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Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of
The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.

I  J  K

HALL OF LEARNING – Located in the seventh plane of the First Heaven. All initiation in the Hall of Learning is preparation to serve as a night healer and a daytime initiate. Dream research of the night is under the supervision of the great Masters and pure gurus in the Hall of Learning. All spiritual aspirants are initiated in this precinct of heaven, that they may render a knowing service in the world.


HALL OF WISDOM – (see Heaven, Second)


HANUMAN – The monkey Deva-god psychological aspect of the mind. Through Hanuman mastery, one masters the biological, humanity, primal instinctual-powers of the mind.


HEAVEN, FIRST – The First Heaven is the higher astral world. Each of the planes of the astral world contains seven regions. The lowest, or plane 1, is the grotesque plane. Plane 2 is fantasy. Plane 3 is wish. On the fourth plane of the astral world, the action of the First Heaven begins. Here one reads his akasic records and hears the Audible Sound or Music of the Cosmos. On the fifth plane of the astral world, one unites with the Masters, the saints, and begins his night instruction and night ministry work. On the sixth plane of the astral world, one enters into the prophetic side of dreams. On the seventh plane of the astral world, one contacts the great Bodhisattvas, who prepare him for initiation into the Second Heaven.


HEAVEN, SECOND – The greater cloisters of heaven where one meets the Most High Saints, Mary, and the Great Masters and receives instruction in the Hall of Wisdom or Shamballa. Adepts are initiated in dreams through the seven Planetary Logoi or the Archangels over seven planets. These prepare the adept to make union with the Third Heaven.


HEAVEN, THIRD – The Third Heaven is the homeplace of Jesus and His apostles. Here, the initiate and adept receive the power of archetypal Light directly through the assistance of the Christ Spirit overdwelling Jesus.


HIERARCHS – The Elohim, the Host, or the Zodiacal Overlords assisting this earth or eternity system in its development. Hierarchy uses the power of imaging or making. Sending their rays into the sun and the earth, they assist the Father and the Christ in the creation of mankind. Each Hierarch Overlord is a zodiacal prototype or blueprint for man, such as Aries, Taurus, etc.  The Hierarchs are the mediators between the galaxies, the starry bodies, and the planets. Man’s creative genius is inspired in regular intervals through the uplifting tide of creation translated to him by the Hierarchs. Hierarchy, using time and space through the power of the constellation rays, works with the Will in God that each man may perfect his own prototypal likeness of Hierarchy. “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26)


HIERARCHY NATURE – The hierarchy nature is experienced as consciousness in Buddhi, which is the center of the Informing Principle in the center of the forehead. The archetypal nature in man seeks to perfect the hierarchy nature in man, that he may move into his heritage as a willing and mind hierarchy nature. All healers are enthusiastic and joyful transcribers of their archetypal imaging power. The hierarchy nature uses the technique of the word made flesh through Christ Jesus to see the ultimate manifestation that all men be lifted up – and that all men become like Jesus or see Him as He is.


HIGHER ETHERIC BODY – The higher etheric body pertains to the spiritual worlds and works through tone and light. The higher etheric body is a perfected body; all other bodies (physical, emotional, mental) are in a state of evolving. The higher etheric body, having twelve perfected atoms, is able to function in the highest degree of ether and is not subjected to negation or death. It is the body for higher perception in night-flight or dreams. As the higher etheric body is closer to the spiritual worlds than any of man’s bodies, it is the body reflecting the spiritual action of the higher worlds.


HIGHER SELF – The Higher Self has its dwelling place in the soul energy-field above the head as far as the hands can reach and touch. The Higher Self is centered within the Eternal Sustaining Atom, which is the vehicle for the crossing over from one eternity system to another. The Higher Self is the likeness of God. God made it possible for man to come into this earth or eternity with the image of what the soul had been in other eternities. This eternal-image is the Higher Self. The Higher Self is animated by a consciousness gathered in other eternities and also by its unceasing alignment with the archetypal and spiritual worlds. The Higher Self awaits to instruct and to channel the greater wisdom of the real and true to man. It is timeless in its patience, in that it works with the Eternals. Even though man may resist, deep in his heart he is always aware that he should blend with his Higher Self.


HIGHER UNCONSCIOUS – The higher unconscious is primordial purity, containing flawless intelligible truth. There is no contradictory or controversial functioning or phenomenal functioning of this primordial purity. It is the Esse, or the Essence of eternal mind functioning as Buddhi in the higher mind. The higher unconscious or Buddhi – working with the involuntary systems of the body – restores the health of the physical body, keeps alive the higher energy states of the etheric body, and maintains the love attitudes moving as energy in the emotional or astral body. The higher unconscious contains the Purusha state of God-Realized consciousness. The Greater Archetypes dwell in the higher collective unconscious or the Purusha of Eternal Spirit.


HOLY GHOST – The Holy Ghost works with the Will of God, the tones of the earth, the movement of the earth, the vibratory velocities of the earth, the pulsation of man’s soul, the speech of man, the music of heaven, and all of the sounds sounding and resounding in the earth. The Holy Ghost commands the tone and sound in all living forms. The Holy Ghost is a Being. Holy Spirit works through the Holy Ghost, as Christ works through Jesus. The Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Ghost are one. (St. John 14:16,17,26)


HOLY SPIRIT – Holy Spirit works through the Holy Ghost, as Christ works through Jesus. The energized vibratory God-Essence overflowing into man in the life of form and life as consciousness is transmitted to man by the aspect of God called Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, or Spirit of Truth. This movement Essence feeding the soul and all soul-life functions of and in the earth is called Esse. Holy Spirit or Esse is an intelligible attribute of Eternal Spirit or God acting as sound, movement, ecstasy, revelation, bliss, peace, power.


HUMAN-GENESIS – Same as family-genesis.


IDA – Ida is the accompanying receptive nadis or subjective vehicle for the vibrating current of the Shakti (feminine) electric fire in kundalini; the Ida nadis is active on the left side of the spinal nervous system.


ILLUMINATI – One of the higher orders of the risen dead in the First Heaven. The Illuminati and the White Brothers work in unison. The Illuminati maintain an inner school of immortal ethics. All Illuminati reincarnate. As geniuses in the earth, the Illuminati are selflessly devoted to create, that mankind might rise and become God-men through creation. The Illuminati incarnate in timing to the need of the souls of men, that they may inspire men to create and to serve God.


INDESTRUCTIBLE ATOM – A bija point in the center of the forehead called linga-sarira. This is directly connected with the akasic-record recovery. The Indestructible Atom in the middle of the forehead was opened for man by Jesus when He ascended. Due to the quickening and emergence of the Indestructible Atom, the mentality of man has undergone a tremendous transition within the last 2,000 years. The Indestructible Atom enables man to receive the power of the Holy Ghost; it will eventually enable him to image with manifestation powers.


INDRA – In India, the god of war. Indra is also known as the Lord Jehovah of the Hebrews. Jehovah or Indra is the ruler of the 33 astral heavens within the second astral plane. Indra has the power through the Dual Devas to set up the initiatory trials for those who desire siddhi powers or supernatural powers. All true initiates do not cling to the psychic glamors of the lower siddhi powers.




INITIATE – An ego who has followed a spiritual path in previous lives and is in a state of being initiated into greater illumination and spiritual power in this life, that he might better serve the world.


INTENTIONAL SUFFERING – The yoke of Jesus; assuming one’s share of the burdens of the world. This very eternity system is a system of Intentional Suffering. We came into it with a covenant for Intentional Suffering. Everything gained in this earth is gained through suffering. Jesus came to remind us that our covenant is to learn through pain, denial, want, and frustration. His life example of Intentional Suffering provides us with the Way. When Intentional Suffering is accepted as a way of life, joy and creation begin.


ISHVARA – One of the names of our Father which art in heaven.


JAPA – Repetition of a sacred mantra or name through the use of a mala or of certain mudra postures.


JEHOVAH – The Race Lord working with the moon. He is the Overlord of the second chakra. All persons encased in tribal development are under the direct influence of Jehovah, that the race may become a purified vessel for the human race. In India, he is known as Indra, the God of War. Jehovah has control of the reincarnation cultures. In one lifetime, one experiences many phases of genesis culture. Jehovah works through war to produce race, to preserve races, but he also uses, with a ruthless hand, the destroying of races. His work is a necessity-positive through the use of the negatives and positives in race. Jehovah is in command of 33 devachan heavenly precincts. He will influence the left side of the brain in man until man masters the instinctual laws experienced in tribal- genesis. One has to move beyond the 33 precincts of Jehovah in the lower astral regions, that he may reach the Second Heaven where dwell the true archetypal formats for all religions in the earth.


JESUS – The Sovereign Mediator between the world of man and the World of God. The Regent of this eternity system. The World Saviour and Messiah. The Son of Man, Jesus, dwells in the Realm of Light with His twelve disciples. He is at one with the Father and is the most direct Mediator between man and God. Through His many saviour trials in various bodies, He made it possible for the Christ Spirit to penetrate the core of our earth and to command the axis of the earth, that the Christ Light and Christ Mind might come into the world or that man might receive the Greater Archetypes as conceived in the Will of God. Jesus is in command of the higher etheric body of this eternity. He makes it possible for men to become mediators unto one another, “love one another.” (St. John 13:34) He also makes it possible for man to enter into mediative relationships with His Cosmos Family of the spiritual worlds. Jesus works now with the heavy karmas or burdens of men and with all angelic kingdoms. He works with Jehovah that men overcome the crystallized tribal retributive laws; He also works with Jehovah and the Propagation Angels to overcome the racial compulsions set up by the World-Soul Atom so that men in the world may eventually become free of race.

      While in earth, Jesus’ alignment with the Christ enabled Him to use the archetypal powers, and He thus saw in all dimensions; He was aware of the destiny of the world and of man. Through His relating and alignment with God, He had knowledge of the eternals. “Glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.” (St. John 17:5) Through His alignment with greater Hierarchy, He understood that men are yet to reach prototypal perfection. Therefore, He could say on the cross, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (St. Luke 23:34) Jesus worked through the triad action of the Father, Melchizedek, and the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara; thus He had the power to change one substance into another (water to wine), to multiply substance (fishes and loaves), to change one energy into another (healing miracles), to disappear and appear, to command the elements, and to raise the dead. The Lord Jesus is yet in alignment with God, the Christ, Hierarchy, and the triad action of the Father. He now works that man may make this alignment and eventually do these and “greater works” (St. John 14:12), for the etheric condition of the earth will change, thereby enabling man, in his future atom evolvement, to do “greater works.” Man will also reach the time when death will be overcome and “there shall be no more death.” (Revelation 21:4)

      Christ Jesus is the promise of the Constant in God. Christ Jesus is the mediator between and for all teachers, all gurus, all sages, all Bodhisattvas, all saints, all mediators, all adepts, all Masters. “This is my body,” said Jesus. Men are embodied in their soul-natures within the embodiment of Christ Jesus, where there is no separateness or division or the need for the casting out of the perishables.


JNANA –  Mind-wisdom consciousness.


KALI – The dark aspect of the feminine Shakti instinctual power, spoken of by Carl Jung as “the terrible mother.” A kali woman may also be unmarried; her sense of amorality makes her a threat to both sexes, male and female.


KALI-YUGA – The ending of an age in which the heaviest karma is present.


KARMA – To the Western world, karma is inclusive of the law of sowing and reaping, the law of retribution, the law of consequence affecting all actions, good or bad; the law of cause and effect.


KARMA-YOGA – Work-service as an offering to God.


KLOSHA – Veil, mist, psychic web, demoting mental spirituality. The klosha veils prevent man from having direct union with God. Through mediation and work-service for God, man must dissolve the klosha veils. The kloshas or veils spoken of in the Sanskrit teachings relate to the energy-field stuff or garment of the ego-undersoul. Undersoul energy veils shut away the superconscious energy-field which is the natural habitat of the soul.


KRISHNA-POINT – The Krishna-point is the Mouth-of-God Center; it also relates to the 11th house in one’s zodiacal chart. In the 11th house may be seen how one relates to the Masters and their instruction.


KUNDALINI – In all persons there are twelve chakras strung upon an eternal thread. This thread is called the kundalini. Through knowledge of the kundalini and chakra-power, one gains the unitive knowledge between the mind and the soul. The projected unitive vehicles of the soul – kundalini and the chakras – are the means through which the soul-powers function within the physical, the astral, the etheric, the mental, and the spiritual worlds. All spiritual practices, when motivated purely in service to God, raise the kundalini fire. The chakras thus move in conjunction with the soul’s medallion centered around the crown of the head. The superconsciousness state is the result.


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