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"Christmas Letter,"

by Ann Ree Colton....

May Christmas joy open your eyes to the Christ Babe in your heart, healing forever the cause of pain and despair. Let your faith rest nigh unto the Babe, the Lord, for He awaits to grow in you, to flower, to minister to you.

The day of our Lord's birth is a covenant day, a new look at the Bethlehem Star, a new vision seen from the vistas of the soul.

In this coming year let us all seek to be aware of this Mediator of our souls. He relentlessly keeps watch and waits, for He is the Lord, the risen and ascended One. His day of birth is His gift to all, that we may sing and speak of Him forever. God is present in our Lord; He is present with us through Him. -Ann Ree Colton

Member Testimonies, Inspiration, and Haiku

The Christmas New Song Night program was a feast of musical beauty and soul-stirring reverence.


So joyful to know the beauty of Christmas is emanating its healing love into every corner of the world, no matter how deep the perceived shadow may be. My gratitude to all hearts in the world seeking God.

Hollow my heart and dwell therein, O Lord of Love:

Hallow me.

Fill my emptiness with Your creation.

Hallow me.

Hollow my heart that Your Light may shine forth

to light the way for men.

Hallow me.


Another year has swiftly gone by and I send my everlasting gratitude to you all. So diligently giving your time doing the Father’s work you have helped me through your Agape magazine readings each month in understanding Ann Ree and Jonathan’s teachings.


Venus, Jupiter

and Saturn through our window

planetary awe



water into wine

sublime wint’ry alchemy

hand of God unseen

water into wine

what shall this Epiphany?

bearing gifts disclose



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