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Glossary of Terms

as Used in Niscience


This glossary is available in the soft cover edition of
The Third Music by Ann Ree Colton.

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VAJRA – An act of the will used by the guru to erase karma in a chela. Everyone has a word which will resurrect his virtue or bring it forth – and the teacher’s work is to give him that word. In Sanskrit, this word is called a vajra or lightning bolt. A true teacher gives the word in timing, that one may be blasted into illumination.


VENERABLE ONE – The Venerable One or Brhaspati is a Rishi, a Bodhisattva Master-Saint, a Maha-Deva. He is centered within the hub or center of the Great-Soul Medallion of the White Line of Masters. The Venerable One correlates to Bartholomew, the disciple of Jesus. The Venerable One was Diogenes. When a disciple is aware of his need to unite with the mediation of the higher worlds, his evolvement permits him to come under the discipline and instantaneous reproving of the Venerable One.

      Brhaspati, one of the Great Immortals, works directly with Jesus through the gunas. He works directly with our Father through prayer. Brhaspati works directly with Melchizedek through the tithe. Brhaspati works directly with Maha Chohan to restore and quicken new human era cycles in religion. He is assisted by Joseph, the father of Jesus. The Venerable One correlates to the second Light-Stream (devotion). With Joseph, the father of Jesus, he is in charge of all twelve Light-Streams. Presently, the Venerable One opens seven of the Light-Streams to one another.


VISHNU—The Father; the conditioned or personalized God.


VISHUDDHA – The Vishuddha chakra, or the throat chakra, has sixteen petals.  Its sense is hearing; its element is ether and the heavier, forming ether called akash. Its pranic function is to lengthen life through the mantra sound-currents or logos; also, to enable one to move into other planes or wavelengths of mind, time, and space, or to have out-of-the-body experience.



WHITE BROTHERS – The White Brothers work with the Luminosity Angels of the dead so that man may in death make transition in an acceptable and natural process. This part of the Cosmos Family dwells in the total range of the astral world. It is their work to aid certain of the dead who are confined in the subterranean corridors of the astral world to rise into higher degrees of Light. Jesus spoke of the White Brothers when He said, “Let the dead bury their dead.” (St. Luke 9:60) In the book of Acts, they are referred to as the “ white apparel.” (Acts 1:10)


WOMB NAME – At the moment of conception, the name-tone of one to be born is resounded into the world. The child-to-be in the womb knows its grace-connections and its own tone-sound or name sounding in the soul’s pulsation point. If there is grace for the parents, they will be led by Omnipresence to a person who will Pass to them a womb name for their child-to-be.


WORLD SOUL – The combined lower and higher subconscious impulses of all sentient and consciousness life of the earth united with the Love of God, under command of Him who is the regent of all souls of the earth, Jesus.


WORLD SOUL ATOM – The central atom of the earth is the World-Soul Atom. Until the coming of Jesus, the Father and Hierarchy worked through the World-Soul Atom; since the Resurrection of Jesus, the Christ Spirit has taken command of the World-Soul Atom. The World-Soul Atom, working for the Father, externalizes the moving deep onto man. In this, as a diamond, it shapes, forms, and extends, and is the means of leveling space into expansion and expansion into time. As the Indestructible Atom between the brow is the axis of man’s soul-light, the World-Soul Atom is the axis of the eternals for man.



YANG – Positive or masculine polarity correlating to Shiva.


YANTRA – A yantra is a pattern or design to lead one to a spiritual idea, and thus produces a breakthrough in consciousness. It is usually experienced as a geometrical design. The yantra power signifies that one has opened the Bindu, or Mouth-of-God Center.


YANTRA INITIATION – The first coinciding experience – or two synchronized occurrences – begins with the yantra or the Mouth-of-God Center opening. The first phase of this is understanding the symbols through the yantra initiation. Accompanying yantra-initiation is Self-Realization and ultimately God-Realization. The first sheath-covering for the yantra technique is the Buddhi light, which includes in its action mantra and yantra. There are four yantra phases or initiations. All pertain to a form of mergence of the Holy Spirit: (1) blood; (2) water; (3) fire; (4) Holy Spirit. When one receives his grace name, he is initiated first in smaller degrees and, later, in greater degrees into the yantra system of the Archetypal Logos.  This is called the yantra initiation, which provides the evangelistical Esse or Holy Spirit gift of articulating what is experienced in the five higher transcendental stations.


YIN – The feminine side of polarity; Shakti energy power.



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