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Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of
The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.

O  P  Q

NADAM – Sounding the Name of God.


NADIS POINTS or CANALS – Seventy-two thousand energy stations in the lesser etheric body.


NAGAS – Fire initiates with siddhi powers are called nagas or serpents. The Bible speaks of them in the passage: “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (St. Matthew 10:16)


NESCIENCE – Ignorance, unknowing.


NEUTRAL FIELD – A non-decisive mental atmosphere inviting entity possession. A neutral field is the product of many lives. One builds a neutral field by refusing to participate in the responsible issues of life. A neutral-field mind is described in the Bible as being “lukewarm.” It is said that persons having such minds are “spewed out” and of little use to God. Mediumistic powers in the hands of a neutral-field person are sometimes pure, sometimes impure, as both the dark and the light can be housed at one time in a neutral-field mind.


NIBLIENCE – Niblience is the working of the World-Soul Atom, the Hierarchs, Race-Lords, Archangels, and angels who in their archetypal combinings work as an overshadowing, sending forth and determining the species within the period of human-genesis. These combinings move through the lesser planetary rays to build that of family on a spiral higher than tribe. In human-genesis or niblience, men in families are overshadowed by the Archangels and angelic helps who work through the World-Soul Atom for the differentiation of prototypes.


NISCIENCE – Knowing. Superconscious knowing; the memory of the eternals. Niscience is the hidden side of science or that as yet withheld from science. Niscience is knowing beyond knowledge or a knowledge gathered out of the eternals to be recovered in self-genesis. Niscience is God-Realization within all planes, spheres, and kingdoms. Niscience, when born through victory over nescience, is the Light of the world, or Christ in consciousness. Niscience initiation through the downpouring of Esse Holy Spirit brings freedom to act spiritually and live spiritually. The system of Niscience was received from the higher unconscious within the archetypal Light. This system is given in this ending of the Kali-Yuga Day to prepare mankind for his leap into God-Realization as ordained in the Archetypal Kingdom by the Will of God. The archetypal Path, as given in the system of Niscience, provides the initiate with insight and a choice leaning toward Will-of-God attainment through his hierarchy nature.


NOMADIC-GENESIS – Same as tribal-genesis.


NOMENCLATURE, SACRED – A grace name is given or passed by one having the gift of holy nomenclature. One receives and hears his grace name as a blessing through which he is called to serve God.


OJAS – Creative sexual energy as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit. During the sexual act, to lift the sexual force beyond the lower chakras through dedication to God is the aim of all who would attain the polarized or androgynous mind. Ojas is a form of ecstatic willing during the moment or second of ejaculation or orgasm. The sexual energy as ojas flows upward to the heart and the inner etheric brain of man, whereby he is given a deathless vitality of will and mind.


OM – The OM is the Name-Sound of God. The OM, which is the sacred sound of the Word, is the mighty mantra inviting God-Realization. The OM sound is both prayer and mantra. OM is the power mantra name for the Omnipotent Power of God. OM erases the negative past, explodes the present negatives, creates the future as perfect, as joy.


OMNIFORM – The fixed or constant structure in the law of energy-exchange is divided into three grand states or positives of interplay: (1) omniform as forming energy; (2) uniform or uniting through duality polarity energy; and (3) bioform as procreative energy. In omniform energy, soul works with the transcendental. The function in omniform is sattvic, truth, perfection.


OMNISCIENT CELL – In the etheric brain is developing an Omniscient Cell. The Omniscient Cell in the brain is the Jesus Cell.  Men will be ultimately like Jesus. In this era and time, all Cosmos Disciples use, to some degree, the Omniscient Cell, which sustains their physical body until their work is fulfilled. The Omniscient Cell also keeps them in alignment with the Greater Archetypes through which the Word of God shines as a golden splendor awaiting to fall into the minds of the prepared.


OMNITRON – It is the work of all spiritual persons through the use of the Esse to change the biotron energies in consciousness into the master omnitrons of light. Through meditation, contemplation, mantramic speaking, and the Esse movement, one moves out of the biotron gross consciousness into the superconscious or omnitron state of light.


OPEN(ING) – From the Passing comes the Opening. One must be alert to make himself aware of more of the Opening. With the Opening, one finds himself in the vibrational energies of the Coinciding Principle whereby he enters into his own prophetic soul-powers. He becomes a builder and the cleanser of his own nature. He verifies himself as a steward and a channel for God, that he may also become a worthy channel to heal through the Passing power within the Passion of Jesus. When one is Opened, he begins to live through the hierarchy powers within Jesus; he opens the Coinciding Principle.



PASS(ING) – One who passes lives in a constant state of union with his own Buddhi, which makes him a revelator and a discoverer within the hierarchy state of spiritual powers. In the first phases of the Esse, one receives the Passing through an individual having the Passing. When entered into with surrender to God to receive His almighty grace with total releasing, one receives individually with each sequence of Esse more and more of the Passing. The power of the Passing makes one aware of God and of the Esse through the Higher Self.


PINGALA – The master nadis are called Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. Pingala is the positive Shiva (masculine) vehicle or nadis for kundalini’s action; Pingala is active on the right side of the spinal nervous system.


PLASMA – The stuff of life, ether, or plasma, is Omnisciently permeated with the eternal Spirit of God.


PRAKRITI – Supreme Nature. The Divine Mother functions as Prakriti. The three gunas are equilibrium aspects of Supreme Nature or Prakriti, under control of the Feminine Principle or Divine Mother. The Prakriti or Divine-Mother power of Nature – which works without ceasing to stimulate all aspects of creation in Nature and in mind – circulates and stimulates ego as a servant for the Self.


PRANA – Life-force energy. Prana includes the sum total of all the manifested and the unmanifested energy in the universe.  All of the forces of Nature, heat, light, gravitation, electricity, magnetism, the atom, and atomic energy are aspects of prana. This energy springs from Absolute God. Long before the modern period of atomic discovery, the Rishis of the East wrote and spoke of the motor-power behind all mind-stuff as prana.  According to their revelations, prana is the primordial force in the universe or the first stuff of life. Prana is the energizing life substance in ether. One breathes in pranic energy to renew life force. One having command over the life chakras (the three lower chakras) through the heart chakra has command of prana and pranic life.  The pranic life-force is a healing force. To be well, to be whole, to be spiritually prosperous and happy, one must have command of the life-force prana action.

      Prana is the higher energy level of ether working simultaneously with the molding and shaping action of the effluvia in the ether. The energy in high prana has yet to be analyzed by science. One contacts prana through breathing. Prana life-force may be unlocked and freed into the etheric body through cosmic exercises, yoga, breathing, speaking of mantrams.


PRO-GENESIS – When men have become like Jesus, as promised in 1 John 3:1-3, they will be pro-genesis men with cosmic powers of manifestation. They will do all things, as did Jesus. Following pro-genesis will be all-genesis, in which all mankind will be at one with our Father which art in heaven. And finally, in the period called one-genesis, men will become the sons of light with hierarchy powers.


PSYCHE, GRAND – The conscience.


PURUSHA – Soul-wisdom. Union. The Father Principle as soul consciousness. The Purusha, which is the eternal consciousness, works to pour down to the ego awareness of the True Self.  The Greater Unconscious is the Purusha or the field upon which God radiates His Spirit as knowing for man.

      In Spirit, Primordial is the pure Purusha. The Coinciding uses the Purusha, the divine stuff of the Most High Unconscious, enabling man to have inward soul-experience while in the body.  The Higher Unconscious contains the Purusha state of God-Realized consciousness. The Greater Archetypes dwell in the Higher Collective Unconscious or the Purusha of Eternal Spirit.

      Presently, the downpouring of the Greater Archetypes from the Great Unconscious, or the Purusha, is falling into earth-mind consciousness. The soul, the Higher Self, and the Most High Soul live constantly in a state of transcendental, Purusha, God-awareness and Divine-suggestibility. It is the Will of God working through the down-pouring of the Purusha, or the Supreme Soul-Consciousness through the Higher Self, that sends the ego upon the stage of physical life, and compels it ultimately to become a chaste vehicle.

      The True Self remains firm in Purusha or Supreme Consciousness, which is superconscient and transcendent. In the Purusha, hierarchy nature is free to will in the Will of God.



QUELLE – (See Center Q)


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