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The Michael Tide (Autumnal Equinox) Writings of Ann Ree Colton

The Autumnal Equinox is a time of need to balance and to heal the problems in the world.

On September 20th and 21st, the Archangel Michael builds a very special ascendancy grace, that all men of the Earth reaching to the Light may be blessed....

The Michael Season or Autumnal Equinox is the time of world-atonement.

This Equinox is the time to balance world-karma.

One should especially pray during the Autum­nal Equinox for national healing between nations who have failed in their initiatory trials regarding human justice, human love, and human consider­ation. Michael, the Lord of the Archangels, with His two-edged sword is presently taking mankind into judgment.

"I, Michael"

Be thou prepared to see my sword at work, for I, Michael, come to cleanse the unhealthy worships of men to proportion and to balance once again God’s Equation.

Now is the time for an informed generation. I, Michael, come to keep the door ajar to Knowing or Niscience. I come to make way for the Spirit of Truth, for the Spirit of Truth would gather man unto the Christ.

I, Michael, the cleanser of worships, come to spare not any man who hath false idols or who maketh mammon his God.

Woe unto men who make ware­houses on their altar places. Woe unto worshipers who halter the Sacred Word with compromise. Woe unto priests who defile the sanctity of their religious thresholds with parsimony in dedication. Woe unto altruistic minds with meager hearts.

Hear my words, and familiarize thyself with what the Spirit of Truth would say unto thee.

Pity thou the weak. Lift the bur­dens of the world. Labor thou more and more for the Light. Keep thy lamp dressed upon the altar place.

God asketh not prostration of thee. He seeketh an upright man. He seeketh one who dareth to arise unto Him.

Beware of stagnation, suffocation. Be a watcher over thy ways and a worker in thy days.

Be not a reprover of other men. Be thou a prover through thy just and right works toward men.

If thou saith, “Whither shall I go to find God,” look thou to Him to direct thee. Hear thou the word which saith, “My lamp goeth not out.”

God is the moulder of thy days. Trust Him to guide thy prayers to His altar place. Lift thy countenance unto Him. Receive thou His anointing. Go thou forth with what thou doth receive, and bless the world with His Word.

O Man, hide not thy God from men; share Him; speak of Him; and thy works shall become good, thy words pure.

Who hath the authority to teach of Him? Only that one who hath for many aeons known Him. Waste not thine ears upon him who speaketh words made biased by self-conceit.

Pity that one who concentrates, and fails to consecrate. Pity the halls which offer up hollow promises unto God.

The eye of God measureth men. Enter thou into a vision of God. Magnify thy sight unto Him, and thou shalt come nigh unto His Son, the Christ

Behold the sacred stanzas speaking of the perfected creation of the world. Behold the perfected idea within the Plan, and the perfected promise in the soul of man. Be thou glad that thou art not alone in thy creation. Be hopeful, for thou art immersed in Him and inseparable from Him.

O hapless wanderer, withdraw from the famishing within thy desert, and turn thy mind, thy heart, to God. Be thou fed with His Living Word; and corrupt inspirers shall no longer entice thee, ensnare and detain thee.

O child of man, there are many ways to seek God, but only one way to return to God. Look to Holiness to lead thee.

Thy self alone giveth consent to compromise. Thy self alone seeketh to be spared from what Truth saith to thee in the Word. Thy self alone cometh to agreement with what God doeth for thee, and what His Word telleth unto thee.

Search thy self, child of man; when didst thy face darken to Him; when didst thy heart separate from Him? Retrieve the strength awaiting thee. When thou art obedient to the Law of God, thou shalt move beyond the magics, the mystery, into the Might prepared for thee.

Come thou forth from thy fetishes and chains of preju­dice, which enslave thee. And judge thou not any man as to his way, his altar.

Look thou to the works of love, to the helps which stem from the humane heart; and give praise for all pure walks toward God.

“I shall build unto thee a High Place,” saith God. “Seek thou the most high. Stretch thy aim not for gain. Come under the discipline, for order’s sake. Come under the Law, to obtain the mercy and justice of God.”

All men, child of man, are thine own. All men are thy teachers, good or ill. Learn through love, and thou shalt see that all are like thee and differ not from thee. Thy likeness to other men maketh thee a way-sharer and a burden-bearer.

Child of man thou liveth now in a born-again world. Seek not to place thy new wine (vision) into old bottles. Arise above the tide of a dying age. Move thou upward with the Christ, who now lifteth man, lifteth the Earth.

How mighty is the Christ-Majesty, lifting the axis of the Earth, lifting man. O thou who resisteth, arise from thy decline.

O ye preachers, teachers, and priests, preach not to the remorse of men, rather stir their souls to the germ of good within. Thou priests, stifle not the Spirit through congealed rituals made by men.

O preachers, become researchers of Truth, and press not upon men decaying doctrines which give off the fruits of bigotry.

Teachers, give not to men false glamors or wayside truths.

O men who instruct, rely not on thy wits.

O self-appointed proselytes, one and all, become what thou saith, and thou shalt become as High Priests of God.

O men who take upon thyselves the mantles of the min­istry, become craftsmen for God. Blaspheme not the Holy Ghost, who seeketh to call thee and to choose thee.

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