon receipt of your check, money order, or Visa credit card.  One lesson is sent each month sequentially. 

Mail Orders:


     P.O. Box 2057

     Glendale, CA  91209

Online Orders:  Click Here


In the Quantity (QTY) column, only 1 month is selected.  To receive more lessons, type in the desired number and click the "Update Quantities" box.

Orders will be completed upon receipt of the following information.  (One lesson is sent each month sequentially.)  You may print the form below or simply include all the information requested on a sheet of paper enclosed with your check.  The cost of the Lessons is $5.00 per month.  There is no tax or shipping fee for the Lessons. 


The White Paper lessons include the Niscience publication called the Agape Magazine, which contains an article from Ann Ree Colton and an article from Jonathan Murro, plus articles by current Niscience members.  There is also a report of recent Niscience events such as Conclaves and holy-day timings.  For those who would like to receive only the Agape Magazine and not the full monthly lessons, the cost is $3.00.  There is no tax or shipping fee for the magazine. 


 ____ I would like to begin receiving the entire monthly White Paper Lesson packet.  Please send it to:

 ____ I would like to begin receiving only the Agape magazine.  Please send it to:








Postal Code:                                           Country:


Enclosed is a check or money order (drafted on a U.S. bank) for (select one):

          ___ 1 month

          ___  months (indicate the number of months you would like)

          ___ 1 year.


Total Enclosed:  $


Please make check payable to:  Niscience

Online Orders: 


I would like the White Paper lessons for (select one or more below):

1 month

3 months

6 months

1 year

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