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Vision for the Future


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 123

Pub Date: 1960




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Second in the series of prophetic books inspired by Ann Ree Colton’s union with the Masters, Vision for the Future provides insights into the governings of the heaven worlds. Written in the early years of her receiving the beautiful system of Niscience, this timeless book bears reverent testimony of Ann Ree’s prophetic gifts and offers an intriguing glimpse into the future of mankind.


Book Cover:


During Ann Ree Colton's childhood and early womanhood, she was aware of a comforting, loving, and benevolent presence. In her twenty-third year she saw, for the first time, the full form of the one who had been with her and prompted her since childhood. This presence proved to be the Master M. After this experience with the Master, she entered into a direct rapport with the Higher Worlds. In the early years of her spiritual work, she refrained from revealing to others her association with the Masters. Later, after many initiatory trials, she began to speak and write of her telepathic experiences with the Higher Worlds.


The 20 telepathic passages recorded in Vision for the Future were experienced by the author in the summer of 1952 during telepathic experiences with the Masters or Great Immortals. The descriptive and explanatory side comments were written in 1959.



"Man is centered within an incessant downpouring of spiritual mediation. This mediation seeks to imprint upon the consciousness of man the Will of God, the need to be faithful to God, the Plan and Order of God, the Law of God, the Healing Power of God, the procedure to reach God, and man's work as a co-creator with God. "


"Through increased devotion, prayer, and activated works of good one may gradually establish telepathic receptivity to the greater degrees of mediative help and instruction from the Higher Worlds."


"When there is dedication and ripe timing as to grace, one telepathically receives inspiring and creative ideas from the Masters. The Elect telepathically send their mediative healing helps to individuals, families, and nations."

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