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Prophet for the Archangel


Author: Ann Ree Colton, Jonathan Murro

Pages: 255

Pub Date: 1964




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This book is the spiritual biography of Ann Ree Colton, a rare soul who was born with numerous spiritual gifts. It is the story of her passage from childhood to maturity, ultimately culminating in the archetypal revelations that led to the founding of a unique system of spiritual instruction called Niscience. Ann Ree’s profound understanding is of great value to all who seek knowledge of the spiritual worlds, as well as to those who would ethically apply their gifts and aptitudes to serve the world need.


Book Cover:


Prophet for the Archangels is the story of Ann Ree Colton's spiritual growth from childhood clairvoyant, through the formative years of learning to commune with Nature beings and the Masters, to the fruition of her gifts as prophet, revelator, and teacher of the higher life. It also chronicles Ann Ree's creative association and travels with Jonathan Murro, the co-author of the book.


When persons are endowed with timely spiritual gifts, their training in the use of these gifts is under the direction of heaven. In her early adulthood, Ann Ree began to receive telepathic philosophical instruction from the Masters, inspiring her to write, paint, meditate, and to speak extemporaneously.


As she was initiated into the mysteries of the heaven worlds she also received training in astrology, astronomy, etheric-flight experience and etheric visitation, the secrets of death and life after death, the law of God's Equation, right use of the will, past-life recollection, how to manifest healing from a distance, how to insulate herself from the dangers of the dark, and the ethical use of her gift of prophecy.


When Ann Ree used her prophetic powers to give aid to persons in distress, she worked with the Guardian Angels of the persons in need. In the Spheres of Light (Second Heaven) she worked with the Recording Angels of the world and the Masters. When Ann Ree received the power to interpret the archetypes of the Third Heaven, she became a prophet for the Archangels - and her prophecies were revelatory rather than clairvoyant.


When Ann Ree used the power of clairvoyant prophecy, her vision was single. When she communed with the Saints and the Risen Dead, her vision was two-fold: inner seeing and inner hearing. When she received from the Masters in the Spheres of Light, her vision was three-fold: her inner eye, inner ear, and speech became as one instrument of illumination. She reached this state of three-fold vision when she dictated her three prophetic books, Vision for the Future, The Lively Oracles, and Islands of Light. When she became a telepathic revelator for the Archangels, her vision became four-fold, and she entered into a fourth-dimensional consciousness. Assisted by the Archangels - the great guardians of the archetypes - she began to receive directly from the archetypes. In the four-fold vision, she saw through the light of the archetypes; the greater archetones (or the Word) were opened to her ears; she heard the creative hum of the universe; her own logos became at one with the Holy Ghost; and her mind received knowing in the Light of the Christ.


Prophet for the Archangels is a book for the religious person who would make more reverent his worship, and who would move into the spiritual understanding beyond doctrine. It is a book for the metaphysician who has lost touch with the Lord Jesus. It is a book for the esotericist to better understand the soul compulsions in a spiritual life. And it is for the spiritual person who seeks to covenant his life to God.

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