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Men in White Apparel


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 202

Pub Date: 1961




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Spanish Version




A rare and comprehensive book containing vital revelations about death and life after death. Men in White Apparel prepares individuals for the death experience and explains how they may sensitively minister to the dying, the dead, and the bereaved. Ann Ree Colton writes of the Men in White Apparel and other spiritual beings who watch over, instruct, and shepherd the dead. She describes with penetrating insight such subjects as telepathy between the dead and the living, purgatory and the caverns of mercy, the death wish, possession by earthbound entities, angel-ministrations to the dead, and God’s Equation. Men in White Apparel can make a wonderful gift for those experiencing the loss of a loved one, providing comfort, understanding, and peace.


Table of Contents:


Death and the Soul

Preparation for Death

The Soul and the Music of Heaven

Telepathy Between the Dead and the Living

The Unrisen Dead

The Earthbound Dead

The Quickened Dead

The Risen Dead

God's Equation

The Care of the Dead




"No one is ever the same after having grieved for the dead. Grief is a powerful catalyst, changing the perspective, illuminating the mind, and making more sensitive the hardened places within the heart. To one of a materialistic nature, the loss by death is a harsh and disciplinary experience. To one who has unclarified faith, grieving for the dead is a somber and maturing experience. To one who has spiritual awareness, loss by death is an experience of initiation and revelation.


Grief has the power to change and to transform a selfish nature into a more magnanimous temperament. Grief has the power to give insight, and to extend the buds of sympathy. Grief also has the power to draw men closer to heaven and to the reality of heaven. During intense grief, the soul expands one's thoughts as to the meaning of life and death, heaven and earth."


"Death is a soul-experience. To gain the greater soul-experience in death, one must die not only to his theoretical or theological beliefs concerning the life after death. When the one who dies limits himself to doctrinal religious beliefs, atheistic beliefs, or materialistic beliefs, he interferes with the soul's experience in death."


"In the scientific age, men are in danger of offending the death ethic. As painful and incurable diseases appear in the world, men with scientific skills are sometimes tempted to apply their skills to render euthanasia or mercy death. When a person precipitates the death of another by his own hand, the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill," is offended. Also, when any human agent seeks to extend life beyond the time limit as ordained by the soul, dying persons become victims of blind mercy. When life is extended beyond the timing of the soul, the one dying is subjected to a painful purgatorial experience while yet in the body."

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