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Pre-Easter Fasting

(from Ann Ree Colton*):

So we fast today. We refrain from a few energy-molecules in our bodies. We say to the digestion: “Be still. I must think of other things. I must be prayerful.” We say to the drinking and nourishment: “I will be dry today. I will not encourage every whim of the tongue and the palate. I will not encourage everything speaking in the stomach.” But I will say, “Lie down now and be quiet. And now, physical body, take your little rest so that I can observe other bodies, so I can observe inner functionings and inner significances, so that now I can step out of the boundaries of black and white life and move into the spherical, marvelous things beyond the complexity of being confined in a narrow circuit of law, of cause and effect....”

So prepare your heart on a fast day, but especially at Easter and before Christmas. These are the most holy times of the year. Preparation by kneeling etherically first and kneeling physically second, by preparing the etheric first, by knowing there are forces speaking. Behind the ears there are sounds speaking. Behind the eyes there are visions seeing. Behind the voice there are thoughts ready to speak. All of these are seeking to come out spiritually and to enlarge one’s life to wholeness, to oneness in God.

*Spoken at the Pre-Easter Group Fast, March 29, 1980.

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