Sequoia Conclave

The redwood is the true royalty of the forest. It correlateth to the spiritual selfhood in man. -ARC

To revere Nature is to wonder, and to make possible communion with Heaven.

-Ann Ree Colton

When I tell friends that I’m going to be away at Conclave, I often say that I’m going to be at a spiritual retreat, which proved true for the Sequoia Conclave. We retreated into mountains made sacred by the Masters, the Sequoia and Redwood trees, and our beloved Teachers.

Conclaves are not just a retreat from our daily worldly cares, they are also a re-treat. The treat of again being with co-disciples, receiving the outpouring of sacred truth, walking in crisp, quiet air, being in nature far away from noisy city energy, hearing and seeing clean waters rumbling their way down the mountain, and focusing our energies on Spirit Eternal.