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The Jesus Story


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 307

Pub Date: 1998




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For those who have searched for answers regarding the life of Jesus and His role as Messiah, this book is a treasure. Ann Ree Colton portrays the soul of Jesus as never before revealed. His birth, messianic preparation, miracles, ministry, passion, and crucifixion are spiritually illumined with beauty and depth. Through her ability to read the akasic records of Jesus’ life and times, Ann Ree Colton shares priceless knowledge regarding the disciples of Jesus, their apostolic ministries, and other precious insights into the family, friends, adversaries, and miracles of Jesus. The Jesus Story also explains the precincts of heaven where Jesus presently dwells, including the cloisters of the saints. Prayers to access the intercessory helps of the saints and angels are also included.


Table of Contents:



        Initiation Through Jesus

        The Birth of Jesus

        Engedi Initiation

        The Struggle With Satan

        The Disciples of Jesus

        James, John, Philip, Nathanael, and Judas

        Matthew, Thomas, and Simon Zelotes

        Jude Thaddaeus and James the Less

        The Miracles of Healing

        The Crucifixion

        The Song of His Passion



        Kingdom Eternal

        The Sin Body of the Earth

        Three Heavens

        The Second Heaven

        The Third Heaven



        Worship, Religion, and Prophecy

        The Saints


        Prayers for God's Altar




Excerpt #1. "The life of Jesus is the greatest of all parables. Jesus was a mystery to the world during His life. He was a mystery to His family, to His disciples. In the present age of materialism and egotism, He is a mystery and sometimes spoken of as a myth. However, there are persons who know Him and revere Him. The parable concealed in the life of Jesus may be opened and made plain to the illumined heart and mind."


Excerpt #2. "Jesus brought joy to the world, that man might be lifted, ascended, and resurrected - but He also brought a great disturbance to the world. He came to upset systems within systems. He came to upset man's selfishness, and to overthrow decaying conditions in the earth. Jesus knew that certain truths had come to the world; He knew that He would extend these truths, and that He would give the way through which truth-seeking men could extend them."

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