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Sequoia Conclave

The redwood is the true royalty of the forest. It correlateth to the spiritual selfhood in man. -ARC

To revere Nature is to wonder, and to make possible communion with Heaven.

-Ann Ree Colton

When I tell friends that I’m going to be away at Conclave, I often say that I’m going to be at a spiritual retreat, which proved true for the Sequoia Conclave. We retreated into mountains made sacred by the Masters, the Sequoia and Redwood trees, and our beloved Teachers.

Conclaves are not just a retreat from our daily worldly cares, they are also a re-treat. The treat of again being with co-disciples, receiving the outpouring of sacred truth, walking in crisp, quiet air, being in nature far away from noisy city energy, hearing and seeing clean waters rumbling their way down the mountain, and focusing our energies on Spirit Eternal.

To the mountains we retreat

And receive the treats

Of enlightenment—

Christ-quickened atoms.

True speech-thought.

Sacred sensitivities

Sublimely divine obligation.

God is good. -RJK

How beautiful the Sequoia Conclave: a high-calling, clear-sounding assembly of souls with one purpose, to serve.

Challenges met and tranenergized, we journey together to pass the tones of truth into the world. Each pilgrim tuning, toning closer to the purpose of his soul as one in mediation profound: the sacred conclave energies, echoing across the mountains and sent forth in healing tones by sentinel trees.

Thank you, God, for the privilege of aligning with co-disciples in world mediation. -IB

White water tumbling

Over still granite boulders

Bird songs pierce the air

Ann Ree’s virtue Grace:

Ineffable...fountain pure

Chelas bow in thanks. -SD

look all around you

nature is calling

God is everywhere -BC

The Call of the Disciple

Come, come thou Eagles and Doves,

To the gathering where the sacred is built.

The points of Light must be ignited,

The Christ awaits.

Come, come bring your heart atoms

Into alignment with Jesus.

The Earth is groaning, the labor long,

One day is but a thousand.

The caul emerges, the water breaks.

The surge of purification,

The Sacred is born.

Brothers and sisters, come

The Work is being done

Take flight

The points of Light are shining,

The call answered. -MB

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