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The Pelican and the Chela


Authors: Ann Ree Colton, Jonathan Murro

Pages: 429

Pub Date: 1985




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This beautiful book is an outgrowth of the 32-year student-teacher relationship between Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro. Combining ten chapters on the work and covenant of the teacher with personal journal entries from their life together, this classic work is meaningful for all who would walk the spiritual path under direction of an enlightened teacher or system of instruction. Also included are chapters on the seven Light-Streams and the Masters, the gift of atonement, and the principles of prosperity.


Book Cover:


In spiritual symbology, the pelican symbolizes a teacher of Truth. Chela is a Sanskrit word meaning student or disciple.


The classic teacher-student relationship is little understood in the Western world. Jesus and his closest disciples epitomized the highest expression of the teacher-student relationship. In the East, the preservation of the Dharma over the centuries has been accomplished through the guru-chela association.


In the year of 1952, Ann Ree Colton, a master teacher, accepted Jonathan Murro as her student. During their 32 years together, they fulfilled the classic teacher-student relationship. The Pelican and the Chela contains their inspired observations and insights related to numerous aspects of the spiritual life.


The Pelican and the Chela is divided into three sections. The first section describes the ethics and responsibilities related to a living teacher and his students. The second portion of the book pertains to the seven Light-Streams that move upon mankind from the starry constellations. The third section includes excerpts from the personal journals and diaries of the authors.

Table of Contents:


Part I: Ethics and Responsibilities

    Prelude: The Anointing

    The Living Teacher

    Veneration for the Teacher

    The Mantle of the Teacher

    The Teacher and the Passing

    The Teacher and Revelation

    Claim Your Inheritance!


Part II: Rays and Light-Streams

    The Increase of God

    The Teacher and the Masters

    The Gift of Atonement

    The Seven Light-Streams

    Healers and the Light-Streams

    Principles of Prosperity


Part III: Personal Journals and Diaries

    The Sacrificial Path






    Tribute to My Teacher




Excerpt #1. "A living spiritual teacher is the greatest grace a disciple may encounter in the search of his own soul. Until one has found his living teacher, he is a wanderer with bruised and weary feet. 'Where is my teacher?' is the first call of the student and, finally, when the teacher comes, 'Here is my teacher. I will regard his coming as sent of God, and I will thus walk with joy.'" (Ann Ree Colton)


Excerpt #2. "Our life together is one of the most wonderful love stories ever written. It has been a love story for God. God took the difference of our ages and blended them. He extracted your naivete and my wisdom and made a vehicle for His love. It is a miracle - and so many have benefited." (Ann Ree Colton to Jonathan Murro)

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