Ann Ree Colton's Birthday and Name-Claiming Weekend

And I will write upon him my new name. (Revelation 3:12)

From August 12th to 17th each year, the Name-Claiming time is sacred, also revelatory. Alertness in this period confirms more of the true name which functions with the Name of God, and therefore enables one who has this grace to become one of the God-sent. (Ann Ree Colton)

This mandala by Ann Ree Colton titled "Step Beyond Gravity" was drawn after her levitation experience.

Ann Ree’s birthday weekend is one of the most beloved spiritual festivals in our Niscience calendar year. The combined power and beauty of Ann Ree’s levitation anniversary on August 12, Mary’s birthday on August 15, Ann Ree’s birthday on August 17, the beautiful White Harvest Art Festival held this y