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The Anointed


Authors: Ann Ree Colton, Jonathan Murro

Pages: 444

Pub Date: 1987


0-917189-06-X (old)


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The authors of THE ANOINTED were master teachers of the higher life who devoted their lives to preparing students to receive the powerful anointing of God. This invaluable book shares many significant aspects of the Holy War, the war between dark and light, as it pertains to the spiritual aspirant. Subjects such as penetrable points of telepathy, chakra energies, the neutral field, sensitivity development, the ills of the temperament, and many others will assist novices to work creatively with the trials and testings inherent in the spiritual life.


Table of Contents:


The Anointing and the Anointed

Creation Through Thought

The Disciplines of Love

Penetrable Points of Telepathy

The Holy War: The Christ and the Antichrist

The Chakra Wheels

Chakra Energies

The Ten Commandments as an Exorcising Vehicle

The Neutral Field

Insulation: The Whole Armor of God

Magnification and the Holy Ghost

Ills of the Temperament

Sensitivity Development

Transenergization and Exorcism

The Healing of Anger

The Healing of Sadism

The Tongue: The Organ of Logos

Vigilance and the Tongue

Fasting Prayers

Voltage and Vows




Ann Ree Colton:  "Each person has within him the potential for all of the spiritual gifts. These act as the Grace of God in him, but each person must work to earn his gifts through soul-unfoldment. It is the work of all living teachers under Christ to teach every student how to expand his soul-powers and make them equal to his spiritual gifts."


Jonathan Murro:  "The obligation of the Anointed is to share with others the knowledge necessary to earn the Anointing. A seeker after Truth who responds to this instruction will receive the Anointing that will begin his marriage or union with God. Thereafter, he will serve the Almighty as an enlightened teacher graced with priceless spiritual gifts."

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