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Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of
The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.

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BARDO – The three lower astral planes experienced after death.


BHAKTI – Devotion; heart initiate.


BIJA – Each chakra has a central atom (seed), called in Sanskrit bija.


BINDU - In a mandala, a dot or starting point in the exact center.


BINDU CENTER – A master secondary chakra. The Mouth-of-God chakra situated at the base of the skull, centered in the medulla oblongata.


BIOFORM – One of the three grand or master life-forming energies relating to procreative energy.


BIOTRON – Biological pranic-energy. Dualistic energy flow affecting the polarities. Biotron consciousness is the gross consciousness – slavery to sense and sensuality. Biotron works with time. In the biotron consciousness one is ambivalent; he desires that his son or his daughter be an image of himself, but he also desires that his child become a hero in the light of other men.


BODHISATTVA – A saint with transcendental powers supported by selfless serving. The destiny of the Bodhisattvas is to elevate men from misery to happiness. Their vow is to continue to reincarnate until all men of the earth make union with God. Bodhisattvas have lived in the physical world as holy and sacred men. They now work in the Nirvana planes, or 6th and 7th planes of the astral world. Their labor is to still the astral tumults shading the soul-powers of man. Among these are the future saviours who will enter the earth every 2,500 years so that man may refresh the spiritual impulse in the world. Such saviours are not to be compared with Jesus, the Messiah and Saviour of the world.


BRAHMAN – Unconditioned God; Absolute God.


BROTHERS IN WHITE  – (See White Brothers)


BUDDHA – Awareness. The one known as Buddha, who lived approximately 500 years before Jesus, now dwells in the First Heaven, called Nirvana in the Eastern teachings. Buddha is in command of the First Heaven. He acts as the emotional body of the earth. The mastery of the kinetic, biological, astral, psychical, and psychological emotional forces is under the crown of Buddha. Buddha gave to mankind the Eightfold Path by which one could unite consciously with the Cosmic mind. Jesus gave to all men of the earth the opening of the twelve chakra-gates of the soul whereby man could consciously unite with God as Cosmos Being. Buddha gave to man Mind-Realization and Self-Realization. Jesus gave to man God-Realization. Through God-Realization, man achieves being rather than ego. The Path of Buddha and the Path of Jesus are both essential Path-ways to the Esse Dharma, or the Real. Both may be simultaneously realizable when one begins to move beyond the secular religious vestments representing Buddha and Jesus. Jesus is the Door; Buddha, the Path to the Door.


BUDDHI – The Informing Principle. The vehicle for the causal or higher mind. The Buddhi is the central core or central point in the higher mind. It has its homeplace center in the Indestructible Atom in the middle of the forehead. Buddhi is an ignited and illuminative understanding which produces mentation or interpretation of dreams and visions. Buddhi also pertains to the Informing Principle, igniting the mind with prophecy. Beyond ego, the higher mind, called Buddhi, is the chaste mental nature of the True Self united to universal Mind.



CAUSAL BODY – Higher etheric body. The everlasting body.


CENTER Q or QUELLE – The subconscious mind seated at the base of the skull is the lower quelle, meaning psychic womb or source. The higher quelle relates to the higher unconscious, which is the matrix for the higher mind, the soul, and the Higher Self.


CHAKRAS – The chakras are energized, whirling vortices of consciousness. Each chakra is a revolving, vibrating portion of the soul. In all persons, there are twelve chakras strung upon an eternal thread. This thread is called the kundalini. Seven of the twelve chakras may be described as supersensible vehicles for relativity and the phenomenal aspects of the life of the body and the life of the soul. Beyond the seven supersensible chakras, the five superconscious chakras are diamond soul-centers or spheres of eternality.


CHRIST – The Son of God, the Christ, is in command of the great archetypal blueprints in the Kingdom of God, and works to give man the great blueprints, ideas, or archetypes. The Spirit of Truth or Logos works with the Christ; thus, the Christ is known as the Word. Since the coming of Jesus, the Christ has centered His Light into the core of our earth and has command of the axis of the earth. The Christ Consciousness is opened through the Third-Eye canal. Christ Consciousness is experienced between the eyebrows.


CO-ATOM – To be co-atom to any person, one must be on the same wavelength of energy emanating from a sacred atom, as to be co-atom to Jesus one must have an open circuit in his own heart’s sacred atom to the heart of Jesus. To be co-atom to a teacher or a Master, one must have a wavelength open circuit or a degree of light in his mental atoms to the mental atoms of his teacher or Master. In this way he is telepathically communicable to the mind and thoughts of his Master and teacher, and thus receives a continued flow of instruction. One can develop his own capacity in co-atom association through meditation and through thoughts of oneness with all life as given of God. When two persons have instant recognition of one another and absolute congeniality, they are co-atom to one another. This can only occur when one has been with the other person in many lives where relationships have proved to be harmonious. When God prepares to use a person for a greater work, He first sends to the one chosen a teacher or Master; secondly, He sends to him a co-atom person in the world, that the work may be consummated and fulfilled.


CO-DISCIPLES – Co-disciples have shared a spiritual life in former lives and now work in both the physical world and invisible world in pure alignment as catalysts to one another.  Such co-disciples are in telepathic accord to one another and have one aim: that they may become like the disciples of Jesus so that they may serve in the world.


COINCIDING PRINCIPLE – The Coinciding Principle is the existing Intelligible communing itself through the function of synchronicity. One unites with and assures himself of the proof of the Holy Spirit through the Coinciding Principle. Coinciding begins when one recognizes there is a mathematical law of order caring for him. The Coinciding Principle uses the unmanifest in space to prove God as Law, God as Just, God as Love.  In the Coinciding within the Esse, God removes space from Himself and proves Himself in one trillionth second of time. Holy synchronization of the Coinciding assures one that he is and that God verily is. To be in the Coinciding is to confirm in a flash, whether one is doing right things, whether healing has come, whether it is a true thing or a wrong thing, or whether it is a waste of time. The first coinciding experience – or two synchronized occurrences – begins with the yantra or the Mouth-of-God Center opening.


COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS – The collective unconscious is made up of the entitized humanistic-will experience; it is a memory-body recording experimental creativity in the earth. Subconscious mind draws upon the past which is present as active soul-memory in the collective unconscious.


CONSTANT – The Constant is located in the Divine Thalamus above the medulla oblongata in the back of the head, slightly below the crown of the head. This is the dwelling place of our Father and the dwelling place of one’s Constant. God as Will, God as Life, God as Light, God as Love in the Constant reveals the perfect hierarchy son-of-God to be. All healing is the return to one’s Constant or the primordial matrix where the imaged or archetypal design of the one sick knows not sickness or death. God is the Constant. He is unvarying in man’s variabilities. The image matrix in the Higher Self contains the Constant of God. All must seek to remain united with their Constant: through the Constant, God is realized. Man is in a state of changing changelessness within the Constant of God. He is therefore God-like in his true essential nature, where the Holy Spirit or Esse has its free play. All who unite with their Constants are destined to return to God and to manifest in fulness of grace perfection, joy, happiness. The image of the Grand Man is in the Constant. The Grand Man is the Cosmos Man.


CONTINUUM SACRAMENT – A Continuum Sacrament may be on the home altar or on the chapel altar. It is to be eaten after remaining on the altar for a 24-hour period from one sunrise to another – as a symbolic worship-vehicle through which the body of the Christ is present. Sunrise for each person is when he awakens. To awake to the Continuum Sacrament is to enlarge the circumference or sphere of eternality.  To be aware of the Jesus-atoms in the bread (body) and the wine (blood) within the Sacrament is to remain in Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


COSMIC – The eternity system collective consciousness.


COSMOS – The universal consciousness.


COSMOS DISCIPLES – The Cosmos Disciples are the most highly evolved persons on earth and at all times are in direct alignment with the Archetypal World or Kingdom of God. Upon the shoulders of these 33 sacred persons rests the responsibility of telepathic coordination and mediation among the 13 Telepathic Disciples, the 3,000 Advanced Disciples, and the 300 Good Brothers living in the physical world. The 33 Cosmos Disciples and the 13 Telepathic Disciples in the physical world are mediators for the Masters. Sometimes one, two, five, or seven are centered within the religions of men, their faiths, and their governments. The telepathic instruction of the Masters is channeled through the inspiring works of the Cosmos Disciples and Telepathic Disciples, and men of the earth are freed from the decaying debris obscuring the light.


COSMOS-GENESIS – After man has reached the perfect self-genesis stage of evolvement, he will become a cosmos-genesis man. His emotional body will be fully developed and he will be at one with the love-atoms of Jesus, the Lord of Love. All great Bodhisattvas of the East had reached full development of their emotional bodies, and thus gave to man the bhakti love instruction. John the Beloved, the disciple of Jesus, had a perfected emotional body, and therefore was the closest disciple to the heart of Jesus.



DANDA – Universal Law.


DARSHAN – The radiance light exuding from a pure sage, prophet, teacher, or avatar.


DEVACHAN – The fourth plane of the astral world. The dwelling place of the Shining Ones, or the Greater Devas. The Devachan Kingdom exists in the First Heaven as well as in the lower astral world. In the lower astral devachan planes, the Dual-Devas work with the Cherubim Angels upon the lower chakras to develop man’s psychological nature, and thereby produce his birthright of individual creativity.


DEVAS – Co-workers with the angels in the mathematics of holy and lawful intricacies. The lower devas work with the psychological nature of man. They thrust their symbolic images onto the minds of men through the tunneling action of the subconscious. The lower devas are guru-like but are not gurus. They are an automatic arm of Divine Mother imposing the Correcting Principle upon man’s sense and sensual receptivity. Always with the Archangels are the shining spirits or the greater devas. The Great Devas are equal to the Archangels. They know God and work as His ambassadors. The devas are the royalty of the devachan world. They overshadow large, virginal lands and forests.


DHARMA – Law, religion, truth, virtue. The word dharma means “that which upholds.” To be a guardian of the dharma is to be a lesser saviour bringing salvation or “the Way.”


DISCIPLE – The disciple is one who has reached the stage of selfless dedication. He is teachable, having relinquished his egotistical shell. He dedicates, that he may be instructed.


DIVINE MOTHER – The Mother of the World; a Divine Being representing the Feminine Principle. All women come under Her protection and guidance. The Divine Mother works closer to the Lords of Karma than any other Being in the spiritual worlds. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Kuan Yen of ancient China worked directly with the Mother of the World. The women saints of heaven and also the women adepts, called fountains in the higher worlds, work with the Mother of the World. Those who have the grace to behold or see the Mother of the World describe Her as being veiled. It is said She places Her veil over the unknowing and awkward errors of Her earth children. Forgiveness and mercy are the tender theme of the Mother of the World. If one removes himself from the beautiful, firm Laws of God, the Divine Mother initiates him through humility-lessons. Divine Mother comes in with a vengeance when one soils Her chastity.


DIVINE THALAMUS – The etheric counterpart of the physical thalamus or its portion of the nervous system related to the Father in Heaven.


DWELLER – Accumulated karmic entity, reflecting the karmic states of an individual, a family, a nation, or a religion. The dweller must be mastered before one can extend into superconsciousness.


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