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Ann Ree Colton's Birthday and Name-Claiming Weekend

And I will write upon him my new name. (Revelation 3:12)

From August 12th to 17th each year, the Name-Claiming time is sacred, also revelatory. Alertness in this period confirms more of the true name which functions with the Name of God, and therefore enables one who has this grace to become one of the God-sent. (Ann Ree Colton)

This mandala by Ann Ree Colton titled "Step Beyond Gravity" was drawn after her levitation experience.

Ann Ree’s birthday weekend is one of the most beloved spiritual festivals in our Niscience calendar year. The combined power and beauty of Ann Ree’s levitation anniversary on August 12, Mary’s birthday on August 15, Ann Ree’s birthday on August 17, the beautiful White Harvest Art Festival held this year right on her birthday, and the Name Claiming Service and Sacrament on Sunday morning make of this sequence of events a mighty cycle of manifestation and ascension.

Following her levitation miracle in the Chapel of the Jesus Ethic on August 12,1973, Ann Ree stated:

The Christ on this day took command of all our souls. He used my body to demonstrate His power physically and spiritually. This occurred on August 12, three days before the birth date of Mary, the Mother of our Lord. (Ann Ree Colton)

We commemorate this timing together via all the events of the Name-Claiming weekend, the Christ once again takes “command of…our souls” as Ann Ree stated. We enter into a vortex of initiation and realization during this period of days that culminates Sunday morning. Something of this nature occurs with every Niscience Conclave and holy-day timing, but the Name-Claiming and Birthday cycle is unique. It is unique in its power of manifestation (the colorful art show, creativity, music, the sounding and calling of the Names, the powerful mantrams spoken together on Sunday morning). With the calling of the Grace Names and our re-dedications we unite with our own inward tone that has initiated us forth into life.

One cannot escape from the tone or sound creating his destiny. It is uniquely his own, moving him forward through the infinite and varied processes of creation. (Ann Ree Colton)

On the Name-Claiming Day, we unite with the name-call of our grace, and thus move forward toward our true sounding as a spirit incarnated into form, place and consciousness. (Ann Ree Colton)


I wanted to thank you and the group body for a beautiful Name-Claiming weekend. It is a joy to see all of the contributions to the Art Festival come into a cohesive expression of the versatility that is Niscience! We so enjoyed the Agape, the fantastic music, and the slides of Iceland. On Sunday, Jairus’s talk beautifully expressed Ann Ree’s dimensionality, grounded practicality, and Agape spirit. It is amazing that a soul who was living in a sixth-dimensional reality could also be so caring for her chelas. Walker’s talk on “Meaning Versus Happiness” proved Ann Ree and Jonathan’s teachings in so many ways. It is fascinating that science is proving that a life devoted to a pursuit of pleasure actually creates illness, rather than happiness and well-being, in all of our bodies. I loved the quote from Victor Frankl, that “Happiness cannot be pursued, it must ensue.” I am so grateful for our Teachers who have served us the “meat” of the spiritual life, the understanding of the joy in sacrifice, and how important it is to pursue consciousness and a life of service.

Also my gratitude to God for the Agape Spirit of the group body and for all who set up, served Agape, and cleaned up and for the beautiful flowers and grounds, and for all who keep the Teaching alive through their devotion and constancy in love.


Some of the artwork shared at the Art Festival:

"Good Friday" by Conchessa Noonan / "A Voice Crying in the Wilderness" by Enys Miller /

"Talisman 14" by Simon Burnett

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