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The Archetypal Kingdom


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 454

Pub Date: 1988

ISBN: 978-0-917189-07-4

0-917189-07-8 (old)


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In THE ARCHETYPAL KINGDOM, Ann Ree Colton describes the process of atom evolvement through which human beings are evolving their spiritual stature on earth. She explains the archetypal blueprints in the heaven worlds that determine the cycles and timings within this remarkable destiny. The three heavens, the astral world, and the great telepathic mediators inhabiting these realms are also described in detail. To comprehend the dimensional purposes and means supporting life, Ann Ree Colton’s incomparable clarity and knowledge as expressed in THE ARCHETYPAL KINGDOM are vital revelators.


Book Cover:


Through a logical process called atom evolvement, the author describes the evolution of the human spirit from tribal-genesis and family-genesis to self-genesis and cosmos-genesis. She writes at length on the present-day turbulent transitions from tribal attitudes and family limitations to the beginning stages of the Age of Self-Genesis.


THE ARCHETYPAL KINGDOM is filled with priceless knowledge regarding the influences of the three heavens upon the earth. The roles of Buddha, Mary, Jesus, and other Beings and Presences dwelling in the transcendental worlds are explained with clarity and logic. A thorough description of the little-known astral world is also provided.


A new era awaits man, an era in which he will work consciously with the Archetypes or Blueprints of God for the creation of the earth and the Cosmos. As a prophet and revelator under the Christ, Ann Ree Colton has planted many powerful seed-truths that will inspire receptive hearts and fertile minds to understand the spiritual destiny of man as a co-creator with God and an heir of His Kingdom.

Table of Contents:


Part One: Atom Evolvement and Self-Genesis

   The New-Era Dharma

   Atom Evolvement

   The Archetypal Cord

   The Seven Genesis-Levels

   The World-Soul Atom

   Arcs of the Ages

   The Age of Self-Genesis

   Mind and Soul



Part Two: The Three Heavens

   The Lower Astral World

   Dream Levels

   Telepathy and Heavenly Beings

   The First Heaven

   The Second Heaven: The Spheres of Light

   The Third Heaven

   The Greater Archetypes

   The Christ Spirit

   Archetype of World Worship

   Angels and Archetypes





"The Greater Archetypes in the Third Heaven are throbbing, humming vortices of intelligence. These archetypes are the connecting link between the outer universe and the universe of man."


"All true ideas have their source or origin in the Greater Blueprints or Archetypes of God. God's Equation determines when men are ready to receive the greater truths. Man's degree of evolvement determines how he will interpret them and use them."


"The Greater Archetypes form a cohesive body, enabling the Christ to center His Light in this earth system. The world is now undergoing a cleansing so that men may prepare to receive the Archetypal Light of the Christ. Institutions, barriers, and broken idols will be replaced by the true fire of the Living God through which the Christ, the Regent of the earth, makes His Presence known to men."


"When men are reluctant to believe in God, the world falls into a tumultuous chaos. During a chaos period, a nucleus of advanced disciples is born to the earth. These disciples know one another in the Spiritual Worlds. They have made a covenant and a vow, and they are protected from the forces of the dark. Their work is to bring the Word of the Kingdom of God, and from their teachings the hearts of men are made more humble."

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