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The Third Music


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 413

Pub Date: 1982




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Ann Ree Colton’s vast knowledge of the inner life is conveyed with an enthusiastic clarity and logic as she describes the nature and function of the ego, the undersoul, the Higher Self, the Most High Soul, and man’s hierarchy nature. The greater unconscious and its complement, the collective unconscious, are revealed to contain the blueprints of things to come. Movement and conscience are necessary to cleanse the subconscious and the undersoul, loosen the egotistical shell, and activate the "Third Music," "Esse," or Holy Spirit in one’s being. A section on the practice of Marking and Tracing, or observing oneself and identifying one’s negative and positive attributes, presents valuable information for self-improvement and soul-evolvement. Intentional Suffering, hierarchy nature healing, and mastery through the mandala are also discussed. Healing practices and exercises are included.


Book Cover:


In The Third Music, Ann Ree Colton introduces new terminology, insights, and realizations regarding the energy-worlds of the mind, the soul, and the Cosmos. As a teacher of the higher life for 60 years, the author presents priceless revelations concerning the future spiritualization of the human spirit. The reader in search of pure Truth will discover in The Third Music a mighty source of illumined instruction.

Table of Contents:


Book One: The Esse and the Undersoul

        Prelude: The Dance of the Cosmos

        The Undersoul

        Cleansing of the Undersoul

        The Sacred Articles of the Esse or the Passing Power

        Movement and Meditation

        Esse in Action

        The Nature of the Mind and the Ego


Book Two: Hierarchy-Nature Healing

        The Coinciding Principle

        Healing With the Hierarchy Nature

        The Continuum Sacrament

        Holy Conscience


Book Three: Exercises and Practices

        Descriptions of Transcendental Centers

        The Mind and the Hierarchy Nature

        Healing Through the Constant

        Contacting the Third Music

        Mastery Through the Mandala

        The Third Music



"There is movement of the atom, movement of the energy-fields, movement of the mind, movement of the body, movement of the primordial, movement of the soul - all expressing the movement of God.


The Third Music is movement of the primordial. Movement of the primordial is freedom from disease, from anxiety, from negativity, from ignorance.


The First Music is experienced as sound through the hearing. The Second Music is the atomic, the vibrational, electrifying and magnifying. This is the Sound Current received on and from the existent waves of birth, life, and death.


The Third Music is Spirit of God as Holy Spirit acting upon the primordial involuntary systems indented into the etheric nature. From these man expresses himself through rhythmic and cyclic compulsions, through realization and healing.


The Third Music, resounding without ceasing in the soul, seeks to make itself at home in the higher minds of all persons where God is realized. When this occurs, the Esse or Holy Spirit takes command of the atomic energies, the life renewal and creative forces, the visualization and manifestation powers of the soul.


The left side of the brain functions as a geometrical imager and mover. The right side of the mind functions as a Third Music. Music in the right side of the brain contains the rhythmic flow of the higher unconscious whereby man receives the vibrational wellsprings of the soul and Spirit."

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