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Precepts for the Young


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 66

Pub Date: 1959




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A child experiencing prayer-reverence within the family life in his earliest years will seek to know God and become more Godlike throughout life. Children of all ages will benefit from the precepts and mantrams within this book. The author offers a simple yet beautiful procedure for family worship. Also appreciated by the adult, this spiritual aid will bless home and family.




Introduction. "Spiritual training should begin within the home in the earliest years of childhood. When the child first learns to speak, he should learn to pray. If parents observe prayer-reverence in the home, their children, throughout life, will seek to know more of God, and to become more God-like. This book is presented to all dedicated parents and their blessed children. Parents will find that children of all ages respond with interest and vitality to the precepts and mantrams given herein. When a child speaks a precept and its accompanying mantram each day at dusk or before sleep, the beneficial and lasting results are inestimable. The precepts and mantrams will not only aid the child to find security and faith in God, but they will also establish an enduring structure within the home and its environment."

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