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The Divine Image


Author: Jonathan Murro

Pages: 478

Pub Date: 1990


0-917189-08-6 (old)


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THE DIVINE IMAGE is a definitive work related to the eternal Image of God. Jonathan Murro devoted almost four decades to teaching the scriptural truths of the East and the West related to the process of illumination. In this beautiful book, he shares the fruits of his inner research and his understanding gained as a teacher of modern-day students. Chapters such as "The Path of Devotion," "The Bliss Consciousness," and "Redemption: Progressive States of Grace" will inform and inspire those interested in the spiritual life.


Book Cover:


Many persons who meditate, pray, and fast have little understanding of the necessity to balance these practices with insightful and vigilant adherence to the Laws and Commandments of God. Jonathan Murro demonstrates through this powerful and penetrating book the dangers as well as the blessings of the spiritual life, enabling sincere seekers after Truth to embrace the grace-treasures of their souls while avoiding the pitfalls upon the Path. He writes, "A devotee of the Lord progresses on the Spiritual Path only to the degree that he sees and loves the Image of God in every living soul."


The author presents the reader with new and revelatory instruction regarding Image-of-God Genetics, and discusses the roles heredity and genetic tendencies play in one's life. He also breaks new ground with his instruction concerning the sattvic nervous system and the science of sensitivities. In THE DIVINE IMAGE, Jonathan Murro gives the reader the tools to attain a sattvic or peaceful nervous system, and to acquire the spiritual sensitivities that prosper union with the Presence of God.

Table of Contents:


The Image of God

The Image of Christ

From Darkness to Light

The Four Inner Cores


The Path of Devotion

Sacred Seals

The Creative Imagination

The Bliss Consciousness

Redemption: Progressive States of Grace

Penance and Restitution

Divine-lmage Visualizations

The Eternal Now

The Face of God

Dedication of the Day

Evolution Through Vows

The Transcendental Marriage

The Healing of Pettiness

Rape of the Altar

Image-of-God Genetics

Heredity and Reincarnation


Synchronization and Celebration

The Sattvic Nervous System

The Science of Sensitivities

The Anointed Teacher




"Jesus of Nazareth worked with Image-of-God energies. While on earth, He manifested instantaneous healings, exorcisms, and other miracles through His knowledge of the powerful transformation-energies of the Image of God within the soul of every person. For a cripple or a leper to be restored to perfect health in a moment of time through Jesus' intercession testifies to the presence and power of the Image of God and its restoration and normalization of all energy systems and bodily processes."


"All gifts of the soul are projected from the Image of God. These diverse gifts endow one with a spiritual individuality and creative versatility. As he applies devotional worship-procedures each day with love for God, the gifts of his soul flower forth."

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