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Christmas Message

“And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger” (St. Luke 2:12).

Beloved Ones,

Once again our hearts prepare to encompass the beauty and wonder of Christmas. The birth of the Christ Child is something for which we have hoped and prepared. Each Christmas is the fruit of all the things that Jesus taught us to become. For He came to us not just as a beautiful story, He came to us as a Way. And His Way engenders an ever-increasing wonder of birth each year. Christmas is something to be truly lived.

As a mother is presciently aware of the growing of the babe within her womb, so too we seek to accommodate the wonder of Christ’s Increase in our souls. He is part of us all; His coming is within the whole human spirit. He would open in us new dimension – the wonder to live in this world as part of His heart, His gospel, His joy.

Our world needs Him – needs the moments of quiet depth and remembrance. Needs the touchstones of the miraculous and the innocent. But not only as something that happened long ago, but as something that is presciently alive – born in Him – born in courage, sacrifice, faith, and love each day. Let us attune ourselves to the divine assurance that life is purposeful and good, and that it has so much to teach us, so much to give birth to within us. Though the way be hard, we are at peace, and our souls resound a deepening joy and understanding.

Our Teachers have told us, You are loved in Christ. At the manger we see our countenance more clearly. We remember the Star, the Angels, the dear Animals, the Mother, the Father, and the Child – all so benign in their constant blessing of peace, knowing, and guidance for us all. He is here. It is perfect. It is joy. Let peace come as Christ guides our way.

Now at Christmas the Lord of Love beseeches you to open your heart, to share the riches of His Love with those who are unloved, to give the food of faith to those who have lost their faith.

This is the time of His birth, transforming, healing. This is the time to love, to give. Christmas heals – for He speaks once more to the many and to the one. God bless your Christmas. God keep your faith. God speed your happiness.

-Ann Ree Colton

May the dear essences of the manger guide us. And may the star assure us of this sublime destiny and perfection, born on a winter’s night and remembered once more each Christmas with greater truth, love, and joy. With most profound recognition of all that our Teachers have provided us through which we grow without ceasing.

On behalf of all your Niscience Friends and Co-Disciples,



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