The Lenten Season

From the writings of Ann Ree Colton:

The forty days of Lent commemorate the forty days Jesus prayed and fasted in the wilderness and was tested by Satan. Satan promised Jesus great riches, powers and glory if Jesus would worship him. Jesus said He would worship only God, and passed the test.

Choose this day whom you will serve - Judas in you or John the Beloved in you. Judas, divided in heart and mind chose death for himself and for Jesus. John the Beloved chose to serve his Lord into longevity years. Only through a constant heart and mind fixed on God and His Son can we of this world gain victory over the two selves in all of us.

Previous to Easter, Judas works for thirty days during the period called Lent. During this time, all persons are tried as to their betrayal inclinations, and their weaknesses are sifted.

Lent is an intense period of Marking and Tracing - preparing one to unite more fully with the Christ on Easter Morn.