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My Son, Ikhnaton


Author: Ann Ree Colton

Pages: 172

Pub Date: 1992




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This manuscript contains much previously unknown information regarding the life and times of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ikhnaton, as told through the eyes of his mother, Queen Tiye. Based on vivid recollections of Ikhnaton’s life-events as revealed to Ann Ree Colton in the akasic light, this book provides amazing understanding of the religion and culture of ancient Egypt. Ikhnaton was unique among Pharaohs because of his belief in one God and his commitment to non-violence. At a time of religious decay in his nation, Ikhnaton sought to preserve and practice the higher initiatory knowledge brought to Egypt out of Atlantis through the establishment of a new capital city, Akhetaten. Ikhnaton was a forerunner-soul, whose story will open many new doors to understanding a dynamic former era and its contributions to modern times. Also included are Ann Ree Colton’s writings pertaining to many of the spiritual monuments of Egypt, including the Valley of the Kings, the Sphinx, and the pyramids.


Book Cover:


Ann Ree Colton was a spiritual teacher to students of the higher life and a writer of numerous inspired books. She served as a gracious and humble servant of God for approximately sixty years. In the year of 1953, Ann Ree asked Jonathan Murro, her husband, co-worker, and co-founder of the Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc., to join her for special morning meditations, during which she spoke beautiful words of prophecy and inspiration into a tape recorder. One day, quite unexpectedly, Ann Ree began to recall in vivid detail the birth, life, and times of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ikhnaton, who lived about 1300 years before the birth of Christ. As the manuscript unfolded from week to week, many unknown facts were revealed about this remarkable Pharaoh.


Ikhnaton lived during the Eighteenth Dynasty. He ruled Egypt for seventeen years, ascending the throne of his ancestors around 1358 B.C.


Ikhnaton was guided by divine inspiration to the exact location in the Egyptian desert near the Nile River where he would build a city, Akhetaten, dedicated to Aton, the One God. This vision occurred in the fifth year of his reign as Pharaoh.


The Hebrews' belief in one God originated several hundred years before the time of Ikhnaton; however, the Hebrew philosophy of an-eye-for-an-eye toward their enemies made wars and killing a way of life that has endured until the present century. Ikhnaton was the first national leader in the history of the world who practiced harmlessness, gentleness, and love for peace as expressions of his faith in the one God, a God of love. Like India's Mahatma Gandhi, Ikhnaton would not allow force, violence, or war as a means of preserving people, lands, or national ideals. He was a forerunner-soul filled with the prophetic vision of a mankind that will one day desire to express only peace, beauty, and goodwill.


Ikhnaton's adoration of God was not marred by fearfulness for his life or the fall of his nation. His full faith in the One God of Eternal Love inspired him to stand strong for the sacred principles that will one day promote love and harmony among all nations.


Ann Ree Colton reads the records of Ikhnaton's life and times in the akasic light. Occupied throughout her life with teaching and counseling her students, with the activities and operation of the Ann Ree Colton Foundation, and with the many other books she wrote and published, Ann Ree was unable to publish this manuscript during her lifetime, though she frequently spoke of her desire to do so. This volume, then, is her posthumous gift. Ann Ree's beloved husband, Jonathan Murro, spent two years editing this manuscript, as one of his last major accomplishments before he died in 1991. In 1989, Jonathan traveled to Tel el Amarna, the golden city of Ikhnaton. The photographs contained in this volume were taken during his pilgrimage there. My Son, Ikhnaton will open many new doors to understanding a dynamic former era and its contributions to modern times.

Table of Contents:


Introduction by Jonathan Murro


My Son, Ikhnaton

Pyramid Initiation

Prayers of Ikhnaton


"Ikhnaton, in his knowledge of Aton, had gathered the knowledge of the pure in Atlantis that gave the direct archetypal secrets from the World of God. Day by day, Ikhnaton brought forth the beauties of light into the earth, and men lived in his golden city in peace and harmony."


"The somber shadows fell on lower Egypt; Ikhnaton's light, in contrast, revealed the secrets of the mysteries between the ages and the ancient rhythm in life. The thread that fills all men and makes men one dwelt with them. Men with Ikhnaton experienced their initiations in the corridors within the mountain fastness and the temple reach. Their initiations sealed in for all time the rhythm and the face of memory from all lives, from the time of the setting out from the One."

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