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Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of
The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.


LESSER ETHERIC BODY – A transparent-like body of fine ether. It is shaped identical to the physical body, and interpenetrates and saturates every cell of man’s physical body. When the lesser etheric body is in a healthy state, it extends three inches outside every part of the physical body. Its structure is of twelve vortice-flames which move clockwise when in harmony and contraclockwise when depleted or devitalized. Thus, when a person is negative, he is constantly throwing off from this body his own agitation and discord – and the contraclockwise action in the lesser etheric body invites and attracts outer discord by this same circular, weaving, rhythmic motion. When healthy, the lesser etheric body is the body of life-giving, life-sustaining, and living vitality. In this, the lesser etheric body may be said to be the living body.


LIGHT-STREAMS – The seven Light-Streams are the stepped-down rays from Hierarchy. The Hierarchs centered in the constellation-points send their rays into the solar system. On penetrating the zodiacal system, the rays of Hierarchy, through the mediation of Jesus, become the Light-Streams which shape and form man. Presently, man can incorporate only seven Light-Streams. He will incorporate the other five Light-Streams when he becomes like Jesus.


LOGOS – The audible sound of the Holy Ghost speaking through inspiration, illumination, and revelation. Also divine speech or descriptive verbalism experienced and inspired in spiritual illumination. The center of Logos is between the eyebrows. It is also sometimes referred to as a center in the throat. These two centers are the illuminative points through which one expresses the Holy Ghost, and thus contacts the Greater Archetypes. All great teachers have these great centers or doors open continually.


LUNAR BRAIN – The abdominal automatic primitive brain supporting the instinctual life. The center of clairsentience situated in the solar plexus.


LUNAR PSYCHIC – One who is engrossed psychically with his emotions and sees all through emotions and feelings. He is dependent upon the astral lunar reflective light for his psychic powers. The lower lunar psychic is unable to interpret what he sees. The higher lunar psychic sees in part.


MAHA CHOHAN – The Lord of the Continents and the Lord of World Governings. The Being overdwelling the third Light-Stream, representing the Father Principle, is the Maha Chohan. He comes close to mankind during a Kali-Yuga time for the duration of 3,000 years so that man may produce the grace of his recorded works and thus carry over this record into the next Moving Archetype. The Maha Chohan now works in the Kali-Yuga time or the latter days to move men forward into the Christ Dharma Knowing on earth. His work for the earth is activated every 3,000 years and is sustained for 300 years. His etheric proximity to the earth creates major tumults and upheavals among the humanities of the world. Decadent rules and corrupt policies in governments come to an end; fixed traditions in societies and families change; and limited philosophies in religions undergo metamorphosis and transition.


MAHA GURU – He is a familiar presence inwardly known by the disciple. In the advanced instruction, one is under the tutelage of the living teacher who is in the White-Line affinity to the Maha Guru residing behind the eyebrow-center of the spiritual student.


MAHA-MATRA – 1. Instantaneous healing or God-Realization. All who have the increase of the open versatility of mind-unit energy, by grace use Maha-matra powers. They live in the Ultra-Matter Darshan light, blessing all. Maha-matra power is mastered in the third chakra. This mastery comes from transposing the instinctual psychic nature within the senses into extrasensory power. Also, when the duality alternates within the second chakra are triggered into discernment, discrimination, and intuition, the Maha-matra power, or mastery of the senses, becomes the twinkling-of-the-eye transformation. In this, misery is transformed into happiness, suffering into health, ignorance into knowledge, darkness into light. 2. Master-woman under the Divine Mother.


MANAS – Mind.


MANDALA – In Sanskrit, mandala means to be in possession of one’s essence: Manda (essence) + la (to be in possession of). Sacred circle. One begins the making of a mandala knowing it to be a form of meditation. He draws a circle, and within the center he places a dot, which represents the bindu-point or seed outpicturing the soul’s pulsation. One should not intellectually or artfully portray what he thinks the colors should be in the mandala. He should draw upon the bindu center as the directing intelligence in selecting and inspiring the colors used in a mandala. In time, the continued practice in the use of the mandala as a meditation expansion will produce flawless patterns, beautiful balances, intelligible insight as to what is being said in the mandala. The colors in one’s soul-prism are seeking to come out of him. The freeing process in a mandala produces steadiness of mind, calmness of emotions. In time, a perfected mandala becomes a soul-disc or seed mantra for the use of contemplation and meditation. It is one’s own soul-design containing the vibration of his Higher Self. Through the creating of a mandala, one extends his senses and opens the yantra myth-flows and archetypal symbols. In mandala design and coloring, one draws upon the higher unconscious for creation, for peace.


MANIPURA – In Sanskrit means the fulness of jewels. The third chakra or solar-plexus center. Manipura as the third chakra is the center of the emotions and desires; the element of Manipura is fire.


MANTRA – Speaking a Name of God or one of His aspects. Spoken repetitiously, produces purification of the mind, giving mind-steadiness, making the mind a pure vessel for truth. Repetitive speaking of one’s own mantra is called japa and produces Self-Realization. Man (thinking) + tra (protection). Mantra yoga; the sound-vibration in the use of the mantra provides protection. The OM, which is the sacred sound of the Word, is the mighty mantra inviting God-Realization. Due to the submerged spirituality of many souls in the West, there are many mantra-sounds which Western or Anglo-Saxon logos is yet to experience. It is the work of the initiate to attract to himself his own Naming-of-God mantra.  His living teacher assists in this, as it is a gift from the teacher to his student to give the Holy-Name Sound of God, and thus free the Archetypal Hum in the soul of his disciple.


MANTRAM – In Sanskrit manas means “mind,” tri means “to cross over.”  That which enables one to cross the tempestuous sea of the mind. The speaking prayer in which the vowels and combining of words build the power to align one with the spiritual helps within the Spheres and Realms of Light.  The sounding of word-combinings to dissolve karma, tension, and fear. A mantram contains molecular energy particles of light. A mantram spoken with love and absolute belief is a freeing way. A mantram is a formula of words containing Bija or seed-sounds of superconsciousness. In every mantram is hidden a mantra as a master idea and sound providing physical mastery and spiritual experience.


MANU – Law. The great Manu, or legislators of the law, gave the great allegoric-creative techniques of the universe. They came before the Rishis. The Manu or Lords of the law work with the Seraphim, or the Lords of Mind, called Manas. In Egypt, Ptah was the being who represented the Manu. Ptah and Ganesha of the Hindus are one and the same. All great scriptures are over-directed by the Lords of Manu and Manas.


MARKING AND TRACING – Through Marking and Tracing, the initiate begins to observe himself and his way of thinking, and thus opens other dimensions of understanding. Marking and Tracing as to the lunar cycles and the planetary energies affecting growth in consciousness are an infallible way to come into timing and the full use of the units of measure.

      The first stages of initiation are tracings. These are one’s chief negatives he must work with when he starts on the Path. Markings are divine signs and grace-reassurances experienced during illumination. When one receives a marking, he has attained a station in light through which he will serve as a pure and whole channel, that God may use him. One moves from marking to marking as he evolves in God-Realization. An open or uninhibited character expression is manifested by Marking and Tracing. Marking and tracing techniques enable one to experience his frame of consciousness within the Greater Archetypes.


MARY – The most chaste of women in the earth, chosen of the Father to give birth to our Lord, is present with men as Her Son, Jesus, is present. The Mother of Jesus works with the mothers of the world. She does not re-embody or return to the physical world. Mary works to give one chastity so that he can receive the immaculate conception in the heart. Mary works with the Most High Saints and the Mother of the World. Joseph and Mary work together as co-atom cosmos souls in the Second Heaven that their Son, Jesus, may enter the heart of the one who prays and makes supplication to God. Joseph and Mary are conjoined in one work together in command of the religious impulses – regardless of what a religion is called – as long as Jesus is presented therein as Christ Jesus.


MASTERS – Advanced Beings of high degree dwelling in the Second Heaven or Spheres of Light. The Masters, also known as the Great Immortals, have retained cognizant and clarified memory of other eternities. Having lived in other eternities similar to our earth system, they have mastered the opposition forces yet to be mastered by man in this earth. The Masters are not to be compared to personal gurus or teachers called “masters” in certain parts of the world. Until the year 1946, the Masters or Great Immortals inhabited physical bodies only on rare occasions. These immortal men will no longer re-embody in the physical world, for they have been replaced in the physical world by 33 persons called Cosmos Disciples. The Masters have been men; they are living vessels to inspire immortal and deathless thoughts. They are greater than initiates and greater than adepts. While Jesus is the mediator of the heart, the Great Immortals are the mediators of thought through telepathy. The archetypal Masters are presently overdwelling the light, life, and the souls of those who are called to teach, to heal, and to reveal telepathically what the Greater Archetypes are saying to men of the earth. The Masters are the divine collaborators with men. Their works are to intensify the skills within the soul-cultures of men, that men might identify or align themselves with the Light of the Christ, the Love of the Father, and the Will of God.


MASTER G.Q. – The Little Brother. The one called G.Q. is spiritually close to the Eastern yogi initiate, and also to initiates in the Western world. G.Q. equalized the flow of ancient archetypal ideas. He is the last of the true Masters, even though considered as the least of these. The Western initiate, being unable to assimilate the yoga practices and formulas, is enabled through the Master G.Q. to retain the basic truths within the ancient archetypes of the Vedas, the Sutras, the Upanishads –  for example, the law of birth and rebirth or re-embodiment. The laws of eternity justice, or karma, are made clear to the Western initiate through the work of the Master G.Q. He works with the disciple of the new age to retain the old, and thereby to gain the whole in Christ.


MASTER HILARION – The Master Hilarion or Saint Paul is in command of the fifth Light Stream (science). To unite with the value of the full measure of the fifth Light-Stream is to come under Saint Paul. Saint Paul of Tarsus was a scribe-apostle. He knew the Christ as no one else knew Him. His epistles in the New Testament of this era’s Moving Archetypal Bible were composed directly through his archetonal grace of hearing the Word and of speaking it so that it lives now in a soul-vernacular so close and intimate that in reading or speaking his words, Soul-Realization is made possible; communication becomes healing of spiritual ignorance.


      Saint Paul was a scientist-adept. He speaks now in and through the fifth Light-Stream as healer for the rebel of the lower mind, for the agnostic, for the resister to the Holy Spirit.


MASTER K.H. – The Great Immortal called “K.H.” in the higher worlds was Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. This great Being will no longer re-embody in the physical world. He is now in command of the fourth Light-Stream (law). Through him, men overcome oppositions, agitations, quarrelsomeness, irritation. It is also through him that men become peacemakers, servers, and healers of the nervous, muscular, circulatory, cellular, and blood systems of the body. Master K.H. works with Sanat Kumara to enable man to attain a perfected and symmetrical physical form. As the Master K.H., the body used last in earth, he assisted the changing of the mystical currents in India, that the Eastern teachings might be moved through the Light of Buddha onto the Christ into the Western world.


MASTER M – Also known as Master Morya. Master M is in command of the first Light-Stream (will). Those who come under his telepathic instruction are called will initiates. Master M was Plato in a former life.


MASTER R – Master R channels telepathy through the seventh Light-Stream (ritual). He holds the key to the survival of religions in the world. He also enables the dedicated disciple to make synthesis, or to blend with all seven telepathic Light-Streams of the Masters. In one of his previous lives, Master R was Hiram Abiff, who assisted Solomon in his initiation. In the higher worlds, Master R is called the Great Phoenician. In China, he was Lao-Tzu. In Jerusalem, he was Joseph, the father of Jesus. The mediative telepathic power of Master R in the present time relates to the dissolving of crystallized ritual and forms in worship, and overcoming of bigotry in religions. Under the telepathic tutelage of Master R, initiates are enabled to undergo the molten sea initiation within the core of the earth, and to arise above the so-called 8th sphere or the ring of outer darkness around the earth. Through the work of Master R in this age, new musics will come into the earth; the ability to read the records of past lives will become more prevalent; and a new ritual for worship will be established in religion which will come closer to the true ethic in worship as established by the Lord Jesus.


MASTER SERAPIS – Hierophant of the inner pyramid. The one called Solomon in the Bible. Master Serapis overdwells the third Light-Stream (order).


MATRIXES – There are three energy-matrixes through which man maintains life in the physical body, life in the lesser etheric body, life in the emotional body, life in the mental body. These matrixes survive death in some degree and are everlasting, actual, energy skeletal-like frameworks for life in earth and in spirit. The lower or duality matrix extends from the feet to the horizontal line just above the pelvic center. The psychic-matter nature controlling the biological forces ends at the pelvic line. The middle or center matrix functions horizontally from the pelvis to above the diaphragm, just below the heart. The center matrix is the field for the desire and emotional nature; the psychological and metaphysical level of consciousness; the lesser mind. The highest or supreme matrix energy-frame exists from the heart to the Higher-Self point of light above the head. The supreme matrix supports the soul, higher mind, and spirit. The three matrixes presently work to add another matrix.


MAYA – The changing world of gravity energy producing change, creating the illusion in man that earth life is all. The Sanskrit meaning is to measure; illusion. Maya is karma; it is a mathematics system in density. The total Maya is a dense molecular system, which men call matter. Maya is a system of time and space controlled by karma. The Maya system of action and reaction determines that past-life action acts as a reaction vehicle for the present life. The play of Maya, or action and reaction, exists in varying degrees in the total universal.  There are eternity systems with relaxed systems of Maya due to their planetary and solar flexibility in the play of energy forces. The eternity system in which man dwells is a tight play of energy and forces intense in its frugality of planets and moons, concentrated upon developing a certain type of consciousness which would otherwise be impossible.


MEDIATION – Mediation is the most unselfish and unclaiming means of spiritual serving through which one remains impersonally involved with the karma of those whom he would heal or help.


MEDIATOR – One who makes himself a divine artery or channel for the Light. A mediator asks for no rewards for his mediative prayers and suggestible helps. He only asks to remain a perfect instrument, that the Power and Will of God may flow through him, supporting, healing, and lifting. When the mediator is sincere and wholly dedicated, he is free from the karma of those whom he would heal and help. He avoids boastfulness of his healing works. He asks no personal or physical rewards for his healing helps, knowing himself to be but a channel through whom God sends and heals. The highest technique used by a mediator is his use of angel-to-angel mantrams, as he knows on his releasing the one whom he would help to the angels’ suggestible helps, that the angel taking charge of the one to be healed knows with an exact and precise wisdom what can be done and what will be done. Thus, in the angelic mediative helps, miracles occur, as it is left to God to reveal to the angels what is the right and just way for the healing to come.


MEDITATION – Rightful meditation draws one into higher and finer rates of vibration where one’s thought and emotions are changed to superconsciousness. The spiritual art of meditation is attentive listening, attentive observing, plus receptive absorption of increased light. Meditation is a light experience supported by the exercise of love’s extending. In receptive meditation, one having made union with his heart, his soul, and his higher mind has stilled the processes of his lower mind and he has polarized, taken command of, and stilled the rampant psychic energies in the etheric body and in the astral core; from this, intense quiet enters into his being. His Higher Self becomes the Watcher overlooking the processes of his meditation. In receptive meditation one moves into wavelengths of consciousness beyond the phenomena of psychic excitation. One makes no effort to see anything special or to interpret anything seen or heard during receptive meditation. To do so is to activate the intellect and set in motion the analytical aspects of the lower mind.


MELCHIZEDEK (MELCHISEDEC) – Mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments, Melchizedek works with the Great Immortals within the Spheres of Light to teach the initiate how to overcome the four elements of the earth – fire, earth, air, and water – that the initiate may obtain the power of manifestation and de-manifestation.


MENTAL BODY – A composite field of light. The higher mind expresses itself in the mental body through three mental atoms. The lower aspect of the mental body, called the lesser mind, is dependent upon the psychic energy coils of force inherited from past lives, from ancestral mental habits. The lower mind serves the physical senses, using instincts from tribal-genesis memory and ancestral memory. It is the work of all spiritual aspirants to still the more atavistic aspects of the lower mind or lesser mind and make of it a complementing additive partner to the Higher Self and the higher mind. The higher mind seeks to clear the field, that it may come forth as a supernal instrument in creation. In all selfless works of creation, the higher mind is in command.


MENTATION – A knowing dimensional-consciousness. Mentation is a divine gift earned through the soul’s action in past lives. All souls having attained realization of God make union with one another through the power of divine mentation.

      Mentation is cognitive union with the first principles centered in the Will of God, the Life of God, the Light of God, the Love of God. Mentation is the gift of understanding accompanied by a pictured fourth- and fifth-dimensional vision. Through mentation, one absorbs the wisdom of God, and manifests it into human and personal clarity. Mentation through dreams quickens spiritual power in the soul, producing spiritual action on the physical planes. Having mentation, dreams are realized in a pure or supreme-consciousness state. Retention of pure and true dreams with soul-inferences is a mentation action producing bliss feelings, peace, acceptance of all happenings in the physical world. The spiritual art of concentration, contemplation, and meditation leads one to mentation, whereby he is at home in all worlds. Apprehension is absent from mentation, for in mentation one functions through the mind of God. In mentation there is neither fear nor frustration.


MOUTH OF GOD CENTER – The medulla oblongata at the base of the skull, in proximity to the brain stem, is the Mouth-of-God Center or the Logos Vibration of the Holy Sound. The bindu Mouth-of-God chakra is a powerful bundle of pranic energy controlling respiration or the exhaling and inhaling functions of breath. The universal Sound Current sent by the great Atma or God sounds through the breath in this Bindu or Mouth-of-God chakra, making the unceasing mantra-sound in the outgoing and incoming breath.  The Bindu chakra is the sound energy-current vehicle, transimitting the electric and magnetic breath of cosmic life into the soul, mind, and heart. In the Mouth-of-God chakra, one unites with the lighted archetypal blueprint within his soul, drawing upon the Image of God, the Mind of God, and the Will of God. Through this eternal soul-power action within the Will of God, man became a willing, imaging being.


MUDRA – A posture of hand or fingers used to open the 72,000 nadis in the etheric body and reach the higher stages of meditation. Behind the system of the gesture of the hands are the great laws.


MULADHARA CHAKRA – The first chakra seated at the base of the spine. Muladhara means “root support.” This spine-root chakra, sometimes called a lotus, contains four petals; its pranic and life element is earth; its sense function is smell; its pranic energy function is breath.


MUSIC, THIRD – The First Music is experienced as sound through the hearing. The Second Music is the atomic, the vibrational, electrifying and magnifying. This is the Sound Current received on and from the existent waves of birth, life, and death. The Third Music is Spirit of God as Holy Spirit acting upon the primordial involuntary systems indented into the etheric nature. From these man expresses himself through rhythmic and cyclic compulsions, through realization and healing. The Third Music incorporates the Archetonal Sound Current or the Word, the Vibrational Sound through which God is present as Omnipresence. When the Third Music sounds in the mind, one is in the Eternal Omnipotent, the Eternal Omniscient, and he becomes Omnipresence for God. The Third Music, resounding without ceasing in the soul, seeks to make itself at home in the higher minds of all persons where God is realized. When this occurs, the Esse or Holy Spirit takes command of the atomic energies, the life renewal and creative forces, the visualization and manifestation powers of the soul. The right side of the brain functions as a Third Music. Music in the right side of the brain contains the rhythmic flow of the higher unconscious whereby man receives the vibrational wellsprings of the soul and Spirit. The Third Music is the music of the Great Hum within the mighty consciousness of God.


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