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Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Home Study / White Paper Lessons

The total Niscience System is to give birth to

God-Realization, Soul-Realization, and Self-Realization.

— Ann Ree Colton

The White Paper lessons furnish sequential day-by-day spiritual practices and study materials that comprise the system of Niscience.  An organized rhythm in meditation and prayer during different periods of the day provides a modulated disciplined life.

The White Paper Lessons of the Niscience Home Study will inspire one to unite with the great ideas waiting to free insight and soul expression.  The Home Study program will help one to set into rhythmic order their thoughts, beliefs, and life while opening the door into one's own knowing concerning the deeper meaning of the self and one's own true desires.

The instruction in Niscience will serve one in many and varied ways, especially at unusual times when there is a crisis or need.  This instruction will produce constructive changes in one's attitudes toward life, and in one's course of action in the world.

The fundamental aim of Niscience is to present a structural teaching that qualifies itself through pure ethics, thereby enabling one to become a spiritual catalyst wherever one is placed in the world.





Among the themes and practices in the White Paper lessons:

•    Ethical prayer formulas to enrich and change your world.
•    Sequential presentation of meditation techniques to expand the soul’s horizon and perception.
•    Extending your mental faculties through contemplation.
•    The knowledge of your centered self and its power to take command of your emotions.
•    The science of spiritual ethics.
•    Interpretation of your visions and dreams through master symbolic keys.
•    The spiritual significance of dreams and the importance of the soul’s action in the dream world.
•    How to understand the soul’s language of guidance and instruction.
•    A new technique of research into the Old and New Testaments how to utilize the dramatic and  symbolic essence within the parables and allegories in the Bible.
•    How to interpret the “hard sayings” of Jesus.
•    A philosophical perspective into cultures, ancient and current.
•    The study of creation and the soul’s eternal attributes.
•    The importance of timing in the physical and spiritual life.
•    Mediative spiritual-healing techniques.
•    Knowledge of one's personal angels and how to work with them.
•    The study of your spiritual anatomy, eternal atoms, kundalini and chakra stations.
•    Blending of Eastern and Western philosophies, instruction, and practice.

Included with each White Paper lesson is the latest issue of the Agape magazine

(pronounced AH-gah-pe).  Agape magazine contains articles by the Niscience

Founders and members as well as photos and synopsis of current ministry events. 

To receive just the Agape magazine, click here.

Also included in the monthly White Paper lessons is the Initiate's Calendar, which serves as a valuable self-evaluation tool.

To order White Paper Lessons, click here.

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