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The Lively Oracles


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 151

Pub Date: 1962




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The Lively Oracles is the final book in a series of three prophetic books which Ann Ree Colton called "the last will and testament of the Masters." The reader journeys with Ann Ree into the world of her telepathic visions and instruction from the Masters, who are also known as the Great Immortals. Having inhabited human form in the past, the Masters are living vessels to inspire in mankind immortal and deathless thoughts. These divine beings oversee the spiritual governings and timings of events past, present, and yet to occur on earth. The Lively Oracles contains priceless jewels of spiritual insight and revelation pertaining to science, astrology, the arts, religions, medicine, nations, and many other compelling subjects.



"The greatest victories of life on earth are the victories of the soul, through which men aspire for humanity as a whole. The evolvement of those who dedicate to serve in the Light is hastened. No event is without its meaning. No action is without the quickening within another action. The old man or the personality-self disappeareth as if he had not lived, when one steppeth into the stream of the Masters' Light."


"The spiritual teachings in the earth have not fallen short, except in man's interpretations. Man's lack of reverence and his limitations have enabled him to partake of but a surface skimming of that presented from the Spiritual Worlds. In all lives and in all laws there is one rule, and that is, the Real cannot remain buried or dormant. When there is an honest need, a crucial urgency, and a pressing desire, that of the Real cometh forth. When the time is ripe and right, the Real is given to feed the many."

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