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Ethical ESP


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 367

Pub Date: 1971




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A fascinating book on extrasensory perception, a sacred and natural gift of the soul. ETHICAL ESP addresses the blessings and dangers of the powerful psychic energies, and describes the essential ethics needed to govern their use. Prophecy, psychic healing, the aura, clairvoyance, telepathy, and related subjects are explained in detail. A priceless guide for those desiring to fulfill their creative, psychic, and spiritual potential.


Book Cover:


The timely scientific breakthroughs in certain areas of ESP have introduced new questions to the modern mind. These questions revolve around the need for clear-cut answers related to the ethical use of ESP. For over 40 years Ann Ree Colton has pondered the questions now being asked. Her logical and illuminating answers are the basis for this important book. The unique ESP abilities of Ann Ree Colton have provided her with firsthand knowledge pertaining to the little-known energies and invisible worlds beginning to be tapped by scientific researchers. From the time of childhood, she has had remarkable extrasensory powers that over the years have become highly sensitized instruments of perception. The recent revelations of Ann Ree Colton are perfect adjuncts to the present-day scientific breakthroughs in ESP.


For the approaching Energy Age to avoid becoming a disaster, it will be necessary that it also be an Age of Ethics - ethics in the use of powerful cosmic energies and ethics in the use of telepathic and other extrasensory energies. Even now, on the dawn of the Energy Age, the ethics related to ESP need to be defined by those who are aware of its dangers and its blessings. These ethics will be invaluable to all who would like to know how to avoid misusing their innate psychic powers and how such powers may be used as spiritual instruments to glorify God, the Giver of all extrasensory gifts. For such inquiring souls, this book will prove a priceless guide in their quest for knowledge and truth - and especially for their desire to fulfill their full creative, psychic, and spiritual potential.

Table of Contents:


The Difference Between Lower ESP and Higher ESP

Psychic Mastery

Modern-Day Psychic Arts

Psychic Communication and the Quelle Monitor

The Root Races and Their Psychic Powers

The Lunar Psychic and the Solar Psychic

Zodiacal Powers and the Glands

Identifying Characteristics of Psychic Expression

The Psychic Life of Child and Family

ESP and the Animal Kingdom

The Divine Eye

Spiritual Extrasensory Power and Healing

The Aura and Health

The Soul-Sheath

Telepathy and Suggestion

Self-Suggestion and Its Negative and Positive Power

Rishis and the Christ

Suggestible Directives to Command and Control the Unruly Psychic Currents in the Lower Mind





Excerpt #1. "The spiritual scientist will come more and more to see that the aura around each person, while egglike and totally encasing the body, is a most necessary vehicle complementing the energy processes of the etheric body, and is also a radiating vehicle for outpicturing and extending the emotional and mental processes of the individual.


The auric egg is a capsule of vital akasic energy. To believe that it is but a reflector mirroring the emotions and thoughts is to limit one's utilization of this knowledge.


The aura surrounding the physical body is a sounding board, radar system protecting man from the outer penetration and intrusion of overconcentrated cosmic energy. It also protects man from the heavier sound vibrations coming from the clamors and sounds in the world, giving insulation against the deadlier vibrational aspects of the planets and from the sun and the moon. This enables each person to hear the echo of his thoughts and his emotions, giving him the opportunity to have an afterlook into his conduct and thinking.


The auric energy field has a miniature universal and cosmic system of its own. It is neo-spiritual in that it retains man's thinking and feeling in reflected light and keeps it alive so that man can have access to it at all times as an aid to his memory and learning process. As the world-soul retains in akasic ether the memory of all things achieved in light by the souls of men, the auric neo-spiritual atmosphere keeps alive man's identity.


God planted this field of living reflection around man to protect him as an individual, that he might experience sacred privacy and make himself impenetrable to those who would infringe upon the soul right of his own evolvement; for even though men are communicable through their souls, God gave to each man his own green pasture of aloneness. This is the auric envelope and energy field around his physical body. This sphere of being belongs to him and to him alone.


In a great saint, sage, or avatar, the ego having a magnificent aura of akasic purity sets no boundary to his aura, as he has mastered his nature within, and thus his auric field does not violate the aura of anyone."


Excerpt #2. "When an animal is domesticated by man, one can observe that the animal is chameleon-like and takes upon himself the nature of his master. The psychical emotional and mental moods and the senses of a man move into the domestic animal. Man can see his own uncontrollable hostility reflected in his cat, dog, cow, or horse - or he can also see his own higher nature reflected therein. In households where there is harmony and love, animals prosper and thrive. Where man's sense of appetite or taste is gluttonous, his animals reflect this trait. Man's brutal disregard for others is reflected in the animals owned by him.


Man's fear of other men builds a psychical atmosphere of distrust, fear, and hatred in the home. The dog or cat owned by such masters become semi-predators, often reverting to wild instincts rather than domestic.


Inasmuch as a man's passions, desires, and thoughts etherically image and determine his own appearance and looks, a domestic animal will grow to look like his master through the psychical etheric interchange between master and animal."


Excerpt #3. "Men of this age desire more than anything to understand themselves. And men truly in love with life will desire to dare to go inward to understand. Men will turn to the great prophets, sages, and teachers of the past, and to the most exalted One of all - the Christ - to understand this mysterious holy power given to men which may become a bridge of light between death and life, darkness and light."

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