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The King


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 72

Pub Date: 1968




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The "King" is the Higher Self, or eternal Self, which overdwells the soul’s medallion. It is the goal of the initiate to unite with the King and thus bring all states of consciousness under the rulership and authority of the King. This amazing book contains 367 passages from the hieroglyphic journal of Ann Ree Colton, each of which contains a cryptographic knot. When a cryptographic knot is untied, it produces vital, uninhibited versatility and creation, new imaging power, and a greater receptivity to one’s inner King.


Introduction by Jonathan Murro:


"The King is from the hieroglyphic journal of Ann Ree Colton. This unique journal, which she has kept for over forty years, is filled with inspiring instruction, for each hieroglyphic entry is accompanied by a dynamic written stanza.


The hieroglyphics selected for The King are photographic reproductions taken directly from the author's original journal. The reader should not concern himself with trying to decipher the hieroglyphics, as the key to their interpretation is known only to the author.


I have observed that whenever Ann Ree Colton writes in her hieroglyphic journal, she experiences spiritual light and joy. This light and joy may be shared by the intuitive reader of The King - the reader who makes himself receptive to the symbolic meaning within each stanza. The progressive flow of the philosophical stanzas offers an illumined pathway for one who would become united with his Higher Self."



"Each stanza in this book contains a knot waiting to be untied by the reader. Each knot mastered releases a reserve of spontaneity, a freshet of joy.


The stanzas or passages contain cryptographs evoking struggle and stimuli, that a certain activity may occur within the hidden depths of the consciousness. Each cryptograph or hieroglyphic statement is a lamp lighting the way out of the tunnels or subterranean passages of the subconscious.


When a cryptographic knot is untied, it produces vital, uninhibited versatility and creation - and one frees new imaging power. A cryptographic knot, when opened, results in a rhythmic receptivity from the King - the Higher Self.


There are varying degrees of experiencing the King or Higher Self. Before one can experience the King, he must open the interior depths of the subconscious root-memory which influences sentient experience. In this he undergoes the initiatory trials within the shadowed grottos of his emotions, and comes face to face with his shadowed self, or dweller, containing the record of his karma or soul debts.


The Higher Self or King overdwells the soul's medallion around the head. The Higher Self is the eternal Self. The King or Higher Self persists in summoning the centered self until a breakthrough occurs, and all states of consciousness come under the King's rulership or authority.


The Centered Self is the grace aspect of one's higher individuality. The Centered Self assures one that he will retain his higher individuality and that he will remain himself regardless of birth or death.


The Centered Self dwells in the hidden sacred lake or the interior cavity of the brain between the pituitary and pineal glands. The sacred lake is a drop of supernal liquid fire. When the King or Higher Self takes command of the sacred lake or his chamber, the liquid contents of the sacred lake become a crystal-like, illuminative, healing fountain uniting the pituitary and pineal glands.


To reach the Centered Self - and thus take command of one's higher consciousness - one passes through the labyrinths of allegory, parable, and symbology. To unite with the King one must first unlock the stele or the engraven lock protecting the Centered Self. The stele is an unceasing, vibrating identity-tone which keeps intact the grace record of the Centered Self or the higher individuality.


The purpose of this book is to unite the grace aspect of one's Centered Self with the eternal grace of his Higher Self. Each stanza in this book is an exercise designed to help one cross the bridge over the chasm separating the dark from the light. Each stanza is designed to stimulate the stele images contained within the Centered Self. To read with receptivity is to open the king's chamber or the sacred repository of the Centered Self.


The passages should be read with a receptive mood of absorption. If one seeks to intellectualize the passages with the expectation of continuity, he will lose touch with the sacred knots upon the thread, or short-circuit the forward progress toward the King or Higher Self.



"Man is blessed if he rules his kingdom as a King. If he is divided between his royalty and himself, his kingdom falls."


"Wars come to rulers who hunger for power over other men. Those who thirst after power first and peace last, leave dust for their people to remember. Kings who are as doves mediate between kingdoms, and peace reigns."


"A true King listens to the counsel of a wise and loyal sayer in his household. His ear is closed to sweetened words. He who rules needs wise counsel more than any other man."

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