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Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of
The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.

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EFFLUVIA – An intelligible, animating, reflecting side of ether through which one is informed. Seership would be impossible without the effluvia chemical action in ether. Effluvia reflects what is, and is an instrument for all pictorial life, living and dead. Clairsentient psychics are familiar with effluvia’s chameleon-like and versatile action. Everything a man touches leaves a revealing effluvia through which a psychic may extend his senses to gain knowledge of persons or objects. Effluvia is not a permanent substance, lasting only from sundown to sundown. Ether remains in environments; however, with time the effluvia is withdrawn. One therefore can be aware of ether imprints long after a person has ceased to inhabit an environment; however, if effluvia is absent, he cannot penetrate the most intimate details concerning a person or an environment.


EGO – The higher individuality supported by the higher thoughts of past lives and of the present life. The ego is the lesser “I” or the experiencing vehicle for the earth survival mind. The ego is deluded as to its adequacy. The ego is limited and hypnotized by Maya grossity as to the extent of its power. The ego is a projected gravity-vehicle extended by the greater “I” or the True Self. The ego is an externalized vehicle mentally feeding upon the intellectual exploring aspect of the senses. In the ego there are many lesser selves created by earth experience. The True Self projects the ego as an ambassador. The ego’s main goal is to ultimately fulfill the true image of the True Self.

EGOTISTICAL SHELL – Condensed electrified ether covering the ego, causing one to be bound into the lower mind supporting self-aggression and assertiveness. The egotistical shell has been built by acts of egotism over a period of many lives. This shell must be dissolved through meditation and spiritual works, that the higher ego may come into its own, and the soul be given its fullest expression. One cannot be free from his heavier karma until he has dissolved his egotistical shell.


EIGHTH SPHERE – The great abyss where Satan and his dark angels hold reign. One must cross over the third abyss or eighth sphere when he is being initiated into the higher mind.


EMBLIENCE – The womb-like state of lesser ether overdirected by the World-Soul Atom, Race-Lords, Archangels, angels, and Tribal Species in the period of nomadic-genesis. Emblience is recapitulated in the beginning of each Moving Archetype, that lesser progressive egos may rise to a higher spiral.


EMOTIONAL BODY – The emotional body and the astral body are one and the same. In the less evolved, the emotions work primitively.  The emotional body is an ovoid sphere of feeling. The shape of the emotional body determines that every positive or negative feeling shall return to the one who feels it, also that the desires of a person shall inevitably be manifested. The emotional body and the astral core work as hand in glove. The astral fiery core keeps alive and supports the feelings within the emotions and desires. The emotional body is the body through which one enters the door in his seeking God.


ENTITY – An earthbound-dead person lingering in the lower astral planes.


ESSE – Works as a Holy Wind or Gas. The Spirit Essence in all; the Intelligible Divinity-Energy assuring perfection to all created of and through God. Esse, meaning Holy Spirit Essence, is existing in everything as Life-Intelligible within Almighty God. The Esse acts as a Holy Gas or Intelligibility-Energy filling, animating, and quickening every form of life. The Esse is the Holy Spirit transcendent substance of the Infinite – existing in the infinite and the finite. The Esse is the movement of the Holy Spirit in the soul of man, which makes him divine in the midst of his own unknowing. When used as a mantra, Esse produces a state of consciousness called the omniscient-wisdom. To be free in Esse is to experience purity as light, and freedom in soul movement and body. Esse is joy liberated into consciousness. Esse produces God-awareness in the physical and in the transcendental states of consciousness. Esse is the mantra name for Holy Spirit. It is the Life-Spirit or Holy Spirit mantra name for holy powers providing vision, revelation, guidance, cleansing, purification, healing. All life-sustaining energies are under the Holy-Spirit power passed on by the soul to man as the Holy Esse, or essence of life eternal, life immortal, life functional.


ETERNAL SUSTAINING ATOM – The supreme atom of the eternal atoms of man. The Eternal Sustaining Atom is the means through which one moves from one eternity to another. All that the soul has experienced in former eternities, all that has been earned, is encapsuled and retained in the Eternal Sustaining Atom.


ETERNITY SYSTEM – Any system having a sun, earth, and planets. There are countless eternity systems in the universe. All are born and die as man is born and dies.


ETHER – Not to be confused with physical ether as termed by physics.  Ether consists of a life-substance yet unknown to man in his physical state. It is a means by which man transforms all energies. In the physical body and action, ether consists of fire extracted from the sun.  In the spiritual, it consists of the supporting essence of the universe known as prana and akasia. Ether, the life-substance supporting all life, is called prana in the East, and called by some bioplasma in the West. Ether is a coagulating semi-gelatile and semi-fluid substance. Ether is quasi-tangible. It can be photographed. Ether supports electric and magnetic action and other forms of energy yet to be discovered by man.


ETHERIC BODY – The double of the physical body. It is made of ether and prana. Its life substance is supported by the sun. The lower aspect of the etheric body supports the life in the physical body and the life of the lower mind. The higher aspect of the etheric body supports the spiritual and higher mental life. The higher etheric body survives death. The lower etheric body dissolves with the physical body. (See also Lesser Etheric Body and Higher Etheric Body.)



FAMILY-ATOM – An etheric encasement psychically charged. Father, mother, and children in a family-atom are held together by the psychical charge or lines of force which have attracted them to one another. The low charge of psychic energy in a family-atom keeps alive the soul-debts memory between persons born in the family. The combined soul-grace of the persons born in the family-atom is watched over by a Family-Atom Guardian Angel. If grace is abundant, all souls in a family-atom progress. If the family-atom is heavily laden with karma, the result is suffering and sacrifice, that all may eventually evolve in a cluster of human souls.


FAMILY-ATOM DWELLER – The condensed negative shadow-body of family karma challenging the souls encased in a family-atom. The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children through the family-dweller action.


FAMILY-GENESIS – Persons dependent upon ancestral myth inheritance as expressed through a mother and father in a family-atom. Family-genesis impulses seek to build a society patterned after ancestral heritage. From the family-atom compulsion comes the building of churches, the building of societies and education.


FATHER – Our Father dwells in the Third Heaven. He centers His action onto the earth through the World Soul Atom, known in the Bible as “the bosom of the Father.” (St. John 1:18) The Father works with the Will in God that man may (1) perfect a physical vehicle or form, (2) expand the image-power of his soul, and (3) command the powers of substance in this eternity. Direct Hierarchy knowledge comes to man through our Father, who shapes and forms all life in this eternity system through His Constant which has imaged man. God as our Conditioned Father is a Being. God Absolute is Spirit. Our Father in this eternity system, to whom men turn as His children, seeks to bring them to Absolute God and make them sons of God.


FIERY TRIAL – When the undersoul energies reach the time to explode into dissolution on all levels of ego existence, one enters into an initiation called the fiery trial. All who are entering the Path undergo this to some degree. The greater the soul-work, the greater the fiery trial.



GALAXY GATE – When man became aware of Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846), and Pluto (1930), the Galaxy Gate opened; the minds of men, inventions, individuality, all received directly the downpouring of galaxy-wisdoms and revelation. During the present period, there are great changes in the earth itself regarding man and his soul- and mind-freedoms. In this, he comes closer to God and God-Realization. He becomes a universal being rather than an earthling dependent upon one solar system. He becomes a child of the universe, a companion to communicable planetary systems in affinity to his own sun or solar system.

      The energy-processes of the flow of galaxy moved men beyond the enclosures of primal developments. Thus, in the years 1781, 1846, and 1930, men of the earth began to express self-genesis rather than family-genesis and tribal-genesis.

      The crown of the head coincides with the apex point of the Galaxy Gate from which one is united with Cosmos. When the yin and yang hemispheres of the brain interlace, Buddhi, the Informing Principle in the higher mind, becomes active; one is no longer fixed to eternity-system or time-relativities. He is galaxy-related. Buddhi will then interpret to him what exists in his own galaxy nature.

      The Galaxy Gate concerns the encounter with the Intelligible Omnipresence centered in the total universe, in command of all creation. From the world of the atom to the world of man as consciousness, Omnipresence is in command and is present in all functions and actions.


GANESHA – The elephant deity. In Sanskrit, means supreme essence. Presently, advanced initiates of the earth are encountering the deva myth-god subtle knowledge through the elephant Deva-god Ganesha, who represents the will-power of man in his various steps of initiation. Ganesha, a great deva, the son of Shiva, was also Ptah of Egypt and Hermes of Greece. He is the deva over industry and literature. Through the Deva-god Ganesha’s willing-power mastery, one masters the intelligible kinetic vibrations and energy-ranges of the mind.


GARUDA – Powerful myth-bird Deva-god or man-and-eagle combination representing freedom in earth and in space. Through the Deva-god Garuda, in-the-body and out-of-the-body mastery is obtained within the third chakra, whereby one becomes aware that he is not gravity imprisoned, but merely a visitor or sojourner in the physical planes.


GENERGY – Energy as density through flesh manifesting as consciousness. Genergy, or gene-consciousness, functions first as biotron energy; second, as unitron; third, as omnitron. All of these are developing phases of genergy-consciousness.


GOD – The Eternal, the One, the Creator. God is Being within Being. All galaxies, nebulae, worlds, eternities, systems are embodied in Him. From the smallest cell to the greatest star, all creation is God. God as Spirit is Intelligible Energy. God is the Absolute God; the Father is the conditioned God.


GOOD BROTHER – There are 300 Good Brothers working at all times in the earth. Their mission is to appear as a means of help and succor when all else seems impossible. In their physical memories, the Good Brothers rarely know they are Good Brothers; in their etheric memories they know, and are compelled to act during crisis periods. In time of trouble, they smooth the way and move on, asking nothing by way of reward.


GRACE NAME – A name one has used in a former life when he accomplished great works of grace; this name enables him to revive the grace-power of his soul’s medallion.


GRAND-PSYCHE – The conscience.


GREAT IMMORTALS – (see Masters)


GREATER UNCONSCIOUS – The Greater Unconscious is the Purusha or the field upon which God radiates His Spirit as knowing. The Greater Unconscious is the Spirit energy-field of the unmanifest where reside the archetypes. Christ, as Overlord of the Greater Archetypes, as Presence, is the Archetypal Omnipresence within the greater archetypal system of the Purusha higher unconscious. All revelation, all prophecy on the level of the Greater Unconscious contain the future blueprint signals and portent for things to come in earth and in heaven.


GUNAS – The three energy or force vehicles through which man develops; denotes a quality as well as a force. These vehicles are called tamas (inertia), rajas (electrified action), and sattva or sattvic (peace). The sensory life in the consciousness of man is kept in balance by the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. The three gunas are equilibrium aspects of Supreme Nature or Prakriti, under control of the Feminine Principle or Divine Mother.


GURU – Spiritual teacher.


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