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The Path of Virtue


Author: Jonathan Murro

Pages: 487

Pub Date: 1980




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A remarkably beautiful study of the sacred virtues being perfected through the soul’s sojourn on earth, The Path of Virtue is embellished with virtue-related quotations by saints, sages, and great souls of all philosophic expressions. The path of living a virtuous life is revealed to be the classic route to union with God. Through examination of such virtues as character, kindness, mercy, patience, a wholesome sense of humor, and many others, The Path of Virtue provides invaluable insights into virtue-mastery and God-Realization for dedicated souls everywhere.


Book Cover Flap:


The scriptures of all faiths contain voluminous references to the value and necessity of virtues. The knowledge of virtues is a light that glows in lands and in hearts where love and goodness are cherished and expressed. Individuals and nations that recognize and follow this light are mankind’s hope for the present and for the future.


The welfare and survival of a nation are dependent upon the integrity of its leaders and the moral character of its people. The success and happiness of a marriage are determined by the love and virtues of husband and wife. The enlightenment of a spiritual aspirant occurs in direct degree to the purity of his love and the sacramental expression of virtues.


Ann Ree Colton stated, "Jonathan Murro’s writing involves one with his ecstasy. The virtue he is writing about is the power within the heart of grace. Such virtue heals the mass energized coagulations of evil and wrongdoing. This virtue gives off the aroma of soul-exquisiteness, gives the balm of mind peace, gives the transfusion of strength and mastery over weakness."


Back Cover:

"Our life is short, but to expand that span to vast eternity is virtue’s work." (Shakespeare)


"The chief good is the exercise of virtue in a perfect life." (Aristotle)


"Virtue of herself is sufficient for happiness." (Plato)


"Virtue is harmony." (Pythagoras)


"The superior man thinks of virtue; the small man thinks of comfort." (Confucius)


"The virtuous man is happy in this world, and he is happy in the next; he is happy in both." (Buddha)


"With virtue and quietness one may conquer the world." (Lao Tzu)


"Divine virtues are regarded as conducive to liberation." (Bhagavad Gita)


"From virtue arises happiness." (Mahabharata)


"He who remains undistracted even when he is in possession of all the psychic powers, achieves, as the result of perfect discrimination, that samadhi which is called the ‘cloud of virtues.’" (Patanjali)


"Spiritual virtue is to adore God as if thou sawest Him; and if thou seest Him not, He nevertheless sees thee." (Muhammad)


"Virtue is that perfect good which is the complement of a happy life; the only immortal thing that belongs to mortality." (Seneca)


"All holy virtues,

God keep you,

God, from whom you proceed and come." (Saint Francis of Assisi)


"And the whole multitude sought to touch Him [Jesus]: for there went virtue out of Him, and healed them all." (St. Luke 6:19)

Table of Contents:


Sacred Sources

The Glory of God


The Secret of the Saints

The Godhead

The Holy Ghost

Memory Treasures

The Royal Gift of Prophecy

The Anointed Conscience

Joy in Marriage

Meditation and the Law

Prayers for the Dedicated Heart

The Image of God

The Mercy of God

Restitution and Miracles

Pure Love and the Prototypes

Soul-Covenants and Reincarnation-Cycles

The Reality of Eternality




"The commandments revealed by Moses and Jesus are the Rosetta Stone for mankind's decoding the hieroglyphics of the heavens. Each commandment is a law of harmony seeking to unite life on earth with the Intelligence of God creating the stars and the galaxies."


"Even as a high-powered telescope reveals new and greater ranges of the Universe, so do sanctified virtues act as high-powered telescopes through which the consciousness mind may perceive Cosmos Truths and eternal verities."

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