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Galaxy Gate 2


Authors: Ann Ree Colton, Jonathan Murro

Pages: 348

Pub Date: 1988




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Galaxy Gate II provides essential knowledge regarding the progressive cycles of initiation that lead to spiritual illumination. The roles of specific mediative beings, angels, and nature spirits are defined and explained, including Mary, Melchisedec, Jehovah, Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Devas, Species Angels, Flora and Fauna Angels, the personal angels assigned to every soul, and many others. Additional topics include reincarnation cycles, spiritual immunities, Omnipresence mathematics, the slap of enlightenment, and the mediative work of Jesus in attaining the galaxy consciousness.


Book Cover:


The authors of Galaxy Gate II perceive a future when the wisdom of the saints and the great teachers will be applied in the daily lives of men and women in the world. The wisdom of the great souls holds the key to one's becoming aware of the interrelationship between the invisible Kingdom of God and the visible universe of stars and galaxies.


Galaxy Gate II shows the reality of the Hierarchs and man as a potential hierarch. Men must bring forth their virtue-light. They must give birth to another degree of conscience, which will move them forward into the Space Age or interterrestrial pioneering and discovering.

Table of Contents:


Immunities and the Planetary Light

The Slap of Enlightenment


Stewards of the Planet

The Angels: Our Divine Companions

The Elements and the Miracles

Angels and Archangels

The Name of Jesus

Excerpts by Ann Ree Colton:


"There is a different electricity that one experiences in angelic rapport. A sensitive initiate is aware of these electricities in both his physical body and emotions. The angels prepare the way for the right-raptures experienced in soul-expansiveness."


"Angels are constant. Angels are deathless. The Kingdom of the Angels is not corporeal or physical. It is automatically homogenized at rates and time-speeds of and from the Eternals. He who has earned angel-cognizance is on the way to immortal treasure."


"One cannot comprehend the Angelic Kingdoms by thinking angels are silent. Angels have voices to identify themselves to the believing hearer. Angels have countenances, identifying themselves as to the portion of heaven in which they reside."


"Angels are not made in the image and likeness of man. They have their own uniqueness. To the novice, they are recognized more often as with the Holy Spirit with the vibrational movement of their wings and flowing movement of their form which is beyond gravity walking and footsteps."


Excerpts by Jonathan Murro:


"The law of universal harmony is a constant of God. This immutable law is at the heart of all laws and commandments for all solar systems and galaxies.


The law of universal harmony is as a hammock gently rocking all star clusters and galaxy clusters in the cradle of Cosmos. Birth to the Image of God is a cradle experience occurring throughout the universe.


Men are stewards of the planet Earth. Each day they are being tested in their stewardship of God-given energies within Nature and within their beings. As men prove worthy in God’s sight, the Creator will expand and extend their knowledge of solar, planetary, and galaxy energies. When men become stewards of galaxy energies, they will be at one with God through ethic, virtue, and love."

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