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The Venerable One


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 166

Pub Date: 1963




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In The Venerable One, Ann Ree Colton shares the knowledge she received under the loving tutelage of the Venerable One, a Master Bodhisattva who works with the angels, Nature, and the inward Masters. Ann Ree first encountered this sacred Being in the Great Sierras, while sitting on a riverbank in King’s Canyon, California. The Venerable One walked across the river toward her, and from that day on, opened to her the Book of Nature. These sacred secrets relating to mountains, the Redwoods and other trees, Nature Spirits, stones, and the elements are passed to the reader, as well as Ann Ree’s understanding of the disciple’s work in the Medallion of the Masters. For the lover of the outdoors and Nature, this book is a companion providing ongoing inspiration and contemplation.


Book Cover:


The Venerable One works with the Masters to initiate man. He works with all dedicated initiates, disciples, and chelas to prepare them to become co-atom to the Lord Jesus. Also known in the Higher Worlds as Father Jupiter, the Venerable One was formerly Diogenes in the time of the Grecian philosophers. He now dwells within the First Heaven with other sacred and holy Beings. The Venerable One is sometimes seen by the disciple in daytime spiritual experience, or in night-flight and dream life. He appears as a benign Being with a glistening white beard, and he holds a white staff. The disciple is aware of his love; he is also aware of an instantaneous reproving and discipline within the holy circumference or Medallion of the

Venerable One.


In this initiatory book, the way of the Path is made plain.



Excerpt #1. "Each tree singeth a note. When the songs of the trees are combined with the wind, this maketh higher harmonies, soothing the souls of men. There are joyous trees, and there are tree sorrow-bearers, such as the pine. Small pines play music to the sound of sensitive heartstrings. Large pines vibrate to the deeper bass clefs of pain."


Excerpt #2. "The redwood standeth as an overlord among trees, recording silently, but giving with profundity through the aid of those in other spheres who, in their rank, stand equal with the redwood. If the Greater Presences in heaven feel reverence for this tree, how much more should man make the effort to be reverent when his eyes behold the reach of its height and circumference."


Excerpt #3. "High mountains send out healing radiations for a 50-mile radius. The snow upon the mountains giveth a purifying element. When the disciple standeth within the 50-mile radius, he receiveth the healing radiation from the mountain, and he carrieth it beyond the radius of the mountain. This radiation moveth from the disciple into the luminous bodies of other men, giving peace."



"When one dedicates himself to the spiritual life, he begins a series of initiations called the Saturn Initiation. Through these initiations, he accelerates his soul's medallion, and opens the deeper portals to wisdom, understanding, and revelation. The Venerable One opens the door to the Saturn Initiation, through which the disciple comes to understand the alternating rhythms of life and death, and the diversification within the duality forces at work in the earth. His instruction enables the disciple to elevate himself above duality laws, while still observing their relentless and purposeful actualities."


When the disciple stands upon the threshold of greater spiritual powers, he immerses himself in the soul of Nature. He accepts the duality powers in Nature, and takes into himself the concealed mercy aspect in Nature. One who has culminated the Saturn Initiation becomes a healer, having access to the mercy aspect of Nature.


The Venerable One leads ready disciples into the study of the processes within Nature and into the study of Nature's effect upon man. He makes it possible for such disciples to become imbued with life-giving and healing powers, so that wherever they walk they become uniters between Nature and man, man and soul, soul and God.


One who makes alignment with the Venerable One undergoes a transformation in his personality and character. His instinctual, intuitive powers are magnified. The Saturn Initiation enables him to go in and out of the earth while in his etheric body; to research the layers of the earth, the hidden laws of Nature; to make contact with the polarity points in the continents of the earth; to recall the akasic memory within mountains, oceans, rivers, streams, lakes; to understand the forest, the trees, the flight of the bird; and to behold the origin of this earth or eternity system.


After the disciple has made direct alignment with the Venerable One, he begins to understand the underlying life-cause centered within Nature, her ebb and flow of living and dying. He partakes of the strength of Nature, rather than the dying of Nature. And he gathers within himself a memory of things as they have been, and a vision of things as they ultimately will be.


There are some in the world who have certain spiritual powers, but are yet to become aware of the Venerable One as a holy personage overdirecting their spiritual lives. Such persons stand upon the outer fringe of the Medallion of the Venerable One. When one becomes a chosen vessel and is ready to serve the world, he experiences a direct contact with the Venerable One, and he becomes aware of a constant flow of telepathy supervising his spiritual life. From this time on, his heart, mind, and soul are telepathically attuned to the disciplines, corrections, and instructions of the Venerable One.


There are seven Masters now working with the more highly evolved disciple-initiates of the earth. These are Master M, the Venerable One, Master Serapis, Master G.Q., Master K.H., Master Hilarion, and Master R.


Each disciple-initiate throughout the ages is trained and instructed by the Master correlating to his soul capacity. However, when the disciple-initiate is ready for greater spiritual powers, he gradually begins to come under the telepathic instruction of the other Masters.


When a disciple is ready for greater spiritual works, the Master he has known and loved throughout the ages leads him to the Venerable One, so that the disciple may increase his devotion, reverence, and spiritual authority. When the disciple has concluded his work in the Medallion of the Venerable One, his soul-light unites with the combined soul-light of the seven Masters. He becomes communicable to all of the Masters. The combined soul light of the Masters is called the Masters' Medallion.


When the disciple stands in the heart of the Masters' Medallion, he has moved beyond personal mediation; he has attained the illuminative degree of spiritual mediation.


When one stands in the Medallion of the Venerable One, the main emphasis of the telepathic communion between him and the Venerable One is a corrective discipline. His conscience is stirred, and the flaws in his attitudes and personality are magnified. When he accepts the corrective disciplines, he enters into greater spiritual themes of enlightenment. When the disciple is communicable to all of the Masters, he comes under the Great Law. He becomes at one with all life-substances - from stone to the cell in man. He becomes at one with life.

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