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Integrity Penance Walk

The Virtue Garment of Integrity

But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity. -Psalm 26:11

Integrity results from the right use of discrimination or knowing the difference between right and wrong. Integrity is the virtue holding together all of the other virtues. -Ann Ree Colton

When integrity and other key virtues are contemplated and expressed, they become trusted voices of guidance blessed by the Creator. The rewards and inheritances of Spiritual Illumination come when all virtues are quickened and anointed by the Spirit of God. Thereafter, one walks the earth clothed in his integrity as an anointed servant of God. -Jonathan Murro

How wondrous is the weaving of the threads in my soul-garment.

And how beautiful is the design of my creation. (ARC)

Archetypal Integrity

And as for me, thou upholdest me in mine integrity,

and settest me before thy face for ever.

-Psalm 41:12

The Christ Spirit in Jesus beheld in the disciples a new universe for men – a new man containing an embryonic wholeness of being.

-Ann Ree Colton

The integrity of Universal and Eternal Creation sealed into the Image of God in each soul will always prove victorious. The integrity of each Archetype in the starry Universe is self-protecting and self-fulfilling. The integrity of one Archetype is communicable to the integrity of another Archetype. Man may discover and discern the key to comprehending the Universal Archetypes only through his ow

n expression of integrity. As the Integrity of the soul becomes part of one’s heart, mind and life, he begins to identify with the Integrity of God in His Harmonious Creation of the Universe.

-Jonathan Murro

Naught may be lost in

God. Each is a fragment of

the whole. How blessed is

my wholeness in God. (ARC)

Honor and Integrity

Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast

been honourable, and I have loved thee.

-Isaiah 43:4

Contemplate honor and seek to discern your true state of integrity. There are degrees of Heaven inherent in man. If he has within himself good, he is responsive to the plateau of Heaven where dwell the Cherubim Angels; this plateau will enable him to achieve integrity, honor, charity.

When man is self-controlled, the spirit of his ancestors rejoices in Heaven. When man is self-reliant, his ego is anointed with soul-faculties. When man is self-responsible, he is given a domain to rule, wherein he honors God and all kingdoms, domains.

-Ann Ree Colton

An honorable servant of the Living God knows that he is responsible for all of his actions, feelings and thoughts in his previous lives as well as in his present life and that his soul’s record will determine his future lives.

-Jonathan Murro

The blessed tomorrows are potent with God’s

Eternal capacities. I shall try to anticipate and

recognize the Right and the Light. (ARC)

The Student and The Teacher

So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart;

and guided them by the skilfulness of his hands.

- Psalm 78:72

A Teacher who has earned co-atom grace becomes the directing energy to help the chela put his character, intent, and motives into the integrity channels. To accept the soul-flow in others is nobility, integrity. Co-atom wisdoms create holiness in environments, in mind-stature, in integrity.

-Ann Ree Colton

A student, through the gift of volition, expresses his choices and decisions. If the student is honorable, he will observe his part in the Teacher-student relationship with integrity, faithfulness and conscientiousness.

-Jonathan Murro

If it is the Will of Christ Jesus,

send to me the God-sent

who know there is a mission.

Let me be a Teacher of honor and integrity

in every way of distributing Thy Powers.

And let me always ask nothing to claim

for myself in the way of self-glorification. (ARC)

Integrity Armor of the Teacher

The integrity of the upright shall guide them.

-Proverbs 11:3

There are nine great abominations that support the sinbody of the world: lust, anger, hatred, covetousness, blaspheming, envy, pride, self-love, and egotism. Anyone in the world consenting to be a vehicle or vessel to channel these abominations lives in a state of karma. An authentic and true Teacher has traveled the Path of Initiation for countless lives to attain freedom from these abominations, that he may heal, teach, revive, and empower other souls to teach in the world. Having taken the inward vow, it is the task of the Teacher to remain constant where there is inconstancy; to remain loving where there is unloving; and to remain chaste within his vow of selflessness, which is the integrity-armor of all true Teachers.

-Ann Ree Colton

Thank Thee, Father, for my Teacher. -Jonathan Murro

Earnestly, truly, I will seek my soul’s voice and

record it; for I know my lesser self does only in

part, sees only in part. If it is the Will, let me give

wholeness and meaning to all my actions. (ARC)


The just man walketh in his integrity: his children

are blessed after him. -Proverbs 20:7

Governments and nations out of good karma acquire unto themselves in periods or cycles men of integrity and purity who keep the soul balance of the race, nation or country at a level on which the Hierarchs and the Great Overlords of world governments may work. There hath been no time before now in which so much chaos, confusion, selfishness, separateness, division, corruption, have set themselves into the Earth. In this period of time men reach a peak on which trials in systems of government are proving that men of the Earth cannot govern themselves. That which is set up by man is of rulership and not of governing. That of governing cometh from the Spiritual Spheres and is set always first in the archetype of an ideal of the Pure.

-Ann Ree Colton

The founding fathers of the United States of America understood the importance of integrity, virtue and morality. Their wisdom remains as a fountain from which the majority of America’s leaders and people no longer drink.

-Jonathan Murro

May the circumference of my united self give

freedom and perfect fulfillment. (ARC)


Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for

I wait on thee. -Psalm 25:21

A true and wholehearted repentance establishes one’s integrity in the sight of God. It is extremely important that one prove his integrity to God, his Teacher and his co-disciples so

that he can be trusted as a worker in the Vineyard of the Christ. Until one expresses a sincere repentance, he will continue to remain prodigal toward one or more Scriptural Laws and Cardinal Virtues. Many persons in the religions of the world remain unenlightened because of their lower-nature expressions that thwart a sincere and wholehearted repentance. One progresses spiritually only to the degree that he proves his integrity in the sight of God.

-Jonathan Murro

A person who truly stands for repentance on the spiritual Path is making penance for all mankind. A person who works with honesty in his own self-exposure will work with honesty to cleanse the world.

-Ann Ree Colton

If my works be true, I shall return to wholeness,

holiness. (ARC)

Testing Principle

Let me be weighed in an even balance, that God

may know mine integrity. -Job 31:6

Job was stripped of everything but his integrity. He had health taken from him, possessions taken from him, family taken from him, honor taken from him. -Ann Ree Colton

Even as God permitted Satan to test the integrity of Job and the integrity of Jesus, so is the integrity of every person tested during minor and major confrontations with Satan. All Laws of God are based upon the mathematics of Creation regarding the Soul and the Divine Image. The Testing Principle, as part of this mathematical process, determines the readiness of each person to evolve to a higher rung on the ladder of evolutionary progress through emotional, mental and spiritual integrity. When an aspirant on the Path does not recognize a test of his integrity, he may be temporarily caught off guard until he musters the courage and faith to withstand the adversary. The moment a devotee or initiate recognizes the test and its purpose, he should say: “Father, thank Thee for the test.”

-Jonathan Murro

May my motives and my conscience unite,

and clarify the route for my works of worthiness.


Time of Trial

Look at the Christian!...If he is denounced (as a

Christian) he glories in it; if he is accused, he does

not defend himself; when he is questioned, he confesses

without any pressure; when he is condemned,

he renders thanks. -Tertullian, 197 A.D.

The proof that one is in the Saint’s stream is character sweetness during the time of persecution. Job retained his character-sweetness during his period of persecution; he therefore came into wholeness and spirituality. Without the aid of his pseudo-sympathetic friends, he made the grade by his own innate nature based upon total faith in God. It is the

true integrity when one speaks not evil of his persecutors; this is the true turning of the other cheek.

-Ann Ree Colton

Where are Thy sheep, Jesus? Where are Thy lambs, Thy doves? Where are the pure in heart, the harmless, the forgiving, the selfless, the loving, the giving of their all to God?

-Jonathan Murro

My frame is weary but that which enflames and

quickens me wearies not.

I shall be gathered into the universal wholeness

of the One – and the All shall sustain me. (ARC)

Moral Integrity

And God said unto him in a dream, Yea, I know

that thou didst this in the integrity of thy heart.

-Genesis 20:6

In man’s domain, there is a mental morality in thinking based upon the integrity of the mind; an emotional morality based upon the use of love; an etheric morality based upon obedience to Nature’s laws; and a physical morality based upon one’s acts and actions. Courage for ethic and principles is one of the highest points in integrity. The Moral Principles are the supports of

one’s ethical, everyday life.

-Ann Ree Colton

A fierce struggle is occurring throughout the world; a war is being fought between the Christ and the Antichrist. The Christ represents Holiness, Righteousness, Virtue, Morality, Law and Ethic. The Antichrist represents Irreverence, Unrighteousness, Vice, Immorality, Lawlessness and Unethical behavior.

-Jonathan Murro

May I be centered within wholeness and holiness.


Moral Worth

He that walketh uprightly walketh surely.

-Proverbs 20:9

The first virtue on the human plane is moral worth. As a useful vehicle for God, one must attain first moral worth. He attains moral worth through observing and fulfilling the Ten Commandments. There is money morality; friendship morality; sexual morality; come-and-go morality; and a self morality, which is soul-integrity. The Christ morality is a morality of supreme values. Sooner or later, a person will shift to these values.

-Ann Ree Colton

The Path to Enlightenment begins with the noble, ethical and moral use of all energies entrusted to the individual by the Creator. The joy of life and the joy of creation increase through the honorable, lawful use of life’s energies provided by the Godhead through the Sun.

-Jonathan Murro

My work to overcome the lesser self will disclose the better self.

My better self will reveal the everlasting self

dwelling eternally, selflessly, with God. (ARC)

Mental Integrity

Judge me, O Lord; for I have walked in mine

integrity. - Psalm 2 6:1

The exercises in the Niscience practices enable you to confront the massed heats of the undersoul, to define these and to transenergize them into light undefiled. Never forget that the Initiate battles the dark by bringing the laws and the commandments up into the mind. The battle of the mind is a battle for mental integrity. “The Lord is my salvation;… of whom shall I be afraid” is a statement of scriptures to live with. While consciousness expresses the true as well as the false self, it is the attributes of the mind that one must use to attain a consciousness of wholeness and of light.

-Ann Ree Colton

The more the dark energies within negative thoughts and emotions are changed into the lighted energies of holy thoughts and peaceful emotions, the more the Light of the Christ abides in one. The “mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16) is a mind of Light earned through many transenergizations of darkness into light.

-Jonathan Murro

I know that egotism often disguises itself

through self-preservation.

I pray to know a true humility devoid of selfpraise.


Honorable Restitution

Providing for honest things, not only in the sight

of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

-2 Corinthians 8:21

The heart of restitution is to overcome evil. When one overcomes evil, he cuts the satanic chains of malice and sensuality, which are Satan-directed and Satan-controlled. Once one makes restitution, he can walk in honor and freedom with lightness.

-Ann Ree Colton

The moment a seeker after truth proves sincere in his repentance, honest in his confessions, humble in his penances and honorable in his restitutions, his integrity will bring all virtues into holy accord with the Commandment of Love – and the Cycles of the Moon, the Sun and the Planets will place priceless Tre

asures of Grace on the altar of his heart.

-Jonathan Murro

I pray to make a full and honorable restitution. Let

all be to Thy Glory. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. (JM)

Wholeness Through Christ

I and my Father are one. -St. John 10:30

The man Jesus, fulfilling the wholeness in consciousness as perfection, liveth through man as the ideal man in Earth. The Christ, as the Cosmos Son of God, liveth in man as the ideal after the Son in the Spirit of God. The Love of God knows its own, and makes whole that one who seeks to love with wholeness, completeness.

-Ann Ree Colton

Through Christ, all of the Blessings and Inheritances of God forfeited through sinning in former lives can be redeemed in one’s present life! As an aspirant establishes his sincerity, integrity and honorableness in God’s sight, he experiences the miraculous transformations in body, heart, mind and soul that occur through the Dimensional Redemption Power of Christ Jesus.

-Jonathan Murro

Thank Thee, Father, for Thy fullness, Thy wholeness,

Thy Oneness. (JM)

There is money morality; friendship morality; sexual morality; come-and-go morality; and a self moral

ity, which is soul-integrity. The Christ morality is a morality of supreme values. Sooner or later, a person will shift to these values.

-Ann Ree Colton

The Path to Enlightenment begins with the noble, ethical and moral use of all energies entrusted to the individual by the Creator. The joy of life and the joy of creation increase through the honorable, lawful use of life’s energies provided by the Godhead through the Sun. -Jonathan Murro

My work to overcome the lesser self

will disclose the better self.

My better self will reveal the everlasting self

dwelling eternally, selflessly, with God. (ARC)

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