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Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of
The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.



ABSTRACT WORLDS – The higher abstract world consists of the alignment of thought through light and tone. The lower abstract world consists of lesser degrees of light and sound.


ADI-BUDDHA – The Buddha-being overdwelling all Buddhas. Adi-Buddha is also called Amitabha-Buddha. He is an overdwelling presence stemming from the first source of God, inspiring Buddhahood. The title Buddha means awareness. Such awareness is of the transcendent state which is beyond mental phenomenal, beyond the ego mind and also the lower myth-concepts.


AHIMSA – Harmlessness. Ahimsa is mastered in the four chakras below the throat. This is gained by transenergizing lust to purity, hate to love, greed to giving, separateness to oneness.


AJNA CHAKRA – The Ajna chakra between the eyebrows has two petals, Ida and Pingala. Shakti and Shiva conjoin here, making union. This chakra is beyond sense. The Ajna chakra is the command door or entry into the Christ Mind, that one may open the Third or Divine Eye, and thus step beyond karma into illumination.


AKASH – A substance less vaporous than ether. It is a substance continually and eternally obedient to the Intelligible Will of God and His Infinite Imaging resources within Creation. Akash is the imaging stuff through which God appears or manifests in all states and existences. The Higher Self as the creator uses the akash side of the spiritual atomic system to energize the ego and spiritualize the intellect.


      Akasia is the pure, vitalized, supernal spiritual life-substance used by consciousness. The akasic light is soul light. The color of akasia is indigo blue and is seen often in visions during meditation. Ether is the coagulating life substance. Prana is the energizing life substance in ether. Akasia is a light consciousness animating substance. Akasia substance is used in the highest form of spiritual telepathy. The more highly evolved one is, the more akasia he has in his mental- and soul-light. One breathes in pranic energy to renew life force. One meditates to increase akasic light in his mind.


AKASIC RECORDS – Records of former lives.


ANAHATA CHAKRA – The Anahata chakra (heart center) has twelve petals.  This lotus is spoken of as the lotus of the unstruck sound – or where one can know the transcendental Esse or tanmatra etheric essence of all existence and knowledge, all bliss. Its element is air; its sense is touching; its pranic vital function is love, detachment, demanifestation, releasing, and death.


ANCIENT OF DAYS – (See Sanat Kumara)


ANDROGYNOUS – Not to be interpreted as the physical hermaphrodite. Androgynous is of a state of life consciousness which will blend the body, the soul-light, and the World of God into man’s physiology by transforming the positives and negatives within the physical expression into the whole man of Christ. Androgynity in this age is improbable. In the coming age men will approach a divine rapport between the lower self and Higher Self, and become androgynous.


ANGELS – Angels come in companies, legions, and armies to succor the needs of man. The angels are at home in earth, in the astral world, in the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of God. They minister to Nature and to man. They are angelic ambassadors for Jesus, the Christ, our Father, and Hierarchy. Knowledge of the angels and initiation into their world of action may only be received by the disciple through perfect alignment with the Jesus One.


      The personal angels watching over man’s personal life include the Guardian Angel, Recording Angel, Luminosity Angel, Angel of Pure Desiring, and Niscience Angel. These angels work with suggestible angelic induction, not as man works with suggestible mind. The angels of the body, emotions, mind, and destiny cease not in their suggesting reminders to man, reminding man that he is a cognitive creature learning and earning within a phenomenal world.


      The Celestial Angels work through initiates and adepts to reveal the inner wisdom-truths of God.


      The Cherubim Angels initiate man into the mathematical processes in the use of mind plasmas or akasia. Union with the Cherubim makes one a protégé of the cosmic order system within the universals.


      The Seraphim Angels initiate man into techniques of light whereby he comes in contact with the archetypal ideas as given by the Christ Mind. The Seraphim Angels lead the mind of man into the six dimensions or the door to the Third Heaven where he is then initiated by the Archangels into the archetypal light and the archetones under command of the Holy Ghost.


ANTAKARANA – The bridge between the lower and the higher mind, taking one upward to the other shore, or the bliss-state in consciousness. The undersoul is connected with the Most High Soul by the Upa-Soul or Antakarana. The Antakarana or Upa-Soul is a bridge which one must cross over through meditation and in dreams to unite with the Most High Soul.


APANA – The atavistic side of the Shakti prana affecting the three lower chakras. The initiate works to draw the primal prana called apana upward to the cavity of gold in the upper portion of the solar plexus, where a psychic energy-knot between the lower and higher prana exists. By attention upon this cavity of gold through breath, one unties or loosens the apana and prana psychic energy-knot, thus freeing the upward flow of prana within the Mouth-of-God Center at the base of the skull, that the upper chakras may be free in illuminative transcendency.


ARCHANGELS – Work to establish continents in the earth and to lead the masses into certain polarities in the world. They work with the seasons, solstices, and equinoxes. Four of the great Archangels – Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Raphael – are the protective guardian angels of the prototypal symbols as sent forth from Hierarchy. The Archangels make it possible for souls to flow into other eternity systems.


      Gabriel is the Archangel to the southern gate, the gate of enlightenment. The sound of the horn of Gabriel in this age, or his archetypal tone in his angelic logos, is emerging as the telescope to unite man with the galaxy gate through which God reveals Himself as Spirit Omnipresence in all eternities, galaxies. He who comes under Gabriel as an initiate moves with the archetone of Gabriel through which his soul-gifts will magnify and purify the human condition in the human race. The immaculate conception in Mary, officiated and manifested by Gabriel and the Holy Spirit, signifies the birth of the higher self-genesis in the human race. The human race is reaching toward the birth of the omniscient cell in the gleaming brain. When this occurs in the earth, scientific and spiritual creators will be cognizant of galaxy functioning as affecting life in this solar system.


      Michael is the Archangel to the western gate, the gate of the law. He is the Lord of the Archangels. During the solemn autumnal equinox, the Archangel Michael works with the great Judgment Angels, that the conscience of men in the earth may be reached; the souls of men come under judgment. In the autumnal equinox, men must meet their errors and acknowledge them.


      Raphael is the Archangel to the eastern gate, the gate of spiritual birth. On the last Saturday before the vernal equinox, Raphael begins his holy work for the birth of the Christ Mind through the powers of the resurrected Jesus.


      Uriel, the Archangel to the northern gate, works to give death to the ego. In the summer solstice, Uriel begins his work with the human race. The will, when it is in the Will of God, is as a scintillating snowflake highly energized with God-energies. These energies are impressionable through consciousness. This will is directed through the northern gate through which Uriel comes. Uriel is the initiator of the higher mind used through the will in God.


ARCHETONE – The Word under command of the Holy Spirit used in conjunction with all Great Archetypes. When the archetone sounds, the archetype comes alive with whatever compulsion is ripe or ready to be manifested. Thus an archetype remains dormant until the archetone sounds. The Holy Ghost working with the Will of God sounds the archetone, that the great ideas or new impulse for man may enter the world or fall into the mind of man in timing to the Will of God.


ARCHETYPAL CORD – The four life cords are the umbilical cord, the silver cord, the kundalini Sushumna cord, and the highest, the Archetypal Cord. The Archetypal Cord is an actual vibrational cord through which the Holy Spirit recharges the soul of man. The Sound Current or Audible Hum vibrates within the Archetypal Cord. This Holy-Spirit sound containing the Holy Name of God, when free, sustains illumination and revelation. Also, when the Archetypal Cord is functioning in conjunction with the Sushumna, the inner kingly cord of kundalini and the silver cord are as one; one is in command of the transcendent processes within Buddhi or the Informing Principle, whereby he receives increasing guidance and spiritual vitalities on all consciousness planes functioning as soul, mind, emotions, and body.


ARCHETYPE – Original or divine blueprint for the mind and life processes in the earth. The virginal archetypes are the unmanifested blueprints or ideas of God awaiting the right timing to come forth into the consciousness of man. The Greater Archetypes work first as the unmanifest or as the Word yet to be made flesh. These spiritual, creative, divine archetypal compulsions move in tides into the world through the minds of men.  In each great archetype is an archetone. The Holy Spirit sounds within the archetone when the divine Word is ready to enter into the mind and life of man. All true ideas have their source or origin in the greater blueprints or archetypes of God.


      The Destroying or Sealed-in Archetypes reside in the core of the earth. These archetypes are absorbed by men into their emotions when men become decadent, agnostic, corrupt. The Destroying Archetypes tear down old systems and formulas so that the Greater Archetypes may touch the minds and souls of men in the world.


      The Greater Archetypes concern the greater life waves directing and changing reincarnation tidal flow; also, determine the timing of the appearance of new ideas in the receptive minds of the Elect or adepts in preparation for new eras in time and evolvement. The Greater Archetypes in the Third Heaven are throbbing, humming vortices of intelligence. These archetypes are the connecting link between the outer universe and the universe of man. The Greater Archetypes are opened to holy seers only when men on earth are prepared to receive eternal and spiritual ideas. The Archangels working with the Christ preside over the Greater Archetypes. The Christ Spirit is the Archetypal Presence permeating the Greater Archetypes.


      The Moving Archetypes dwelling within the Second Heaven are three-dimensional reflections of the Greater Archetypes. These archetypes work with the Laws of God. The Moving Archetypes move upon men every ten thousand years, and stir them to form new religions; to transform racial impulses; to build societies; to support the moral ethic protecting families, communities, and religions; and to produce ingenious inventions suitable to the era or the age.


ASTRAL – Star or planetary reflections. The astral is a unique, unceasing, fermenting, mirroring, and moving action producing in man a state of emotion, mood, and inductive feeling and thinking.


ASTRAL BODY – (see Emotional Body)


ASTRAL CORE – An ovoid-shaped envelope of astral fire kept in balance by nadi points or sound vortices located along the spinal system. The nadis act as absorption points receiving the sound and vibratory currents from the planets. The astral core represents the emotional body. The planetary fire playing upon the spinal system is distributed and generated by the assistance of the glands and the nadi points. Thus, the nervous system is protected in the etheric and physical bodies from being the recipient of direct vibrational force playing upon the spinal canal. When the astral core is unprotected, the glandular system goes out of balance, and the emphasis is an overcharge of psychic energy in the etheric body and in the lesser mind. One protects himself from the unruly charge of the astral-core fire through mantrams, contemplation, meditation, prayer, and selfless service.


ASTRAL WORLD – The astral world has two parts, seven planes and forty-nine regions.  The lower astral world relates to man’s subconscious mind in death and in life. The higher astral world is the First Heaven, where dwell the Buddha, the Bodhisattvas and the higher Devas or Shining Ones.


      The astral world is an envelope of semi-gravity ether encasing the physical earth. Its substance is of gross ether plus gravity, electricity, and magnetism, which form the echo-function for the developing emotions of man. Acting as a multiplicity mirror and working in a ricochet fashion, the emotions of man are shaped by the lower-energy processes of the planets playing upon the lower astral regions and planes. The lower-subconscious state of man is the receptacle for the influence of the lower-planetary energies, receiving them subjectively. Due to this astral planetary light, the emotions of man are in a constant state of flux.


      The astral world is supported by the magnetic belt around the earth. The grotesque level of the astral world reflects the sin-body of the earth. The four lower planes of the astral world are the recipients of the lower vibrations and energies of the planetary light. This sub-planetary energy produces a chimera mirage-like effect upon the emotions of man in life and in death, producing glamour and mesmeric effects upon the lower mind and senses. In the Bible, the astral world is called “the serpent.” Man commands the astral world by the use of his higher will and higher mind. Before one can enter into spiritual illumination, he must undergo the trials of the subjective astral states within his subconscious mind. Saint Paul refers to the chimera action of this astralized emotional play when he speaks of seeing “through a glass, darkly.” (1 Corinthians 13:12) The astral world is also spoken of in the book of Revelation, Chapters 4 and 6, as a “sea of glass.” When one masters the astral consciousness, the sea of glass is “no more,” as it is dissolved, that one may reach the Second Heaven.


ATMA – A divine particle or a portion of God; the Eternal Sustaining Atom containing the Higher Self. It is also called Atman, meaning the Real or True Self; the source of all wisdom and beauty in life.


ATOM ASSOCIATION – Atom association is the means by which karma is hastened and resolved, as the ego is placed in an environment where through karma-sentience he intuits and selects the associations to which his atoms either correlate or are antagonistic.


AURA – The energy field around the body; the magnetic and electric field encompassing and encircling the body of any living thing. In the average man the aura is ovoid-like and extends approximately six feet. Herein reside the portrayed feelings and thought pictures sent from man’s experiencing as of feeling and thinking. The auric egg is a capsule of vital akasic energy.


      The aura surrounding the physical body is a sounding board, radar system protecting man from the outer penetration and intrusion of overconcentrated cosmic energy. It also protects man from the heavier sound vibrations coming from the clamors and sounds in the world, giving insulation against the deadlier vibrational aspects of the planets and from the sun and the moon.  This enables each person to hear the echo of his thoughts and his emotions, giving him the opportunity to have an afterlook into his conduct and thinking.


      The auric energy field has a miniature universal and cosmic system of its own.


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