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Christmas 2020

"Bethlehem Scene" by Jonathan Murro

Beloved Co-Disciples,

“For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him” (St. Matthew 2:2).

Each Christmas the cycle renews. It is a gift of God that we turn our hearts and hopes once again to Bethlehem, to the manger, the dear parents, and to the star leading us to the Christ Child. All the symbols, sounds, and remembrance are stirred. We prepare our gifts, our hearts – desiring to protect Him, realize Him, and serve Him with fulness and joy.

We are all connected to the Star. Each Christmas some will rise anew with recognition. Some will grasp a greater portion of the wonder that is Christmas. Some will be transformed. Ann Ree tells us that on the day of Jesus’ birth, “the world began again” – and so it is to some degree with every passing year.

This Christmas let us covenant to live more closely to His Words that so patiently inscribe their portent upon our hearts. Let us listen. And let us abide with peace as His Light expands and rekindles our love.


At Christmas the sacred Presence of our Lord renews our hope, our love for one another. Our prayer is to give to all the gift of our heart in the Name of Jesus.

Christmas moves upon us in a time of great trial and of testing never before known in this world. These are the times of the tribulation about which Jesus spoke – the times when we must open the gifts in our souls He left to us. These gifts are now coming to birth in answer to our need, our cry. These gifts are unending. We offer them in His Name to all in the world who cry out for help.

Now at Christmas the Lord of Love beseeches you to open your heart, to share the riches of His Love with those who are unloved, to give the food of faith to those who have lost their faith.

This is the time of His birth, transforming, healing. This is the time to love, to give. Christmas heals – for He speaks once more to the many and to the one.

God bless your Christmas. God keep your faith. God speed your happiness.

-Ann Ree Colton


Wishing all a Christmas filled with Light and Joy.

On behalf of all your co-disciples and the Niscience Foundation,

Enys Miller

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