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The Kundalini West


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 403

Pub Date: 1978




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Kundalini West brings into modern-day focus the ancient and priceless wisdom of the East pertaining to the kundalini and the chakras. Ann Ree Colton extends and illuminates this knowledge in a clear and understandable manner for the Western seeker of enlightenment. She beautifully defines the ethical approach to kundalini through virtue and a spiritualized conscience, and also covers such subjects as yin and yang, chakra healing, bliss-portals, the three gunas, meditation and the breath, the wheel of karma, and the twelve zodiacal prototypes. Also included are pictures of many of her paintings and charts and a glossary defining numerous Eastern and Western spiritual concepts.


Inside Cover:


In Kundalini West, Ann Ree Colton distills into the purest essences of truth the thousands of years of kundalini and chakra knowledge. To this olden treasure chest, she has added her own significant revelations discovered during her numerous personal experiences with kundalini and the chakras. This comprehensive understanding is also supported by years of observation of her students' progress as related to kundalini's awakening and chakra activity.


In recent years, the appearance of Eastern meditation techniques in the West has stimulated an increasing interest in the kundalini and the chakras. Unfortunately, many Western persons desiring to "open" the chakras disregard the importance of the accompanying disciplines of morality and purification. In Kundalini West, the author warns of the dangers of premature or forceful opening of the chakras; she also describes the rewards that result from the expression of virtues and a spiritualized conscience.


Ann Ree Colton presents her knowledge of the kundalini and the chakras as a teacher dedicated throughout her lifetime to the Sermon-on-the-Mount principles of the Christ. From the vantage point of an enlightened seer and prophet, she perceives future decades in which the sacred truths of the East and the West will blend into a harmonious and prosperous marriage.

Back Cover:

Through research and study, I have discerned that the chakra disciplines of the West will come to differ in many instances from the former rules and disciplines of the East. The gurus of the West are yet to appear. In the East, certain fringe or borderline gurus are seeing as inevitable the coming spiritual phenomenal interflow between the East and the West. These gurus from the East, being unfamiliar with the Jesus Avatar-Light, are sometimes biased and not fully aware of the inherent spiritual forces working within the Western-born ego. In the West, this is a time of trial, mental purification, and heart involvement. It is destined that gurus of the West will surface in the latter part of this century. There will be much sifting and grinding in this illuminative process; from this will come a new psychology, a totally new philosophy, and a resurgence of the Christ impulse upon the altars of religion.

Table of Contents:




Kundalini and Chakra Knowledge

Initiatory Progression Through the Chakras

The Secondary Bliss-Portals and the Chakras

Coordination Between the Chakras

The Third or Power Chakra

Heart-Chakra Initiation

Karma and the Chakras

Transcendental Powers and the Chakras

The Householder Life and Marriage

Cosmos Polarity-Physics Through Yin and Yang

The Three Gunas and the Chakras

Maya Unit-Measures and the Kingdom

The Zodiacal Pattern in Reincarnation

God-Men and the Divine Line





"I am profoundly and reverently thankful for the grace earned in this and in former lives that I could meet my Master in my twenty-third year. For 57 years, I have heard his voice and followed his direction.


In the Master's wisdom I was encouraged, yet never indulged. Under his telepathy and tutelage, I was shaped. Through the rigid disciplining techniques, in the harsh school of fusion between the physical-earth association and karmic laws, I was trained to live in the five worlds: the outer objective conscious state, the subconscious state, the higher unconscious state, the state of conscience, the state of the superconscious.


Whatever has been accomplished in this life has influenced thousands of persons. However, there are yet not enough years in this life to know and to teach all to be said of these five states of the Self and Self-consciousness.


I have lived on many planes with the Masters. In their auras, their hearts and minds have been the school for my training as a teacher, counselor, and healer. The Masters never take from their disciples the right to experience earth existence. The disciple lives in the inner planes of existence freely exploring their reality; in the earth-body experience or the Maya state, bound by the laws of limitation, one must adhere to the rules, the law, and the ethic.


Through chakra knowledge and out-of-body experience, one moves beyond Maya. It is my grace to know the freedoms of worlds beyond the physical; this is grace stemming from unrelaxed vigilance, a vigilance of heart and mind fixed upon one thing: I am the Seeker, that I might bring to this world applicable knowledge to free those of the world who seek to know as I have known and know.


Many living in the world today are researching with open minds the sutras of the Rishis; some are seeking to apply and to live these Sanskrit gem-ideas given by the ancients.


As a Western disciple, I have found through my own direct experience of the chakra training that the door of the intellect can never reveal the true functioning of the chakras. Only through the inward research into the chakras can one truly disclose the ever-present existence of the chakra action as a reality supporting and uniting all the aspects of the Self and of consciousness.


Under the loving tutelage of my Maha-Deva, or inward Master, I familiarized myself with the kundalini techniques. Step by step, with the assistance of the angels and the Masters, I was initiated into the fire of kundalini. Purged and tried in kundalini's fire, I obtained the powers and gifts of my soul which are presently active. These powers were earned by grace, effort, and suffering.


It is psychic fallacy to foolishly ally oneself with glamor approaches of effortless spiritual awakening. Only diligence, faith, and persistence can transpose the psychic nature into the spiritual."



"The lesser yoga teachings confine their research and practices to seven chakras. The great illumined souls of the Royal Yoga line point the way to union with five active chakras beyond the seven initiatory chakras. These chakras are involved in the practice of Samadhi meditation, and only the rarest of souls have pierced the veil of these chakras functioning in the higher degrees of Illumination. Those who have made contact with these superconscious chakras through meditation are more often unable to articulate or put into words what has been experienced, as in the case of St. Paul who, during Samadhi, was caught up into the Third Heaven and heard "words unspeakable." (2 Corinthians 12:3,4)"


"It has been the custom for ages to begin Kundalini-yoga practices by concentrating upon the base-of-the-spine or Muladhara chakra. The Western initiate begins at the Anahata chakra or the heart center, that he might go beyond the seven phenomenal or relativity chakras into the five upward superconscious chakras. Before the Christ Spirit through Jesus opened the Indestructible Atom in the center of the forehead, or bliss whirling cave of transcendental light, initiates in former ages depended upon the seven relativity chakras; thus, they experienced Samadhi with partial articulateness. In the present time, all initiates - regardless of their religious placement - are working for the high calling in Christ. When this is accomplished, advanced initiates will express and articulate the true Logos or Samadhi speech of Light."


"A heart filled with unintelligent sentiments and a fantasized mind work together to attract persons into one's intimate life who produce suffering and anxiety as a cleansing fire. It is necessary that the fantasized one come to rationalization and move beyond the fantasies caused by egotism and self-delusion. A truly contrite heart is the beginning of de-fantasizing one's emotions and desires."

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