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Morro Bay West Coast Conclave and Michael Festival

Morro Rock in Morro Bay

The new Conclave location in Morro Bay is so clean in its energy and beautiful to behold. It was such a pleasure to experience the lightness which greeted us there.

The Conclave combined joy and solemnity of purpose. Every talk underscored the sacred purpose to which our souls have been called and for which we come together. The Conclave energy felt like a threshold to greater work, a putting away of mundane concerns – perfect for the timing of Archangel Michael.

Each talk was a testimony and an invitation to venture deeper into our soul’s work, to fulfill the covenant we have agreed to accomplish for this life, and for which we have been given tools and techniques beyond the ken of most souls in earth. Such a deep and glorious responsibility! How blessed we are to have this lifetime’s opportunity!

Marcella‘s ordination was a mighty sealing in of the acceptance of greater responsibility. Marcella confirmed her guidance and stepped up to say, “Yes, Lord, here I am. Use me.” The entire ministry was present and woven into her vows …. Marcella would never claim it, but I know she is an exemplar for many of us in how to love with holy agape in daily life.

On Sunday the Conclave was anointed in its closing program by the most exquisite recital of Niscience songs sung by Felene, so deeply felt and delicately presented, expressing each tender nuance of meaning. What a perfect preparation for the World Healing Service! The music summed up in tone our Niscience aspirations to love God, to experience Him within the Divine Image, and to serve Him in the human spirit in the world. The service itself was a powerful tide of grace moving out into the world, blessing and healing....

This action of this Conclave deepened the channel between the harbor where our souls shelter and the ocean of Cosmos. We, as vessels for God, have all taken on a deeper draught. IB

Thank you for a most inexpressibly beautiful Conclave. The heartfelt tone of the talks, Marcella’s ordination, the pelicans over the bay, Felene’s rendition of Orman’s and others’ songs – all such an exquisite tapestry of soul light. SD

The Morro Bay Conclave was a testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit pulsing through every member of the group body. Truth, love, and holy mediation flowed through every activity: fellowship; walking on the beach; attentiveness to the speakers; the music, the music, the music; the speakers and the agape. RJK

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