A November Guild Message

I would like to repeat a little vision I had last night for those who were not here then. I was sitting waiting for the service. I was not here because I was yet tired from the trip. I planned to come in when the questions and answers were completed. As I waited, I entered into the word which was being contemplated, and the word was “quiet.” Suddenly, all around the house and buildings there was like a snowstorm with lovely pink snowflakes. They were falling on this island of peace and worship, and blessing us. I feel that it was a talisman of God that we might be blessed, and that the prayers that you have carried on in the Sanctuary – the attendance this summer, your loyalty, your devotion, your trying and your serving – this had spoken a continual tongue, and more than this, that which you have proven to yourselves of the demonstrable truth and power of Niscience. My hope went skyward and it became one of knowing, of Niscience, – all that we have seen and hoped for – the effort, and that it is acknowledged in heaven, that it was again a downpouring of blessing for us.

So I feel that tonight I should thank all of you who have contributed this summer, the actual work of the men next door, the work which was fulfilled by Anastasia in the various things which had to be done in her stewardship, all of you in your stewardship, your moderatorship, recording, lay ministry on Sundays, your Devotion ministry – all of which is a wonderful thing.

And to think that it has come out of our own call of soul, and that we have called this teaching out of our soul desiring to have a pure ethical teaching, a pure, reverent worship and approach to God. That we have called this out o