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Gratitude and Praise Quotes by Ann Ree Colton:

"Gratitude is the beginning of ecstasy."

"Gratitude has a palette of its own; it paints everything with the brush of grace newborn."

"Healing begins in praising."

"From the songs of our praise shall we dissolve the barriers of weakness."

"To kneel, to pray, and to give praise is the first freedom of the soul."

"Gratitude is like diamonds and jewels ignited by thousands of stars. The angels use your gratitude to widen the portals of your consciousness."

"All persons having the inward and unceasing praise and gratitude to God manifest a powerful life-force in harmony with the Laws of the Universal."

"There are those who go out of this life with a grunt, and those who go out of this life with a song of praise."

"To be thankful for the smallest things is to build a healthy emotional body and a flexible mental attitude."

Gratitude and Praise Quotes by Jonathan Murro

"These are all signs of progress through meditation: more loving, more forgiving, more humility, more patience, more conscientiousness, more trustworthiness, more gratitude."

"Those who praise God are the hope-bringers, the prophets inspired by sacred knowledge. Praise comes from a soul quickened by love for God and one’s fellow man."

"Daily prayers of dedication, praise and gratitude bring daily guidance."

"Praise ye the Lord from the mountain top."

"Praise Him from the bottom of the sea.

Praise Him from the center of the earth.

Praise Him from the core of the galaxy."

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving from the Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience!

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