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Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of
The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.

S  T  U


RAJAS, RAJASIC – One of the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. Rajas means extreme or fiery energy; over-accelerated tensions in emotions and mind; heated desire; greed; selfishness; egocentric action. One may be fiery rajasic: overzealous, ambitious, and harmful to others through pressure. Or one may be tempered rajasic: balanced in action, productive in talent or genius. The tempered rajasic cannot occur, however, unless one has earned from past lives a preponderance of infiltering sattvic soul-power, which is the balancer for both the tamasic and rajasic natures.


RISHIS – Ancient sages, wise men, and teachers of the East. The Rishis are Elect beings with powers correlating to Hierarchy. They originally came as source souls from the eternity-system cluster of the Great Bear. The Rishis bring the laws for interpretation of karma. Their present station is the Second Heaven with the Logoi or Planetary Archangels who overdirect the reflected spheres of the planets.

      There are seven great Rishis who gave the Vedas and the Upanishads; the Abraham thread also includes the Islam reflection of the Rishi. All teachings originate with Rishi teaching. The Egyptians were heirs to the Rishis. The Christ, as the only begotten Son of God, is beyond the Rishi. In the Christ, one coordinates all teachings and laws with love.


RECIPROCAL MAINTENANCE – There is no freedom of mind until one realizes that Reciprocal Maintenance supports all worlds and universes. Man creates through taking on the weight of Creation as willing creators with God. The whole universe is controlled by Reciprocal Maintenance, and it is natural for the strong to have a greater responsibility than the weak. However, each must carry his own weight in the Universal Morality. Reciprocal Maintenance, when applied through cosmic interrelationships, produces a new canvas for the master artist, which is the Soul. Reciprocal Maintenance and Intentional Suffering are self-realized as two conjoined and inevitable processes whereby man becomes more than man; he becomes a son of God, or as Jesus said, “I said, Ye are gods.” (St. John 10:34)


RUDRA – The John-the-Baptist power sealed at the base of the skull. In Sanskrit, Rudra means evangelistical or Holy Ghost power. There are four levels or degrees of the Holy Ghost or Rudra power. These are: blood, water, fire, and the Holy Spirit.  The Rudra center or placement is located at the base of the skull.  This is called the Mouth of God; in scientific terms, the medulla oblongata. Jesus came to free the blood-side of Rudra working through Jehovah. Blood is the envelope for the races and for the ego. Since Jesus, there has been no blood sacrifice demanded of man. The ego entered into water or baptism through John the Baptist. Through Jesus, the ego became self-genesis through the Rudra spirit of fire. In discipleship, one moves beyond blood, race, ego, water, and fire into the Holy Spirit.


RUDRA INITIATION – The brain stem of man or the Mouth-of-God Center is exerting great pressure upon those who are leaning toward spiritual knowledge. This is activating a Rudra initiation or evangelistic power. One understands the inner Omnipresence work of John the Baptist when he undergoes the Rudra initiations and opens the myth symbolic worlds of the Holy Spirit. This is a yantra expression deitized as the Spirit of God made flesh by those who are emotionally seeking God. Such persons are devotees at heart and are yet to become devotees of the mind. This crossing over through Jehovah to gain the Rudra powers is experienced by all, and is one of the revelatory initiations that all who are to teach must undergo. Rudra is fervor for God. In Sanskrit, Rudra means evangelistical or Holy Ghost power.




SACRED ATOM OF THE HEART – A deathless atom. Contains the restoring-life sealed into all men by the Father since the beginning of this eternity. Works in a triad action with the Eternal Sustaining Atom and the Indestructible Atom so that man will remain an eternal being while experiencing the prototypal works in the earth.


SACRED NAME – A sacred name is the tone-name one was given upon entering this eternity system and by which he is known and called in the heaven or higher worlds.


SADHANA  – Initiatory disciplines.


SAHASRARA CHAKRA – The seventh or crown-of-the-head chakra. It is active as the pulsation point of the soul’s medallion. In meditation, the pulsating movement in the Sahasrara chakra keeps the Divine Eye open.


SAINTS – The saints are holy persons who have suffered many martyrdoms in the physical world. The true saints remain within the First Heaven and rarely re-embody. The saints are mediative beings. One makes petition to the saints for personal helps. The entreating soul implores the saints because they are the first mediators to the human condition. Having suffered every human circumstance of trial and error, the saints place all petitions of human suffering before the Lord Jesus. He, as the mediator between the Father and man, pours down His bountiful resources into the woes and griefs of man. The most heavy sinner condemned by his own sense of guilt, when contrite, calling upon the saints for redemption, has begun his own pilgrimage toward becoming a saint. Released from the wheel of karma, the saints now dwell on the sixth plane of the astral world. Their labor is to extend the prayer faculty of man, that the tone in prayer may be sustained longer, and therefore prayers may be answered as to timing devoid of karma.


SAINTS, MOST-HIGH – In the Second Heaven, Mary and Joseph overdwell the Most-High Saints. These Saints are the inhabitants of the seventh or apex cloister, the Cloister of the Holy Precipitation. The Most-High Saints are celestial anointed saints. To come under a Most-High Celestial Saint is to free the power of stilling the tumults in the human sensory trials.


SAMADHI – A state of meditation beyond relativity. In Sanskrit, sam means “union”; adhi means “Lord.” In the accomplishment of Samadhi through meditation, the Archetypal Cord is drawn down into the Divine Eye within the skull. Through this one experiences the true and lasting state of illumination or the Christ Samadhi. The Western disciple and initiate now works toward this ultimate state. The Samadhi meditation of the New Era will no longer be inarticulate or indescribable, but will be accompanied by a descriptive universal Logos in alignment with the true voice of Cosmos. The ultimate in meditation is Christ Samadhi. The Christ Samadhi is different from the Rishi Samadhi. Christ Samadhi is articulation of superconscious Light and identification of the dimensional planes within the range of superconscious experience. There are two stages of Samadhi. Most gurus experience a secondary Samadhi; more advanced gurus reach the deeper Samadhi. Samadhi is a seeing and observing without the participation of intellect. A disciple of the Christ works to articulate Samadhi and to describe higher planes of consciousness. Only through union with the Christ can this be done.


SAMSARA – The Sanskrit word for the phenomenal world; that which is moving intensely.


SAMSKARA SEEDS – Karmic tendencies brought over from former lives. The samskara seeds are imprints of former karmic debts unexpiated in other lives. The samskara seeds also contain grace-impressions as well as negative samskara impressions. As man progressed in earth and became more egotistical and self-willed, the primal instinct in his purer sense was submerged subconsciously as samskara fire. This fire then became the substance for the undersoul.


SAMYA – One who desires total union with Absolute God.


SANAT KUMARA – Sanat Kumara is one of the lesser Fathers of this eternity system. He works with “our Father in Heaven” to time to man the inner meaning of days. He is spoken of in the Bible as “the Ancient of Days” (Daniel 7:9). When a disciple comes under the telepathy of Sanat Kumara, he is in timing to his destined purpose. The great Sanat Kumara or Ancient of Days initiates the disciple into timing and timelessness in conjunction with one’s Guardian Angel and Recording Angel. He is the initiator for time-freeing, whereby one is freed from the Maya fixity or limited units of measure. The Ancient of Days, as the preserver of time and the units of measure, is in command of all etheric encasements in this earth system. He is in control of timing as to the length of the functioning of a race, the length of the years in one’s life, the length of an archetype’s sounding and sending, and the length of mankind’s mortal days. Sanat Kumara works to aid man to command the powers of Saturn, enabling man through heavy discipline to overcome the turbulent forces of the astral world. He is the Father of the devachan light of life in the astral world. This kingdom works more closely with gravity laws in the Maya system affecting the physical world.


SANKALPA – To make a resolution.


SATTVA, SATTVIC – One of the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. Sattva means law and virtue, giving the bliss joy or peace. Purity; goodness; harmony; rhythm.


SELF-GENESIS – Self-responsible as to conscience. There are two stages: lesser self-genesis and higher self-genesis. In lesser self-genesis, the individualistic person is engrossed with his own self-interest. In higher self-genesis, one recognizes the right of every man to become an identity and to relate himself to the cause of his being, or God.


SHAKTI – The feminine or subjective polarity; the powerful feminine aspect of kundalini pranic fire. Shakti represents life-force. When Shakti life-force is fully released into the heart chakra by kundalini power, she becomes less aggressive and forceful within the lower chakras. Shakti’s innate inclination is to move upward; when aroused by Shiva, her consort, she longs to move toward her Shiva linking-station – the chakra of the heart.


SHIVA – The masculine or positive polarity; the upward creative, universal-energy drawing-power and masculine aspect of God. Shiva represents consciousness-being. Shiva is spoken of as the destroying principle; his work is to destroy evil.


SIDDHIS – Power attributes of extrasensory perception. The lower siddhis are psychic. The higher siddhis are spiritual. All great Masters warn against the use of the lower siddhi action.


SILVER CORD – The etheric cord enabling one to travel out of the body while awake or asleep. The silver cord, consisting of a veil-like magnetic and etheric substance, has five antenna points. These points are correlated to the spleen, the liver, the heart, the throat, and the crown of the head. The mood for approaching death begins in man by the relaxing of the silver cord. During the first three days after death, the silver cord is loosened and withdrawn from its five antenna points.


SOLAR INITIATE – One who is united to the Informing Principle. In his psi powers, he is a scientist working with the Spirit of Truth.


SOLAR PSYCHIC – Same as solar initiate.


SOUL – The soul is centered in its pulsation point within the crown of the head. The soul is a supernatural energy overdirected by the Presence and Image of God. The soul is a vehicle for spiritual experience. It has an eternal mission. To trust in the soul’s eternal mission is to produce ideas of the infinite. Jesus laid down the ethic for the life of the soul in the world of man in His Sermon on the Mount and in His reminders of the necessity to live within the commandments. The Most High Soul contains the original seed or pure Image of God. The Most High Soul of man – the eternal, deathless vitalizer for the True Self – is a Holy-Spirit manifestor automating the Esse or the Holy-Spirit Gas. The Most High Soul is a vehicle of superconscious energy in a state of unceasing movement. The Most High Soul is at all times giving birth to pure creation. The Most High Soul is the experiencing vehicle through which God animates Himself.


SOUL-MEDALLION – The medallion of the soul is a scintillating sphere of supernatural light penetrating and surrounding the area of the head; a pulsating vortex of supernal light in constant movement, keeping alive the soul impulses and mental creative compulsions. The inner portion of this holy light contains the grace one has earned through good works. The soul’s medallion works in conjunction with the heartbeat expansion and contraction. In the uttermost upper point of the soul’s medallion directly above the skull is a pulsating vibratory action. This pulsating action becomes the heartbeat for the spiritual body after death. The soul’s medallion records on its outer rim man’s negative actions. This is called the vibratory hum. The vibratory hum of the soul’s medallion is reflected into the lesser mind. Each time a person meditates, he must clear the field of the vibratory hum and slow it down.


SOUL-SHEATH – A rim of incandescent light around the physical body. This light flows from the light of the soul’s medallion and is built from grace and purity.


SOUND CURRENT – The four variations of the Audible Current are: Para, works with the will aspect of the Sound Current; Pasyanti, works with the light aspect of the Sound Current; Madhyama, works with the love aspect of the Sound Current; Vaikhari, works with the life aspect of the Sound Current. The Vaikhari Current is called by some the Audible Life-Stream. The energies of the earth, the forces of the earth, the sentient life in the earth – all are held together as one life within the great Sound Current or the Word of God. Through meditative union with the Word or Sound Current; by listening to the soundless current within – one unites with the divine harmonies of life and comes to order to his own life on all planes.


STELE – The starry point between the eyebrows, or the center of command through which the higher consciousness moves forth into the world. The stele is an unceasing, vibrating identity-tone which keeps intact the grace record of the centered self or the higher individuality.


SUBCONSCIOUS – The subconscious is the dual gravity twin of the higher unconscious. Men who work with their lower chakras are presently receiving the archetypal flow through the subconscious. The subconscious contains the memory of ego experience in the earth. The present spilling out of exaggerated violence, terrorism, and subhumanism is caused by the higher unconscious stirring the sedimented memories in the subconscious. The subconscious records and collects the sense of sin, the guilts, and all conscienceless acts. The undersoul seeks to assimilate and project into ego or objective consciousness that which conscience is trying to say in the subconscious. The subconscious mind uses all involuntary systems to circulate and keep alive the action in the undersoul and the ego.


SVADISHTHANA CHAKRA – The Svadhishthana chakra, located at the pelvic center, has six petals; its element is water; its sense is taste; its pranic function is biological selectivity through procreation or reproduction.


SUSHUMNA – Sushumna, the supreme nadis over all nadis, is a fine, red, hair-thin thread inside the spinal cord.



TAMAS, TAMASIC – One of the three gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. Tamas relates to inertia, slow, ignorance, resisting, dark. To have too much tamas determines that one is laggard, heedless, inert, non-responding.


TANMATRA – Manifestation powers, producing miracles beyond sense. The energy essence within each element, whereby one unites with the meaning of the elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether, light, tone.


TELEPATHIC DISCIPLE – Every Telepathic Disciple works directly with one or more Cosmos Disciples. The union of minds between these souls is necessary to produce manifestation of the Dharma. All Telepathic Disciples are centered within the telepathic matrix on the functional, physical, and spiritual levels. They have access to the mind-banks gathered from soul-cultures built by the interflow between the greater minds of the Elect, who mentally and spiritually direct and influence the human spirit. The greater telepathies are open to the Telepathic Disciple, especially when he is close to becoming a Cosmos Disciple and therefore a direct revealer of archetypal Light. The greater telepathies are those that keep alight the Light-chain of ideas, passing them onto enlightened souls with hierarchy-nature minds. A Telepathic Disciple has mastered the sensitivities of the senses on the gravity level and is ready to be a vehicle for the Cosmos-Universal Power of Passing. One enters Telepathic Disciple apprenticeship as he approaches his mid-forties. One enters Cosmos Discipleship when he has entered into his latter wisdom-years.


THIRD EYE – The outpouring center for the pulsation point or heartbeat of the soul. The Third Eye dwells directly beneath the soul’s pulsation. The Third Eye flows its light of vision outward between the eyebrow center, which is called the Jade Gate or the Cave. The Christ Consciousness is opened through the Third Eye canal.


TRANSENERGIZATION – In the undersoul, every dark mass of negativity has one penetrable point of energy. When the Esse Light penetrates this point, the complete mass is transenergized. The great Masters, seers, healers, and the angels use this technique of Holy-Spirit light-energized power with freedom and with knowing. Every situation of undersoul ego-darkness contains a penetrable point. Healing is made possible when one has acquired the power of transenergization. Through the soul-therapy or spiritual art of transenergization, one reverses the obsessive currents in the undersoul, that these currents may be transformed from the primal state to their original primordial state of innocence and purity. The transenergization of the lower-mind currents into the higher mind opens the remembrance of God and of the Omnipresent functioning within the Most-High-Soul state of mind as superconsciousness.


TRIBAL-GENESIS – Nomadic segments or clusters of people who have interlocking blood ties sealed into tribal encasements. Dependent upon primitive etheric laws, tribal-genesis persons live close to the tribal consciousness and taboos of their forefathers.


TRUE SELF – The True Self is the imaged Self as envisioned by our Father in Heaven assisted by the Elohim gods or Hierarchy. The True Self is the real, deathless, eternal, everlasting Self imaged of God.




UNCONSCIOUS – (See Higher Unconscious)


UNCONSCIOUS, COLLECTIVE – (See Collective Unconscious)


UNCONSCIOUS, GREAT – (See Great Unconscious)


UNDERSOUL – The shadowed self. Consists of the lower subconscious and the egotistical shell. The home of all ego reflections which contain all of the mechanical reactionary systems of former lives, ancestry, and various personalities used by the ego. The undersoul collects the debris of wrongdoing, non-doing, and fantasy astralocity. The undersoul presently seeks to build another brain-vehicle that will become the center for the higher mind once it is perfected. The undersoul is a Maya enclosure vehicle necessary for earth-plane expression. It enables one to keep within the law-enforcement system of Maya, that he may develop a certain type of consciousness within and through the defense patterns functioning within the instinctual world. The undersoul has a psychic and psychological nature. It is automated through the lower-self or ego preservation for earth-survival. The undersoul is a mechanized corresponding vehicle for the soul, preserving varied projections of the ego throughout the ages. The undersoul functions as an entity.  This entity consists of countless earth birth-experiences of trial and error. The undersoul is projected from the Most High Soul as a supporting system for the ego.


UNITRON – Genergy or gene-consciousness, functions first as biotron energy; second, as unitron; third, as omnitron. Unitron manifests as psychology through the nervous system and as mentality in relationships of karma and grace.


UNMANIFEST – The Archetypal Kingdom is the Great Unconscious of the unmanifest, or things to come.


UPA-SOUL – The undersoul is connected with the Most High Soul by the Upa-Soul or Antakarana.  The Antakarana or Upa-Soul is a bridge which one must cross over through meditation and in dreams to unite with the Most High Soul. If there be grace, the downpouring of the Holy Spirit as the Esse Gas is free to move one over the bridge of the Antakarana or Upa-Soul, that it may begin its purifying work. Upa-Soul is the spiritual name for the mediating aspects of the soul. The Upa-Soul term is used to identify the soul’s relationship to the undersoul.



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