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Of Dreams and Children

So the thing is this: the homework for a child begins first in dreams. That is his homework. That’s where he’s come from...his home. His real home is what he is still remembering in his unconscious, and he is bringing it out into the world, and he is trying to tell them through these symbolic things that he sees what is going on in his mind regarding what he finds in this Maya existence, against what he

is learning and knows and just come from. He is telling you what he’s just come from i

n this dream.

So of course we know that children’s pictures....are always having a house with a chimney and with a door and with a little walk going up and with a flower and maybe a little animal or two. This is a constant symbol of a child saying, “For God’s sake, love me.” It is saying, “Love me. Love me. I want to be loved. I want a home. I come from a home. Give me a home.”

(Excerpt from a talk, "Faith" by Ann Ree Colton)

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