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The Soul and the Ethic


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 262

Pub Date: 1965




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Ann Ree Colton unveils the mysteries of the soul in this beautiful book. Describing the soul to be an "unseen jewel," a "breathing, animated vortex of light," she shares specific knowledge regarding the soul’s innate powers and attributes. The final chapter provides clear and valuable guidance for human conduct in the form of twelve ethics, supported by Biblical truths. Through her own experience of soul-realization, Ann Ree Colton offers keys to open the inner beauty, power, gifts, and radiance of the soul.


Table of Contents:


The Medallion of the Soul

Prayer, Contemplation, and Meditation


Conscience and the Soul

Creation and Healing

The Initiation of the Heart

Thought and Will

The Spiritual Life

thics and Disciplines


Foreword by Jonathan Murro:


"The soul of man has long remained a mystery. For ages the mystery of the soul has continued to intrigue and inspire those who contemplate man’s relationship with God. Many persons have intuited that the soul is the cherished link between man and his Maker, but few have been able to contribute new truths about the nature of the soul.


The Scriptures often refer to the dangers that beset the soul, the burdens that press heavily against the soul, the sorrows that sadden the soul, and the joys that cause the soul to sing.


For many years Ann Ree Colton has been a soul singer – one who has given freedom to her soul’s voice through the beauty and inspiration of her spiritual words and creative works. To her, the soul is not a mystery – it is an ever-present reality, a "breathing, animated vortex of light."


She has learned that the soul reflects the ageless record of all that one has experienced from time immemorial. She sees the soul as a source of hidden riches waiting to be discovered. And most important of all, she tells one how to find the keys to the soul’s sacred treasures.


The chapter entitled "The Medallion of the Soul" describes the author’s revelations as to why "the paramount sphere of the soul's action is around the head." The chapter, "Prayer, Contemplation, and Meditation," gives exact formulas for liberating the soul’s gifts and talents, and for coming closer to the threshold of heaven. The five contemplative chapters and their accompanying mantrams contain a philosophical, poetic, and revelatory theme. The chapter on "Ethics and Disciplines" enumerates the necessary requirements for activating and sustaining the soul’s noblest impulses.


Ann Ree Colton has often spoken to me of her deep desire to write a book about the soul, the spiritual practices, and pure ethics. I share her joy in knowing that The Soul and the Ethic has become a reality. I also rejoice with those who will receive from this beautiful book the instruction and the inspiration for which they yearn."




"Good is an imperishable treasure. The immortal record of good is never lost; it survives from life to life, from eternity to eternity. This record and reservoir of good is called grace. Faulty actions colored by self-will, or by continued indecisive thinking, will shut one away from his record and reservoir of good. However, it is inevitable that he will benefit, in some future time, from the golden record of his good.


The reservoir of good or grace rests within the medallion of the soul. The medallion of the soul is a scintillating sphere of supernatural light penetrating and surrounding the area of the head. The inner portion of this holy light contains the grace one has earned through good works."

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