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The Human Spirit


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 289

Pub Date: 1966




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In The Human Spirit, Ann Ree Colton presents the seven progressive stages called genesis levels through which the soul evolves over many lives on earth. Each level, from tribal-genesis to family-genesis, self-genesis, cosmos-genesis, and so on, provides essential attributes to the ultimate destiny of the soul. Also described are the formation of this planetary system and the four bodies the soul inhabits in each life, as well as the stages of initiation and crisis through which every soul passes in its spiritual journey. The final chapters containing mediative healing techniques and mantrams will enable the reader to non-intrusively and ethically assist individuals in need. To understand nations, families, individuals, and human-spirit dynamics on earth, The Human Spirit is a must – opening the reader’s eyes with wisdom, compassion, and understanding.


Table of Contents:



Cosmic Birth

Birth of the Earth

The Bodies of Man

Tribes and Races



Marriage and the Family



Ethic and Healing

Mediative Healing

Healing Technique and Mantrams




"The human spirit presses to be born in all men. In the birth of the human spirit, the heart of each man is searched. The Light of the Christ searches the minds of men, and the Love of God prepares to reign in the lives of men."


"The Will of God is compelling man to incorporate into his soul the soul-uniqueness of other men. Man is being forced to relinquish his mortal aloneness, that he may discover and live close to the illimitable powers of his soul."


"The Love of God in all men waits to be manifested. Man, in spiritual dryness, is as timber which awaits the flame and fire of God. The fire of God will warm him, purify him, cleanse him, and bring him to a day of worthiness."

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